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Commentary: From stocks to politics, Harold Evans on what to expect in 2019 | Reuters

The first question, as important as whether candidates have eaten pork belly in Iowa, is how they match up on a debate stage with Trump. The Democrats need someone who can command him to back off, or freeze him with a smile when he repeats the “Jaws” trick of circling his opponent, as he did with the much shorter Hillary ... Read More »

Retired 4-star Gen. Stanley McChrystal says handing his resignation letter to President Obama taught him a profound lesson about failure | Business Insider

McChrystal was leading the American-led coalition forces in the War in Afghanistan, and Hastings’ article, “The Runaway General,” characterized McChrystal as a recalcitrant general and a team that cracked jokes about Biden and other White House officials. McChrystal retired from the Army on July 23, 2010. Though he did not complete the requirement of three years as a four-star general ... Read More »

Fort Bragg Soldier Receives Soldier’s Medal for Heroism | Military.com

Sgt. 1st Class Erik Kingsley was driving his brother-in-law to the airport in the early morning hours of April 1, 2017, when he noticed the headlights of a vehicle in a ditch and sparks underneath it. Kingsley slammed on the brakes and told his wife to call authorities. e and his brother-in-law then ran toward the vehicle. Trees and brush ... Read More »

Air Force looks to use fleet’s largest cargo plane for medical evacuations | We Are The Mighty

The Air Force is moving ahead to certify the cargo hold of its largest plane, the C-5M Super Galaxy, for use in medical evacuations for both casualties of war and victims of natural disasters. Nearly as long as a football field, the Super Galaxy has significantly more capacity than the C-17, the largest aircraft used by the Air Force for ... Read More »

U.S. Special Forces And Never Ending War | War News Updates

Over eight deployments, he dropped from Special Forces helicopters onto mud-brick homes, ran through doors breached by explosives, and hunted the enemy night after night in Iraq and Afghanistan. Winschel has been steeled by combat, but he cried when he heard that Sergeant First Class Eric Emond, a friend and the father of three young girls, had been killed in ... Read More »

A Green Beret was the inspiration for Col. Kurtz in ‘Apocalypse Now’ | We Are The Mighty

The Army’s Special Forces command came down to one man during the Vietnam War. His job performance earned him the nod from screenwriter John Milius, who turned retired Army Colonel Robert Rheault’s legacy into something more enduring than he ever imagined. He was immortalized forever by actor Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now. Unlike Col. Kurtz, however, there was nothing insane ... Read More »

U.S. Military Pushes Back Against China’s Regional Bullying | Daily Beast

Early this past September, a Navy P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance flight over the South China Sea was harshly warned off by Chinese radio operators stationed on a fortified islet of Mischief Reef: “U.S. military aircraft, you have violated our China sovereignty and infringed on our security and our rights. You need to leave immediately!” The plane was traveling in international airspace ... Read More »

Dunford Addresses Talk of Afghanistan Pullout at Holiday USO Show | Military.com

The mission for troops in Afghanistan continues as planned, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said amid reports of a partial pullout from the country. “There’s all kinds of rumors swirling around,” Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford told hundreds of U.S. troops gathered Monday at a USO celebrity holiday event. “The mission you have today is the same ... Read More »

US military establishes 2 new bases along Syrian border – report | AMN

The U.S. military has established two new bases along the Iraqi-Syrian border, the Turkish state-owned Anadolu Agency reported on Tuesday. Citing an Iraqi official, the Anadolu Agency said the U.S. military established the two bases in the western countryside of the Al-Anbar. “The U.S. Army has established two new military facilities in uninhabited parts of the province,” Farhan al-Duleimi, a ... Read More »

Col. David Hunt: Maj. Golsteyn deserves a presidential pardon on an unjust murder charge | Fox News

If anyone deserves a presidential pardon in this Christmas season, it’s Army Maj. Mathew Golsteyn, a heroic former Special Forces officer who risked his life for our country in Afghanistan. Golsteyn is the victim of a grave injustice – now unbelievably facing a murder charge for the death of a Taliban bombmaker who built a bomb that killed two U.S. ... Read More »