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Special Operations Forces News

Wanted: ‘Iron Man’ suits for special operations troops | Military Times

U.S. Special Operations Command is once again seeking proposals for a Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, or TALOS, according to a broad agency announcement posted in December. Commonly dubbed an “Iron Man” suit, the announcement highlights TALOS’ role as part of a “long-term goal to develop technologies which can enhance SOF mission execution.” “The intent is to accelerate the delivery of innovative ... Read More »

NZ’s elite SAS soldiers get rugged new army vehicles | NZ Herald

New Zealand’s elite SAS soldiers have received a multi-million dollar fleet of new special operations vehicles, although just how many remains top secret. The rugged high-tech cross-country Special Operations Vehicles – Mobility Heavy (SOV-MH) have been delivered by British vehicle specialists Supacat and will roll into service over the coming months. Designed for the world’s elite special forces units, the ... Read More »

Family holds on to hope after horrific crash | Kiro 7

A Pierce County family is holding on to hope as a teenager fights for his life after a horrific crash. “He’s an awesome kid. He’s the kind of kid that just lights up the room when he comes in,” said Shawnna Sparks as she described her stepson, Lorenzo Sparks. She also called him a fighter. “He has a very long ... Read More »

Underdeveloped and under-equipped, India’s special forces in dire need of attention of defence ministry | First Post

The visuals were frightening to say the least. In Kabul, terrorists attacked the Intercontinental Hotel, sending guests scurrying for shelter. Local reports put the number of dead at 22, which included several foreigners with no link whatsoever to the ongoing violence. The Taliban claimed the attack, even released names of the attackers, and showed a false morality in claiming that the ... Read More »

Modernizing infantry Marines: Big changes coming as grunts take on more special ops-style missions | Military Times

The Corps is on a major push to overhaul how its fundamental basic unit operates in battle — providing grunts with modernized equipment and new roles and responsibilities. After nearly 17 years of fighting in ­war-torn regions like Iraq and ­Afghanistan, the development comes as the lines between conventional infantry forces and America’s elite special operators have ­increasingly blurred. In ... Read More »

Navy SEALs Spotted Using Modified Jet Skis and Cool Magnetic Climbing Gear | Popular Mechanics

Sharp-eyed observers have spotted U.S. Navy SEALs driving a new but familiar vehicle: modified versions of Yamaha personal watercraft. SEALs were also spotted using magnetic gear to scale the hull of a navy destroyer. The exercise, held off the Greek island of Crete last October, was documented in a series of images that showed up on the Defense Video Imagery ... Read More »

Mustang Survival and ADS, Inc. Unveil Next-Generation Special Ops Life Preserver | ADS INC

With support from ADS, Inc., Mustang Survival has developed a groundbreaking new life preserver so lightweight, low profile and non-restrictive that military operators will barely know they’re wearing it. Company officials, who will debut the product at SHOT Show 2018 in Las Vegas next week, say the new product represents the smallest self-righting inflatable Life Preserver Unit (LPU) on the market today. Called ... Read More »