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Special Operations Forces News

PH Air Force launches Air Combat Command | Inquirer.Net

On June 1st, the Air Combat Command was announced by the Philippine Air Force. This unit will look over operations involving special forces and tactical air missions. They will also control the 15th strike wing and 710th special operations along with the 530th air base group. They will be led by Major Gen. Marcelino Randy Tibyan. Source: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1284582/ph-air-force-launches-air-combat-command Read More »

Afghan war veteran, among 3 militants killed in Pulwama encounter | Kashmir Observer

As a result of an intrusive search operation, 3 militants have died. One militant had fought in Afghanistan. Two of his associated died with him. There was gunfire for several hours when eventually the three were killed along with a cow. The fighting took place on Wednesday in South Kashmir Pulwama. Source: https://kashmirobserver.net/2020/06/03/3-militants-killed-in-pulwama-gunfight-police/ Read More »

Questions arise over Special Forces guarding Donald Trump from protests | ABC News

After days of protests orchestrated by the American people, some protests turned violent. In fear that the violence might target the president, Special Operations teams were called in. The U.S. Army Special Operation guardsmen were sent in to protect and guard President Donald Trump. There was little violence Wednesday night, and many judged the choice to use Special Forces to ... Read More »

Bavarian woodcarver to join Stallone, John Wayne in ranks of honorary Green Berets | Stars & Stripes

The first German has been nominated to become an honorary member of the Green Berets. Sebastian Demmel is a German wood maker, who has has been making gifts and wood items for soldiers for 50 years. Throughout the years he has carved 3000 plaques and have made over 1500 statues. He uses his art as gifts for personal recognition and ... Read More »

Counterterror mission blends into competition with China, Russia: How SOCOM copes | Breaking Defense

USASOC soldier pointing a rifle.

SOCOM is looking into new ways to compete with world powers like China and Russia. SOCOM Commander Gen. Richard Clarke discussed the many way’s SOCOM is planning to implement influencing, communicating, competing, and winning into their missions. He talked about this at the SOFIC special operations conference. They are battling three wars. The war of extremism, war of influence, and ... Read More »

About that huge rifle the Secret Service sniper was carrying during Trump’s photo op walk | The War Zone

On June 1st photos emerged on Twitter of the U.S. Secret Service Assault Team carrying large rifles. Questions emerged from people and the War Zone investigated to find all the details. The rifle’s in use were based on USMC’s MK13 Mod 7 and was estimated for a retail price of $13,300. These guns produce extreme accuracy and are very customizable ... Read More »

NY Air Guard pararescuemen aid Queens hospital | DVIDS

The pararescuemen are normally called into foreign places during high intensity situations, however the home front needed their help. They came to serve in the Elmhurst Hospital Center, a hospital known to be in the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. There waiting areas and ICU’s were flooded by patients that were being diagnosed with COVID-19 at high rates. These pararescuemen ... Read More »

Buratai: Terrorists’ threat shifting to North-central | This Day Live

Chief of Army Staff Lt. Gen. Yusuf Batari announced that the terrorist threat is slowly shifting to north-central Nigeria. In an effort to combat terrorist they have changed their perspective where the 4 Special Operation’s need to be. “To this end,” the Chief of Army Staff said: “This necessitated the establishment of 4 Special Forces Command to be domiciled in ... Read More »

2,000 Marines from Southern California Deploy to the Middle East as Crisis Response Force | Military.com

According to Captain Joshua Hayes, an announcement was made on June 1st that Camp Pendleton’s 1st Marine Expeditionary Force will be deployed into the Middle East. For some of these Marine’s it will be their first deployment. They will have many capabilities including air, ground, and logistics. These Marines have gone through pre-deployment training. About 2000 Marines and Sailors will ... Read More »

Libya mercenaries: UN Panel skeptical Fenech did not know RHIBs had military use | Malta Today

The United Nations Panel that has been investigating a helicopter gunship plot carried out by General Haftar in Libya is still skeptical of James Fenech’s claims. Fenech leased out two RHIBs to quickly evacuate oil and gas personnel that were actually used for the renegade mission. He claims to have no knowledge of the plot despite his numerous close ties ... Read More »