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Special Operations Forces News

Shipmates, Information Management Is a Life-or-Death Proposition | Defense One

During the first weeks of his tenure as president of JPMorgan Chase Bank, Jamie Dimon was briefed on the company’s efforts to outsource its information technology and corporate networks. It’s now the stuff of legend how Dimon not only cancelled a $5-billion IT contract, but challenged his people to own information as a proprietary, business-defining function. This strategic perspective has ... Read More »

Hundreds of soldiers to test new Army combat boot, first major change in nearly a decade | Army Times

Nearly half of soldiers surveyed by the Army chose to buy their own boots rather than wear the ones issued to them. That, in part, is driving work at the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command Soldier Center at Natick to build a better, lighter, more comfortable and durable boot. And the first feet to feel the difference will ... Read More »

1st Cav Soldiers Die in On-Duty Vehicle Incidents 3 Days Apart | Military.com

A 1st Cavalry Division soldier was killed Monday and three were injured in an armored vehicle accident at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California. This is the second 1st Cavalry soldier to be killed in a vehicle-related accident this week. The first death occurred Sunday and involved a soldier at Grafenwoehr Training Area, Germany. Spc. Andrew S. Ortega, ... Read More »

USS Bremerton sub commander relieved for hiring prostitutes | Kitsan Sun

The commander of the USS Bremerton was relieved of duty last summer after admitting to Navy investigators he paid for “female accompaniment” while the boat was in port in the Philippines. Capt. Travis Zettel was relieved of duty in August following a loss of confidence in his ability to command the Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine, which is now tied ... Read More »

Here’s when the Army will pick three companies to build the M16/M4 and SAW replacements for soldiers and Marines | Army Times

By the end of this summer, the Army plans to pick three vendors to build prototypes of the weapons that will replace the M16/M4 and the Squad Automatic Weapon for both soldiers and Marines, both in a new, common cartridge. In the coming weeks, officials will release the official “prototype opportunity notice” with detailed expectations of the new weapons family, ... Read More »

Army looks to give its old combat boot the boot | Stars and Stripes

The Army is testing new combat boots at select boot camps in a push to better compete with the more comfortable commercial brands favored by many soldiers for their lightness. The U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command Soldier Center in Natick, Mass., has developed prototypes that soldiers will wear at three different basic training and active duty sites during ... Read More »

Army Reserve officer killed in shooting outside a Virginia Wawa | Army Times

An Army Reserve officer killed Tuesday night at a Chesterfield, Virginia, Wawa convenience store was about to celebrate his retirement, his father told the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Wednesday. Maj. Robert Gooch IV, 34, who had been assigned to Fort Belvoir, was picking up popcorn before a movie night with his teenage daughter when someone opened fire in the Wawa parking ... Read More »

When You Give a Teacher a Gun | GQ

As Pam cracks the door to the front office, her hand creeps to the gun strapped at her hip. She’s in her 40s, with dark-rimmed glasses and a ponytail poking through the back of a baseball cap. At five foot six, she is not an imposing presence, but then again, what kindergarten teacher is? She peers inside and sees a ... Read More »

Trump expected to ditch career diplomat and nominate former GOP congressman as Qatar ambassador | CNN

The White House is expected to pull the nomination of an experienced career diplomat for US ambassador to Qatar and instead tap former one-term Virginia congressman Scott Taylor, multiple sources familiar with the situation tell CNN. Molly Phee, a career State Department official and former US ambassador to South Sudan, was nominated by the Trump administration in late 2018. However, ... Read More »

Navy SEAL named one of service’s four fleet master chiefs | Washington Examiner

A Navy SEAL has been named the next fleet master chief of U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa — becoming the first member of the naval special operations selected to serve as one of four fleet master chiefs in the entire service. The promotion of Derrick Walters is particularly notable because only about 1 percent of Navy personnel are part ... Read More »