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Special Operations Forces News

Combating Terrorism Center: April 2020 Issue | West Point

In July 2017 two brothers sought to get a bomb onto a plane that was going from Sydney to Abu Dhabi. The terrorists were plotting to kill the 400 passengers onboard and then later conduct a poison gas attack in Australia. The two brothers had been sent by the Islamic State in Syria to conduct the attacks. The bomb was ... Read More »

Despite tough times, engagement must continue | National Defense

Our ability to treat and detect viruses and ailment has increased tenfold since the outbreak of the H1N1 flu strain in 1918. Even though the capability to treat and care for patients has improved, the new coronavirus strain is still a threat to our society. Defense and medical personnel have been risking their health to ensure patients are treated and ... Read More »

Army Spec Ops make changes after it took almost two hours to find Ranger lost in fatal free-fall jump | Army Times

Last spring Sgt. 1st Class Ethan Carpenter, an Army Ranger assigned to the regiment‚Äôs Special Troops Battalion, was missing for two hours following a HAHO jump accident. The accident was fatal, and while the investigation believes an earlier rescue would not have saved his life, changes are necessary. If Carpenter‚Äôs injuries were less severe, earlier rescue could have made the ... Read More »

Watch coalition aircraft pummeling ISIS cave complexes in Iraq | Military Times

Operation Inherent Resolve has released a video of a coalition aircraft destroying ten ISIS cave complexes in Iraq. They also commented that five to ten ISIS fighters were killed in the airstrike and more could be found as the teams continue to sweep the area. Recent reports have discussed how the terror organization was using the mountain tunnels to smuggle ... Read More »

Exclusive: The US military’s plans to cement its network of African bases | Mail Guardian

Internal documents from U.S. Africa Command have revealed a plan to extend and implement more military bases throughout Africa. Over $330 million was prioritized as spending to solidify locations and generate new bases from 2021 to 2025. Long term planning notes also mention extending this idea for the next 20 years. The countries of Djibouti, Kenya and Niger were mentioned ... Read More »

SEALs tried to locate US citizen taken by Afghan militants | AP News

Just days after an American contractor was kidnapped in Afghanistan, a Navy SEAL team conducted raids in order to find him. The commandos detained members who were believed to be a part of the Taliban-linked Haqqani network, and they worked to track the contractor‚Äôs cellphone. Much of the circumstance regarding the abduction is still unknown, and very little information has ... Read More »

Russian presence in Libya more dangerous than ISIS, says US Africa Command | Washington Examiner

Gen. Khalifa Haftar has been controlling Libya‚Äôs eastern areas while fighting to take the capital, Tripoli. After almost a decade of fighting, Russian contractors such as the Wagner group have been participating on his side, and it may give him the needed boost to beat the government. Ever since the dictator Moammar Gadhafi was killed in 2011, the Islamic State ... Read More »

3rd Canadian Rangers Patrol continues to work with Operation Laser | Net News Ledger

The Canadian Rangers have been performing numerous tasks for the Canadian Armed Forces during the coronavirus pandemic. The 3rd Canadian Rangers Patrol Group has been sent to Northern Ontario to continue work in Operation Laser, the government response to the virus. The 2nd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group has also been sent to Quebec, and the teams are prepared to perform ... Read More »

Dramatic hostage rescue in london: The 1980 Iranian Embassy Siege | RFE/RL

On April 30th, 1980, the Iranian Embassy in London was seized by six gunmen. They originally took 21 hostages and killed two before the remaining 19 were rescued by the British SAS. The gunmen were from the Democratic Revolutionary Front for the Liberation of Arabistan, and five of them were killed. They were demanding that 91 prisoners being held in ... Read More »

352 SOW conducts open ocean rescue training over the North Sea | DVIDS

Troops from the 67th Special Operations Squadron, 7th Special Operation Squadron, and Special Tactics Airmen from the 321st Special Tactics Squadron have been organizing training amidst the coronavirus. These airborne operations are taking place over the North Sea and have been focusing on ocean rescue. The teams simulated an F-16 being shot down and landing in the water, where pararescuemen, ... Read More »