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Special Operations Forces News

Leadership profile: Knowing soldiers, flexibility essential in murky waters | U.S. Army

Capt. Samuel Kuenker, S3 for the 6th ranger training battalion was one of the 28 to receive this honorary award. He discussed what makes him a good leader and how he determines his success. He believes that being able to have a flexible plan is key. He also takes care of his subordinates and is able to determine what motivates ... Read More »

Learn about the French Foreign Legion from an American enlistee | We Are The Mighty

The French Foreign Legion is open to anyone from any nation. After serving three years you are able to obtain a French citizenship. However, getting through the program is not as easy as it seems. Those in the legion are stripped of their identity and are given a new name. Once you enter training you give up who you are. ... Read More »

Ukraine’s intelligence: Number of Russian special forces’ snipers increasing in Donbas | Ukrinform

Donbas is seeing an increase of sniper units and various special units from the Special Forces Russian Federation. The military intelligence also has recorded the use of Russian electronic warfare. All of this information was released in an interview with Ukrinform and Vadym Skibitsky, the representative of the main directorate of intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Source: ... Read More »

Overcoming adversity: How an Italian became a Special Tactics Operator | DVIDS

Despite being moved from being an Army Ranger Contractor because of security clearance problems and then finally becoming an Army Deep Sea Diver, Master Sgt. Stekeno Gadagnuolo achieved his dreams. His daughter Kate is now following in her father’s footsteps and is joining the U.S. military. He reflects on the differences between Italy and the U.S. and the adventure he ... Read More »

A brief history of Antifa: Part I

This group claims to be Anti-Fascist and many have accused the groups of inciting violence at peaceful protest to bait police officers and government officials. Once the group gets the law enforcement to act violent, they take it and plaster it over media to get people to believe that the government is fascist. While some argue that ANTIFA cannot be an organization because it does not have a ... Read More »

Nightmare scenarios: How Korean War 2 could ignite | Asia Times

South Korea does not celebrate this but rather reflects on the divided peninsula. North Korea has been known for their indoctrinated soldiers and their forced nationalism. Even though the Korean War started 70 years ago, tensions still rise between the two countries and deadly attacks occur in the name of revenge. Other countries have been dragged into the conflict, and some analysts predict that another Korean war could break out. Source: https://asiatimes.com/2020/06/scenarios-for-a-second-korean-war/ Read More »

Ministers discharged from secret IDF unit that operates behind enemy lines | Israel Hayom

The decision was made after serving in the IDF would pose a risk to the ministers because they could become a target due to their status. This would affect communications minister Yoaz Hendel as well as culture and sports minister Yeniel Tropper. Hendel said in a statement that serving his country is very important to him. He is looking for other ways he can serve his country. Source: https://www.israelhayom.com/2020/06/24/ministers-discharged-from-secret-idf-unit-that-operates-behind-enemy-lines/ Read More »

Family grieves Ohio native Marine killed in parachute training exercise | News 5 Cleveland

The accident took the life of Sgt. Wolfgang Kyle Weninger on Tuesday, June 16th. He died from the injuries sustained after his parachute malfunctioned. The family has been mourning over this past week and has shared their grief with News 5 Cleveland. His mother expressed that she was nervous for him joining the special operations community, but she never would ... Read More »

Congress Wants to Know SOCOM’s Plan to Counter New Threats, Reform Command Culture | Air Force Magazine

Some of the things Congress is pressing SOCOM to do is continue their fight against terrorism and be prepared to intervene in new conflicts that might emerge with foreign countries. However, after a report of drug use, sexual assault, and violent misconduct, Congress is also urging the command to fix their own problems and provide a better professional environment. Congress ... Read More »

How is state violence organized in Venezuela? | Open Democracy

The breakdown of law enforcement is constructed into three levels: municipalities, states, and national territory. The military is also included. The Venezuelan National Police Force was documented as the second most lethal institution in Venezuela. The Special Action Forces operate in some of the poorest areas in the country. These forces have been known to treat neighborhoods like enemy property ... Read More »