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A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION into the death of Army Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar, who was killed last June while deployed in Bamako, Mali, has prompted a broad internal military audit and investigation into SEAL Team 6, according to a military official and two others briefed on the case. Army Staff Sgt. Logan J. Melgar, a Green Beret whose death is being investigated ... Read More »

Satellite images show North Korea’s new assault hovercraft bases where special forces troops can be deployed to arrive in South Korea in half an hour | Daily Mail

These satellite images show North Korea‘s new assault hovercraft bases where special forces troops can be deployed to arrive in South Korea in just half an hour. Kim Jong-un is constructing two new facilities and upgrading two that already exist for the amphibious vehicles on the country’s west coast. It means Pyongyang’s elite forces will be just 30 minutes from the South Korean island ... Read More »

This is why the SAS trains with the British royal family | We are the Mighty

Britain’s royals are guarded by the best London’s Metropolitan Police have to offer — a special unit known as Protection Command. These officers, trained as armed bodyguards for the royal family, can often be seen escorting the Queen, Prince Philip, and other members of the family with steely gazes in blacked-out Land Rovers. However, especially in this day and age ... Read More »

US Special Operators Will Test Sig Sauer’s New Mini Assault Rifle In Combat | The Drive

U.S. Special Operations Command is planning to buy a small number of conversion kits from Swiss gun maker Sig Sauer to turn existing M4A1 carbines into new MCX Rattler personnel defense weapons, or PDWs.  This purchase is in response to the command’s nearly year-old requirement for a tiny assault rifle able to fire both .300 Blackout and 5.56x45mm rounds, which we at The War ... Read More »

Watch Navy SEAL Clay Tippins’ Super Bowl ad for Georgia governor | American Military News

Clay Tippins, a former Navy SEAL running for governor in Georgia, made his video debut on television on Sunday with a 60-second campaign ad during the Super Bowl. The ad for Republican Clay Tippins cost $250,000 and was played in the Albany, Columbus and Macon media markets, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The ad will be also be played Monday in Atlanta. The ad ... Read More »

Special forces, allies to benefit from Denmark’s defense spending deal | Defense News

Denmark has reached a landmark cross-party political deal that will reset the country’s defense infrastructure and lift military spending to record levels. The deal was negotiated as part of the new defense agreement for 2018–2023. Significantly, the agreement advances Denmark’s goal to raise spending on its military to 2 percent of gross domestic product ― a target set by NATO ... Read More »

Commandos repel attack; eliminate 20 ISIS-K fighters in Nangarhar | DVID News

Afghan Commandos responded with precision to repel an ISIS-K attack during a partnered 1st and 8th Special Operations Kandak (Battalion) operation in Mohmand Valley, Achin district, Nangahar province, Afghanistan, Feb. 2, 2018. After receiving effective small arms and sniper fire from an ISIS-K element, the Commandos responded with superior firepower, setting the conditions for a decisive engagement using coalition airpower. ... Read More »