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Special Operations Forces News

Vikings in the North: 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron’s first search and rescue mission | Skies Magazine

Members of the 450 THS live a strict lifestyle where they must be on call at all times in case emergency strikes. Just like a superhero, when duty calls, they spring into action. In May the 450 THS was called into a search and rescue mission, which is normally covered by search and rescue teams. However, they still managed to ... Read More »

Air Force Special Operations approves first beard, turban waiver for Sikh airman | Yahoo News

He found pride in both serving his country and his religion. However, it was not until June 7th that he finally was granted a waiver to wear his turban and have his beard. He looked to his command leader and the Sikh American Veterans Alliance for guidance on how to get a waiver. Typically, decisions like these can take years ... Read More »

US Special Ops Command to award contract for longer-range ammunition | Israel Defense

They are working toward a contract that would allow them to have lower-range ammunition. Specifically, they are asking for 6.5 Creedmoor Multi-Purpose (MP) ammunition for use in the 6.5 Creedmoor gas operated weapon systems. It is estimated that the amount they are asking for is around 400k cartridges each. This ammunition is better for long range shooting. It Is being ... Read More »

USAF Special Tactics unit recognized for deployment actions in fight against extremist organizations | DVIDS

They were given their awards for their bravery and ability to stand up against extremist organizations in foreign places such as the Middle East and Africa. Some of those being awarded came into contact with 235 firefights with the Taliban and were able to execute 241 direct action raids. Source: https://www.dvidshub.net/news/374817/usaf-special-tactics-unit-recognized-deployment-actions-fight-against-extremist-organizations Read More »

Ukraine marks Army’s Special Operation Forces Day | UNIAN

Since 2016, the Ukraine has recognized July 29th as Army’s Special Operation Forces Day. This day honors some of the Ukraine’s most elite soldiers as the Special Forces are known to execute some of the most dangerous and complicated missions. The President of the Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, thanked his soldiers yesterday and said that the recognition is well deserved. Source: ... Read More »

Scout boat to boost Army combat, HADR capabilities | Philippine News Agency

In a time when terrorism remains a threat, this boat will be used in Army combat, anti-terrorism missions, and during disaster relief. This boat can go up to 25 knots and 51 other units of the boat are expected to be produced according to Army spokesperson Col. Ramon Zagala. However, no exact timeline has been given for when the Army ... Read More »

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard stages mock attack on aircraft carrier as US bases go on ballistic missile alert | ABC News

United States bases have been on high alert after Iran held drills and mock attacks on an aircraft carrier. These drills consisted of using heavy ballistic missile fire. The replica looks almost identical to the kind the U.S. uses to sail into the Persian Gulf. Satellite images showed a lot of damage was done to the replicas and many of ... Read More »

Veteran U.S. diplomat Richardson fails to secure release of Americans jailed in Venezuela | Nasdaq

Veteran U.S. Diplomat Richardson met with the Venezuelan President to discuss the release of many American prisoners being held at Venezuelan prisons. His sole trip to the country was a mission to get the prisoners freed. However, the President did not comply. Some of the prisoners include Green Berets and special operation soldiers that were arrested after a failed attempt ... Read More »

Special Forces offers a peek behind the curtain at the spooky side of their job | Connecting Vets Radio

Special Operations Forces is often known for their Navy SEALs or their Green Berets going into intense missions in the Middle East. However, there is more to it. Some soldiers are being trained on collecting forensic information and working with intelligence. Many go and get this knowledge at a place called JFK Special Warfare Center, which offers several courses. Source: ... Read More »

Israel increases training via virtual battlefield center amid Hezbollah tensions | Defense News

In order to prepare for what might come, Israeli forces are completing several exercises with a new brigade and Battlegroup Mission Training Center. Some of the exercises are taking place online to ensure that those participating still can complete their current job. The exercises expose soldiers to a wide range of battlefield scenarios that could potentially happen. Source: https://www.defensenews.com/global/europe/2020/07/27/israel-increases-training-via-virtual-battlefield-center-amid-hezbollah-tensions/ Read More »