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Special Operations Forces News

US special forces to help combat drug trafficking in Colombia’s war-torn areas | Columbia Reports

The United States Special Operations are working together with Columbia security forces to help soothe the high drug trafficking rates in Columbia. Columbia has a high cocaine production rate, and also deals with corruption in the same forces assigned to dismantle the cartels. These efforts would also help lessen the drugs smuggled into the United States. Source: https://colombiareports.com/us-special-forces-to-help-combat-drug-trafficking-in-colombias-war-torn-areas/ Read More »

IDF not in hurry to integrate women in elite combat units | Al-Monitor

These soldiers have extreme dedication to serve, are put through vigorous physical and mental training. In Israel, women are still not allowed to join the IDF even if they fit all the criteria and pass the training. However, there is a petition that got sent out May 20th requesting that women should be allowed to join in the name of ... Read More »

Turkey’s paramilitary contractor SADAT eyes training African troops via defense deals | Nordic Monitor

Turkey has kept close relations with many countries in Africa. These countries have ties to political, social, and economic relations to each other. According to Turkey’s retired General Adnan Taniriverdi, Turkey is going to start working closely with African military troops to provide training. Taniriverdi is known to own’s a military contracting company and is a known loyalist to the ... Read More »

How Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman General Mark Milley honors the fallen on Memorial Day | CBS News

Joint Chief of Staff Chairmen Mark Milley walks through the Arlington Cemetery and remembers some of those who he has met, and their impact. Milley served as a Green Beret and hold a special place for the lives lost and family member’s that are still grieving the loss of their loved ones. He offers the families of those who have ... Read More »

Special Tactics Airman leads outreach programs for COVID-19 relief | Edwards Air Force Base

Captain Jack Gouge from Fort Benning, Georgia loves his country, he serves when he sees his country struggling, including during the COVID-19 pandemic. He is the director of Global Outreach and Community Impact at Bethany Baptist church in Puyallup Washington. His outreach will impact many families and people in need, he has managed to collect over 1,000 pounds of supplies ... Read More »

‘The loss is always there:’ What Memorial Day means to the wife of a fallen soldier | KKTV News

This is Deanna Sartors first Memorial Day as a gold star wife. Sgt. Major James “Ryan” Sartor, who died during combat in Afghanistan July 2019 was on one of his last missions with his team where he got shot. Originally, she planned to show up for her husband during the Annual Memorial Day Ceremony at Fort Bragg, North Carolina where his name would be added to the Special Operation Fallen Soldier Memorial. However, due to COVID-19 the ceremony was cancelled. But ... Read More »

Hundreds more Russian mercenaries flee western Libya: GNA forces | Aljazeera

Hundreds of Russian mercenaries have been seen evacuating Libya after supporting General Haftar this last year. Pro-GNA forces have stated that around 1,500 mercenaries have left the fight and have been taken to an unknown location. Over half a dozen cargo planes had been Bani Walid to drop off supplies and take back the fighters over the past seven days. ... Read More »

Two ISIS regional leaders killed during joint raid in Syria, coalition says | Stars & Stripes

Two ISIS leaders were killed May 17th in collaboration with the Syrian Democratic forces. These killings will hopefully help prevent future attacks led by these leaders. The two who were killed included the governor of North Baghdad, Abu Ali al-Baghdadi and the Senior Logistics and supply officer, Abu Ammar. This joint raid also led to many ISIS members arrests. Source: ... Read More »

Local Medal of Honor recipient to be honored on Memorial Day | Dayton Daily News

For Memorial Day, Airman William H. Pitsenbarger, known for the movie “The Last Measure” will be honored for his brave effort to sacrifice himself in combat for others this Memorial Day in Indiana. He completed over 250 missions during Vietnam and his story is the inspiration for the movie “The Last Measure.” After completing basic training for the Air Force ... Read More »

Turkish special forces troops invade disputed land in Greece | London Loves Business

The Evros river is the defining factor in what divides Greece and Turkey, and as it moved is has caused a fight over who the land technically belongs to. It is believed that the Greek army invaded the area in order to build more border fences Both Greece and Turkey are a part of NATO, so the Turkish occupation is ... Read More »