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SAS soldiers BANNED from wearing skull badge as it ‘looks like SS death head’ | Mirror

SAS soldiers have been banned from wearing skull badges on their uniforms because it looks too much like the ‘death head’ emblem worn by Adolf Hitler’s SS. The ‘Punisher’ motif was adopted by special forces troops after serving with US Navy Seals in Iraq. But now the crack soldiers – who are awarded the badge after their first ‘kill’ – ... Read More »

Erik Prince company to build training center in China’s Xinjiang | Reuters

FSG told Reuters in 2017 that it planned to set up an office in Xinjiang. That year, it acquired a 25 percent stake in a security training facility in Beijing, which it said was the largest such school in China and would allow FSG to provide “world-class training courses” to Chinese companies. Source: Erik Prince company to build training center ... Read More »

These Marines were falsely accused of war crimes. Twelve years later, they have vindication. | Washington Post

Galvin was the commanding officer of Marine Special Operations Company Fox. On March 4, 2007, as he and 29 others traveled in a six-vehicle convoy through the village of Bati Kot, a suicide bomber driving a van packed with explosives attacked the American vehicles and then fighters on both sides of the road opened fire. The Marines fought back and ... Read More »

Senate Republicans Rebuke President On Syria And Afghanistan Policy | NPR

Led by Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the Senate advanced an amendment to a resolution 68-23 that warned against a “precipitous withdrawal” from the Middle Eastern nation. The measure was attached to a broader Mideast policy bill that the Senate is still debating. Source: Senate Republicans Rebuke President On Syria And Afghanistan Policy | NPR   Read More »

Electrical failure caused Predator’s 2017 crash in Turkey | Air Force Times

An MQ-1B Predator crashed shortly after takeoff in 2017 when an electrical failure caused its left tail to get stuck and sent it into an uncontrollable dive, according to an accident investigation board report released Wednesday. The Predator crashed in a field after taking off from Incirlik Air Base in Turkey on Aug. 17, 2017, the Air Force said at ... Read More »

All-Women Crew Preps for Flyover Honoring Legendary Female Pilot | Military.com

Nine female pilots at Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia, say they feel privileged to be selected as volunteers to perform the “missing woman” formation this Saturday for an aviator who paved the way for their success: U.S. Navy Capt. Rosemary Mariner, who died last week at 65. “We’re fortunate to be chosen,” said Cmdr. Leslie “Meat” Mintz, executive officer of ... Read More »

Third man charged in alleged antifa assault of two Marine reservists in Philadelphia | Marine Corps Times

It’s been several months since two Marine reservists visiting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, were reportedly assaulted by a mob of people associated with the left-leaning group known as antifa. To date, three people have now been charged with attacking the Marine reservists ? Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres ? on Nov. 17, 2018. Tom Keenan and Thomas Massey were arrested in November ... Read More »

Facility for US forces opens on Philippines’ main island; another slated for Palawan | Stars and Stripes

The United States and the Philippines opened the first of several new facilities for visiting American forces on the island of Luzon this week and will start building another on Palawan once funding is available, according to Philippine defense secretary Delfin Lorenzana. Speaking at Cesar Basa Air Base during Tuesday’s opening of a new “Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief warehouse,” ... Read More »

US Says Airstrike Kills 24 Al-Shabab Extremists in Somalia | Military.com

The United States military said Thursday it has killed 24 al-Shabab extremists with an airstrike in Somalia, one of its deadliest in months. The airstrike was carried out on Wednesday near an extremist camp near Shebeeley in the central Hiran region north of the capital, Mogadishu, the U.S. Africa Command said in a statement. It was the ninth such airstrike ... Read More »

Sexual Assaults Rise Nearly 50 Percent at Service Academies | Military.com

Incidents of sexual assault are up nearly 50 percent at the nation’s military academies, and reporting rates remain stagnant — troubling trends that Defense Department officials say the schools are addressing but must work harder to change. According to a congressionally mandated survey conducted every two years at the schools, 747 students reported experiencing unwanted sexual contact during the 2017-2018 ... Read More »