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Special Operations Forces News

5 Taliban bomb experts killed during airstrikes in Afghanistan | Xinhua Net

On that same day five Taliban soldiers responsible for planting IEDs were killed during an airstrike by the Afghan Air Force. The Taliban was planting these devices with the intention of killing innocent civilians and security force members. Their IEDs consist of homemade bombs that are still very lethal and dangerous. Source: http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2020-07/27/c_139244202.htm Read More »

Airmen participate in virtual, interactive training event | 919th SOW

Across the military troops have needed to learn to adapt to the pandemic while also preparing for the future. Recently, the Air Force put on an interactive training event for airmen to participate in. This event included a simulation on a potential cyber-attack. They were given access to a CVR platform that was able to enhance the airmen’s experience and ... Read More »

Shooter in armed disturbance at Hurlburt Field identified | WKRG 5 News

The recent incident involved an airman in the 1st Special Operations Wing and her civilian spouse. The shooter was identified as Elliot Alexeichik who took his own life after shooting Airman First Class Kimberly Alexeichik. She currently is in stable condition and is recovering after the tragedy occurred on July 24th. The incident is still being investigated by the Air ... Read More »

Carlos Ghosn’s son paid ex-Green Beret $600,000 for Hollywood-style escape plan | Forbes

Ghosn deemed Japan’s government as being too rigged and a threat to his personal safety. He escaped the country with a master plan using a former Green Beret and his son. Michael Taylor is a former Special Forces member and was the man responsible, and during his time as a Green Beret he focused on security and risk assessment. He ... Read More »

How the Defense Department is reorganizing for information warfare | C4ISRNET

The threat of information warfare is at an increase while tensions with other countries continue to rise. Each branch of the military is dealing with it a little differently. The Navy put out new legislation that would allow for one dedicated cell unit to address these problems at Large Scale Exercise. The Army is looking at changing the name of ... Read More »

Army Commandos and Royal Marines form new high-tech ‘strike company’ given the choice of new gadgets and weapons to target terrorists and enemy countries anywhere on earth | Daily Mail UK

Royal Marines; orange sunset in the background

“The Royal Marines are currently undergoing a bold modernization project – known as the Future Commando Force program – which will overhaul how the world-famous green berets operate,” stated the Navy. The Royal Navy is making plans for creating a new Royal Marine Commando Vanguard Strike company using the latest technology, weapons, and tactics to operate globally. An estimated 150 ... Read More »

Unexploded ordnance found on ship anchor | Business Mirrors

The unexploded ordnance was found in the port of Batangas attached to the anchor of a ship owned by 2GO Company. Security measures were taken for the other vessels surrounding the area. The Philippine Coast Guard safely recovered the highly explosive ordnance from the starboard anchor of the MV St. Ignatius of Loyola at past 9 p.m. It took an ... Read More »

Lockheed Martin wins $15B Air Force contract for Super Hercules | Fox Business

Lockheed Martin was awarded a $15B contract from the U.S. Air Force for C-130J Super Hercules aircraft. The aircraft can go more than 3,000 miles and is operational in 18 nations which will be used for development, integration, and production activities of the military transport aircraft. The contract is scheduled for completion in July 2030. Also, Lockheed was granted a ... Read More »

Air Force in Europe demonstrates its power in Black Sea joint drill | Stars & Stripes

The U.S. Air Force conducted a one-day exercise last Wednesday in the international airspace and waters of the Black Sea. F-16s together with a Navy warship, drones, and special operations were deployed to send signals of “well-defended targets.” Russia said it informed a quick response alert force from its Black Sea fleet to shadow U.S. reconnaissance aircraft during the exercise. ... Read More »

Anti-Banditry: Troops kill seven armed bandits, arrest six, recover 30 motorcycles & Rustled Cattle | Vangaurd

The Nigerian Army and Defense Headquarters Special Operations Forces arrested six bandits, killed seven armed bandits, and recovered 30 motorcycles. Several rustled cattle, sheep, and goats were also recovered that were expected to be sold off in the market. The party responsible is currently under investigation and it was revealed that the animals were stolen from Gabiya Village. Source: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2020/07/troops-kill-7-armed-bandits-arrest-6-recover-30-motorcycles-others/ Read More »