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Special Operations Forces News

Widow of Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan 15 years ago tells story of grief and acceptance | Military.com

However, for Chan Fontan Westfall this is not just a movie she can put on and watch. She has to live through it every day. Her husband was Jacques Fontan, a Navy SEAL who was killed on a helicopter coming to save 4 Navy SEALs from being outnumbered. She has had to face the unimaginable and she uses the pain ... Read More »

Iraqi Security Forces demolish Daesh safe havens during ‘Heroes of Iraq III’ | Homeland Security Today

The effort is being called “Heroes of Iraq III”. The effort takes Iraqi Security Force members from many different divisions to work together and scan land for ISIS hideouts. This was conducted June 22-24th and during these two days they were able to dismantle ISIS weapons and vehicles. They were also able to clear 89 villages of terrorist cells. Source: ... Read More »

Maj. Gen. James F. Glynn takes command at MARSOC | Dvids

Since Glynn is taking over, he will be responsible for leading the command as well as manning, training, and equipping the Marine Raiders under him. Some members of MARSOC are currently deployed in different regions and he will also have to lead them. MARSOC was created in 2006 to be the Marine Corps service component. According to Dvids, “When I ... Read More »

Special forces chief acknowledges war crimes, blames ‘poor moral leadership’ | Sunday Morning Herald

The incidents took place in Afghanistan and are being blamed on “poor moral leadership”. Both outlets the Herald and The Age have published reports of war crimes being committed such as the Australian Forces killing in unarmed Afghan man in 2012. General Adam Findlay has established gratitude towards those who call out wrong doings. Source: https://www.smh.com.au/national/special-forces-chief-acknowledges-war-crimes-blames-poor-moral-leadership-20200628-p556z6.html Read More »

Libya calls for US, EU sanctions on Russian mercenaries, backers | Aljazeera

Libya’s National Oil Corporation released in a statement that Russian mercenaries and other foreign fighters entered the Sharara Oil Field unauthorized on Friday. The oilfield is responsible for 1/3 of the country’s oil production. As a result of the incident, the Libyan representative is calling for the United States and the European Union to take action and impose sanctions against ... Read More »

The first Muslim Green Beret was also in Iran’s Special Forces | We Are The Mighty

Changiz Lahidiui, originally from Iran started out his dream of becoming a hero by guarding the Shah of Iran, but that was not enough for him. He then went on to move to California, establish a life there and join the Army. He earned his spot as a Green Beret. He had to deal with racism even from his own ... Read More »

NAF destroys armed bandits’ camps in four North-West states — Air Chief | Premium Times NG

Operation Wutar Daui demonstrated a new level of progress against bandits. The operation was conducted in four different states and resulted in 10 bandit camps being destroyed according to Abubakar. The operation was able to do this by using air surveillance to spot the enemy sites and deployed 10 aircrafts. The states were located in both the North and West ... Read More »

Leadership profile: Knowing soldiers, flexibility essential in murky waters | U.S. Army

Capt. Samuel Kuenker, S3 for the 6th ranger training battalion was one of the 28 to receive this honorary award. He discussed what makes him a good leader and how he determines his success. He believes that being able to have a flexible plan is key. He also takes care of his subordinates and is able to determine what motivates ... Read More »

Learn about the French Foreign Legion from an American enlistee | We Are The Mighty

The French Foreign Legion is open to anyone from any nation. After serving three years you are able to obtain a French citizenship. However, getting through the program is not as easy as it seems. Those in the legion are stripped of their identity and are given a new name. Once you enter training you give up who you are. ... Read More »

Ukraine’s intelligence: Number of Russian special forces’ snipers increasing in Donbas | Ukrinform

Donbas is seeing an increase of sniper units and various special units from the Special Forces Russian Federation. The military intelligence also has recorded the use of Russian electronic warfare. All of this information was released in an interview with Ukrinform and Vadym Skibitsky, the representative of the main directorate of intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Source: ... Read More »