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Special Operations Forces News

MINDEF announces request for proposals for Aussie Special Forces | Defence Connect AU

This news includes details about the new plan to ensure the advancement of Aussie Aviation and allowing more access to better tools to help. This is following a request for more helicopters and a support contract. New technology will enable the Special Forces to be more prepared, maintain readiness, and find unique solutions to new problems and warfare. Source: https://www.defenceconnect.com.au/key-enablers/6577-mindef-announces-request-for-proposals-for-aussie-special-forces Read More »

Afghan troops kill senior Islamic State militant | Star Tribune

The National Directorate of Security has released a statement on the recent death of an Islamic State leader. It was released late Saturday that the man who was killed is named Assadullah Orakzai. He was killed near a discovered ISIS headquarters. This comes shortly after ISIS took responsibility for numerous recent attacks and an overall rise in violence throughout Afghanistan. ... Read More »

Turkish general who discovered Qatar funding for jihadists and ISIS oil smuggling was executed | Nordic Monitor

Turkish General Semih Terzi had a lot of knowledge about what was going on in Iraq, and his job was to communicate with MIT. However, according to sources he also knew a lot about where Qatar funding was going. He discovered that much of the money meant for weapons and the military was actually being pocketed and embezzled and given ... Read More »

7 missing Marines, sailor lost in AAV accident presumed dead | Marine Corps Times

Their dedication to others is how they will be remembered as their last moments were moments of sacrifice and heroism. After news of their ship sinking, a search and rescue mission was conducted. However the situation was already in bad condition once SR arrived. The names of the soldiers have yet to be released as families are still being informed. ... Read More »

Turkey launches new anti-terror operation in east | Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey initiated a new anti-terror operation in the east spearheaded by the country’s Interior Ministry on July 29th. Over a thousand personnel under Operation Yıldırım-4 were launched on July 28 to “completely eliminate the separatist terror group from the country’s agenda and to neutralize terrorists taking shelter in the region.” This operation resulted in eight terrorists being neutralized, 24 caves, ... Read More »

Shoot like SOCOM: The 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge & its long distance relationship with CMMG’s Endeavor Mk3 | Guns America Digest

A specialized group from the US DoD replaced the MK13 bolt-action 300 Winchester Magnums with a 20-inch semiautomatic AR-10 in 6.5 Creedmoor last May 2020. Compared to snipers used by special operations, the 6.5 Creedmoor has 33% longer effective range with less recoil. At 1000 meters, it has double the hit probability, retains 30% more energy, and has 40% less ... Read More »

ATAC private “Red Air” contractors to provide adversary training at Luke and Holloman Air Force Base | The Aviationist

Airborne Tactical Advantage Company was granted two contracts worth up to $240 million to provide over 3,000 flight sorties per year for up to four and half years at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, and Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico. The company provides “Red Air” aggressor aircraft during military exercises under the Combat Air Forces Contracted Air Support program. ... Read More »

Vikings in the North: 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron’s first search and rescue mission | Skies Magazine

Members of the 450 THS live a strict lifestyle where they must be on call at all times in case emergency strikes. Just like a superhero, when duty calls, they spring into action. In May the 450 THS was called into a search and rescue mission, which is normally covered by search and rescue teams. However, they still managed to ... Read More »

Air Force Special Operations approves first beard, turban waiver for Sikh airman | Yahoo News

He found pride in both serving his country and his religion. However, it was not until June 7th that he finally was granted a waiver to wear his turban and have his beard. He looked to his command leader and the Sikh American Veterans Alliance for guidance on how to get a waiver. Typically, decisions like these can take years ... Read More »

US Special Ops Command to award contract for longer-range ammunition | Israel Defense

They are working toward a contract that would allow them to have lower-range ammunition. Specifically, they are asking for 6.5 Creedmoor Multi-Purpose (MP) ammunition for use in the 6.5 Creedmoor gas operated weapon systems. It is estimated that the amount they are asking for is around 400k cartridges each. This ammunition is better for long range shooting. It Is being ... Read More »