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What is a continuing resolution? | Defense News

Picture of Capital Hill in Washington D.C.

Continuing resolutions can be used by Congress to help fund the government during times of disagreement. This gives the officials more time to work out long term spending plans and contracts. During the last nine years, Congress has worked under a continuing resolution for an average of 119 days each year, a stifling number compared to the 32-day average of ... Read More »

Secret papers reveal workings of china’s xingiang detention camps | Al Jazeera

Over one million Muslim ethnic Uighurs are thought to be held in detention camps throughout China. Secret documents have now been revealed, detailing the inner workings of the camps, the selection process, and what happens to prisoners on the inside. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists managed to retrieve the documents and spread the news to other agencies. Plans to ... Read More »

30 years 10 army special operation forces medal of honor recipients | Army.mil

Picture of the Army Medal of Honor

Over 3,400 Medals of Honor have been awarded since their creation in 1861. Master Sgt. Matthew O. Williams of the 3rd Special Forces Group became the 10th SOF soldier to receive the award in the past 30 years at the end of October. He received the Medal for his actions in Afghanistan in 2008 during Operation COMMANDO WRATH. His comrade, ... Read More »

MARSOC takes certification exercise to the next level | dvids

Marines with 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion from 1st Marine Division participated in Marine Forces Special Operations Command's unit readiness exercise, RAVEN. The training conducted provides exposure to small unit tactics they might not otherwise receive, particularly units like 3rd AABN, whose day-to-day responsibilities are focused on amphibious assault vehicle readiness, basic formations and water ops, and terrain driving. The exercise serves as the certification exercise for a soon-to-be deploying Marine Special Operations Company. It has evolved into a multilevel venue to integrate the various command structures and capabilities deployed by MARSOC. Each level of command, down to the team, is challenged in planning and executing, and command and controlling activities in urban environments. It is also an opportunity to enhance collaboration and strengthen our operational relationships between members of the SOF community, conventional Marine Corps units and other partners with whom Marine Raiders work closely, ensuring MARSOC provides the nation with an agile, adaptive force to meet the complex demands of the future operating environment.

Three, 10-day exercises were recently conducted near the Gulf Coast region between MARSOC and other government agencies. This certification exercise is called RAVEN Unit Readiness Exercise, and is design for ‘soon-to-be’ deployed Marine Special Operations Companies. All deployed by MARSOC, the evolving multilevel exercise is designed to integrate all command structures and capabilities. The goal of the training is to promote teamwork, as well ... Read More »

Canadian special forces were in the dark about $23,000 in stolen equipment | Ottawa Citizen

Picture for decorative purposes only. Picutre of a soldier silhouette in front of a sunset.

The military police informed the Canadian special forces of a robbery committed against them by their own troop. Rifle parts, clothing, GPS equipment, cleaning kits, and more were stolen. Items were been posted online for sale before they were aware anything was even missing. Military police received a tip regarding the posted items on sale, leading to Cpl. Pedro Collier. Collier ... Read More »

On Ukraine’s bleak front line, US aid saves lives and morale | AP News

Ukraine flag in the reflection of water.

In the middle of the standoff between Russia and the West, U.S.-made medical equipment and weapons have made a difference for Ukrainian troops. Fighting the Kremlin-backed separatists without the U.S. aid, Ukraine continues to rely on aging Soviet-era weapons. The Trump administration has provided Javelin anti-tank missiles to the Ukraine soldiers. Soldiers say that they are not being used but ... Read More »

Iraqi spy chief warns ISIS is rebuilding | CNN

Al-Hol Camp, Syria, 17 October 2019

During a private interview, Lt. Gen. Saad al-Allaq informed CNN that the Islamic State has been rebuilding itself while taking refuge in Turkey. According to him, ISIS is planning for prison breaks in Syria and Iraq and a resurgence of terror. The Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has an estimated 10,000 ISIS fighters in custody. Senior leaders of ISIS allegedly ... Read More »

Royal Navy Marines who seized Iran tanker prepare for combat on ship | Plymouth Herald

Royal Navy Marines in the dark with a red glowing light in the backgroud

Day or night, the Royal Navy Marines from Plymouth-based 42 Commando are preparing for combat during ship-boarding missions. The Elite 42 Commando seized Iranian Tanker Grace 1 off the coast of Gibraltar during the summer. Since then, they are ensuring that they are ready for combat, even it is a fight on a tight ship in the middle of the ... Read More »

Two legacies forever united | Defense Media Network

John F. Kennedy and Eternal Flame Memorial at Arlington National Cemetary

A few years before his death, President John F. Kennedy made a declaration of his vision for a dedicated counter-insurgency force. This is a declaration that would shape the Department of Defense’s capabilities and future of armed conflict. JFK showed an unwavering support for those “unconventional warriors,” and in 1962, authorized the Special Forces Soldiers to wear a distinctive uniform ... Read More »

Navy EOD modernizing tactics training models to adjust to the new maritime fight | USNI News

An MH-53 Sea Dragon assigned to the ‘Vanguards’ of Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron (HM) 14 prepares to deploy explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technicians assigned to EOD Mobile Unit (EODMU) 2 during mine countermeasure training in 2019.

After nearly two decades of ground wars in the Middle East, the Navy’s explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) community is rolling out a new strategy. The new Navy EOD Strategic Vision 2030 will encompass modernizing the way the EOD mans, trains and equips its force to leverage new technology and lessons learned from the past two decades. The vision: “better position ... Read More »