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Two ISIS regional leaders killed during joint raid in Syria, coalition says | Stars & Stripes

Two ISIS leaders were killed May 17th in collaboration with the Syrian Democratic forces. These killings will hopefully help prevent future attacks led by these leaders. The two who were killed included the governor of North Baghdad, Abu Ali al-Baghdadi and the Senior Logistics and supply officer, Abu Ammar. This joint raid also led to many ISIS members arrests. Source: ... Read More »

Local Medal of Honor recipient to be honored on Memorial Day | Dayton Daily News

For Memorial Day, Airman William H. Pitsenbarger, known for the movie “The Last Measure” will be honored for his brave effort to sacrifice himself in combat for others this Memorial Day in Indiana. He completed over 250 missions during Vietnam and his story is the inspiration for the movie “The Last Measure.” After completing basic training for the Air Force ... Read More »

Turkish special forces troops invade disputed land in Greece | London Loves Business

The Evros river is the defining factor in what divides Greece and Turkey, and as it moved is has caused a fight over who the land technically belongs to. It is believed that the Greek army invaded the area in order to build more border fences Both Greece and Turkey are a part of NATO, so the Turkish occupation is ... Read More »

SOCOM wants 6.5mm sniper weapon for longer-range kills | Military.com

If everything goes well it seems like SOCOM might receive a new sniper weapon in 2023. “The Next Gen Squad Weapons are not sniper weapons, and the 6.5mm Creedmoor really fits that sniper support role,” Babbitt said recently at the National Defense Industrial Association’s vSOFIC 2020 industry conference. “We are replacing our 7.62x51mm sniper support weapons, which have a maximum ... Read More »

Nigerian Navy action nets 10 pirates | Defense Web

The Praesidium International has reported that the Nigerian Navy was able to recover a hijacked fishing vessel just hours after it was attacked. The Hailufeng 11, a Chinese flagged fishing vessel with 18 crew members on board, lost communication with the Dalian Hailufeng Oceanic Fisheries vessel. The Nigerian Navy was then alerted and sent out the patrol boat NNS Nguru ... Read More »

Police investigate suspected vandalism to Medal of Honor recipient’s headstone | Stars & Stripes

Delta Force Master SGT. Gary Gordons headstone was found vandalized with golden paint. The vandalism was first noticed by his sister after seeing a post on Facebook. He was a Medal of Honor recipient after his heroic acts during the 1993 Mogadishu raid. Police are not sure if this vandalism had mal-intent considering that many times Medal of Honor recipients ... Read More »


Yesterday we aggregated and summarized a May 20th Task & Purpose article entitled “Harley riding, tequila-drinking Navy SEAL nominated to oversee special operations at the Pentagon.” This was a mistake on many levels. I take full responsibility and I wish to publicly apologize to Lou Bremer. First: The Task & Purpose article was nothing more than what we call “article ... Read More »

Carlos Ghosn: US ex-Green Beret and son arrested over escape from Japan | BBC News

Former Green Beret Michael Taylor and his son Peter were detained on Wednesday in Massachusetts after being on the run since Japan issued a warrant for their arrest in January. They are accused of aiding ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn escape house arrest while in Japan last year, after he was detained on charges of financial misconduct in 2018. The details ... Read More »

Findings from Afghanistan war crimes investigation will cause ‘distress’ for some elite soldiers, judge warns | ABC News

After the Killing of Afghan children and men, who were unarmed, the Australian Defense Force (IGDAF) have had to sort through the aftermath of the potential war crimes. One obstacle that they might have to face, warns New South Wales Justice Paul Brereton, is mental health. A secretive probe was conducted and is predicted to directly impact the mental health of many soldiers who were involved according ... Read More »

‘Not Reality’ Ant Middleton’s SAS: Who Dares Wins bears no resemblance to real training says Special Air Service legend Rusty Firmin | The Sun UK

The show is meant to put contestant through obstacles meant to resemble what Special Air training is like. However, according to Rusty Firmin, a famous Airmen, the show falls short.  In an interview with The South and North Divine Podcast, he explains that much of the show has to do with water- and lacked the diversity of mountains and other things that airmen had to go through. ... Read More »