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Special Operations Forces News

Arms dealer in Libya sanctions denies links with Blackwater’s Erik Prince, UAE associates | Malta Today

The police in Libya have launched investigations into personnel using weaponry and RHIBs who are affiliated with Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar. Arms dealer James Fenech has denied supplying weaponry and other assets to the UAE-registered companies Opus Capital Asset and Lancaster 6. He also denies having supplied two rigid inflatable boats that were used by contractors fighting against the Libyan ... Read More »

SAS launch fresh recruitment drive with mysterious call-to-arms for soldiers | Mirror UK

SAS commanders are calling for soldiers in regular units to take on the grueling challenge of SAS training and selection. This is part of an attempt to boost their Special Forces numbers while the Army is also looking for more recruits. Veterans up to the age of 57 are being asked to re-enlist, even if they were dismissed on disciplinary ... Read More »

Afghani forces destroy joint ISIS, Haqqani network center in Kabul | Zee News

The Special Forces of the Afghanistan National Security have destroyed a joint ISIS and Haqqani network center that was operating out of Kabul. Three attacks by the special forces took place in the Shakar Dara District and the 11th district of Kabul, leading to the death of five terrorists and eight others being captured. A large weapons cache was also confiscated, ... Read More »

Trump taps private equity executive for top special operations job | Defense News

President Trump has announced that he will nominate Louis Bremer as his pick for the assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low intensity combat. This is the highest oversight role in special operations that can be held by a civilian. Bremer served as a Navy SEAL for eight years and he graduated from the Air Force Academy. He ... Read More »

US special operations troops turn to drones to remotely advise Iraqis | Stars & Stripes

Advisers with Special Operations Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve have been using drones to record training exercises for Iraqi security forces. Special operations troops with the anti-Islamic State coalition are maintaining social distancing while still fighting the war on terror. These remotely piloted aircraft take a video of the training which is then reviewed by the special operations ... Read More »

Wife of US ISIS hostage pleads for release amid added coronavirus threat | ABC News

Jeffery Rey Woodke was a Christian humanitarian worker who had been providing aid to remote villages by means of food and supplies since 1991. He largely worked with the Tuareg and helped develop more sustainable living means. In October 2016 he was kidnapped by ISIS forces in the northern part of the country. Officials believe he is being held by ... Read More »

Ex-Green Beret led failed attempt to oust Venezuela’s Maduro | AP News

In April 2019, the plot to take down Venezuelan President NicolĂĄs Maduro was first inspired. A group of soldiers swore loyalty to the would-be replacement for Maduro, Juan GuaidĂł, the opposition leader recognized by the U.S. and other countries as the rightful leader. Several weeks later many of these men reconvened in Columbia along with other former military members and ... Read More »

Months after deadly accidents, AFSOC resumes parachute, dive training | Military.com

Air Force Special Operations Command has reinstated parachute, dive and mountaineering training following numerous deadly accidents. Maj. Amanda Reeves has commented that all operators will now be able to resume training that was halted due to two airmen killed in the fall during routine training exercises. Reeves also stated that AFSOC investigated training operations in each unit, and Lt. Gen. ... Read More »

French Foreign Legion soldier dies from injuries after anti-jihadist operation in Mali | France 24 News

On April 23rd, a French tank truck hit an IED in the road while on a mission against terrorists in Mali. Brigadier Dymyto Martynyouk was among those inside and was severely wounded. He was airlifted to Percy military hospital near Paris for treatment but has now passed away due to his injuries. The death toll for France’s operations in this ... Read More »

An Israeli soldier: Dispatches from the front | The Times of Israel

At the age of 19, a soldier in Israel had already been in an infantry unit for a year and a half. Soon he was marching in Lebanon for the start of the Second Lebanon War. While waiting on standby, all he knew is a lot of Israeli soldiers in the area had been killed or taken prisoner. When he ... Read More »