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Military helicopters descend on Washington in bizarre very low-altitude show of force | The War Zone

After many protests have broken out after the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer this past week, President Donald Trump has called in military help. In Washington DC, helicopters have been spotted flying at a very low altitude above protestors. Steven Dengler, who is a licensed helicopter pilot told the Warzone that this might be Illegal under ... Read More »

Patrick Tadina, Vietnam War’s longest continuously serving Ranger, dies at 77 | Stars & Stripes

Patrick Gavin Tadina, a 30-year army veteran and highly decorated enlisted soldier passed away. He is remembered for his service where he is known as the longest continuously serving soldier after he served for 5 years straight in Vietnam. In an interview with Stars and Stripes, his daughter talks about his extreme dedication to service and his humbleness. He lost ... Read More »

Special Operations Command wants to put all mission data in a single pane of glass | C4ISRNET

According to an interview with C4ISRNET, SOCOM executive James Smith typically has to go through a mission the “old school way” with many pictures, maps, and drawings. On May 12th in a virtual meeting, Special Operations Command presented an idea that might change things. Known as Mission Command, this is an effort to convert all data needed to be shown ... Read More »

Former SEAL sues SecNav and NYT reporter, claiming leaks and false reporting | Military.com

In a series of articles written by Dave Phillips a reporter from The New York Times, Gallagher was accused of many war crimes, including take a photo with a corpse. The lawsuit claims that many officials leaked information and documents to Phillips in an attempt to shed a bad light on him and slander him. The documents he mentions included ... Read More »

Promotion nixed for Special Forces officer in charge during 2017 Niger ambush, report says | Stars & Stripes

After a failed mission in Oct 2017, Col. Bradley D Moses who was nominated to become a one-star general’s name was removed from being a nomination. Moses approved the mission which soldiers were ambushed in a remote part of Niger. The soldiers were claimed to be ill equipped. In March, his name was temporarily removed, but on Friday it became ... Read More »

Dozens killed in Islamist militant attack in Burkina Faso | BNN Bloomberg

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The French Special Forces known as BARKHARE released a jet fighter and drones which ended up killing terrorist and disarming some between Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger according to the French Defense Ministry. This is suspected to be the root of a bunch of attacks that happened in one weekend, allegedly pointing to Islamist Militants. These attacks included a raid ... Read More »

As Rangers Face Isolation and Stress, Army Chaplain Goes to New Lengths to Reach Them | Military.com

COVID-19 has brought challenging times to many people as it causes confusion and stress. Through a series of videos, Army Ranger Chaplin Maor Jon Knoedler from Fort Benning in Georgia, speaks to his team and others encouraging them to find new perspective. He uses Victory pond and compares it to tribulations and challenges people might find during this uncertain time ... Read More »

IDF teaches cadets the language needed to win the next war | Jerusalem Post

Cadets are being put into weeklong courses by the IDF by allowing them to explore the environment they are going to be in. They are being taught on how to think not like a civilian but to realize that every course has obstacles and how to foresee them. Learning the topography of the land can help them prevent mistakes that ... Read More »

Ex-Green Beret at center of failed Venezuela coup flew on pro-government magnate’s plane | Stars & Stripes

In mid-January, Goudreau and his friends helping him lead the recent failed coup attempt flew to Columbia in order to meet with others involved. They flew on a plane owned by Franklin DurĂĄn, a businessman who spent almost four years in a U.S. prison for trying to cover up illegal cash payments to Hugo ChĂĄvez’s allies. DurĂĄn and his associates ... Read More »

SOFX Editorial Policies Going Forward | Sam Havelock, CEO, Founder, SOFX

Seven days ago I issued a retraction and apology for an article about the prospective Assistant Secretary of Defense, Special Operations & Low Intensity Conflict nominee. That decision was not taken lightly. There was strong disagreement within our editorial staff about the retraction. Most team-mates felt that the article met the criteria to be published as important for the special ... Read More »