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Special Operations Forces News

SAF commissions Special Operations Command Centre as commandos celebrate golden jubilee | The Straits Times

For the Singapore Armed Forces’ Special Operations Task Force, a new command centre was commissioned for them to execute counter-terrorism operations in a faster, more lethal and efficient way. In an effort to proactively plan, monitor and manage homeland security incidents in different locations, the Special Operations Command Centre will compile different sources of information from drones and government agencies. ... Read More »

Chinas forces are coming to Pakistan for ‘Warrior-VII joint military exercise | Business Recorder

Under the PLA Xinjiang Military Command, a Chinese military contingent left the garrison of a special forces brigade to attend the China-Pakistan ‘Warrior-VII’ joint military exercise. Being the seventh edition of this serial joint exercise between the two countries’ special forces, the Chinese special forces would arrive by air transport and motorized vehicles, and would stay for the one month ... Read More »

Iraq unrest: Nearly 40 killed in fresh wave of protests | BBC

Over 25 people were killed on bridges in Nasiriya after security forces opened fire in an attempt to clear the bridges. An additional four protesters died in Baghdad followed by 10 more in the city of Najaf. The citizens of Iraq have ramped up their protests on job demand, corruption, and requiring improved public services. An emergency unit has been ... Read More »

Mikhail Gorbachev warns Russia and U.S. must avoid ‘hot war’ | CNN

Mikhail Gorbachev, the former Soviet leader, is remembered today as the man who presided over the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of an empire. Taking it back to 1989, Gorbachev is reminded of that era, and how issues then, resonate with top issues now– ‘Afghanistan, arms control and the difficulty building trust between Moscow and Washington.’ The ... Read More »

Aguilar presents posthumous medial to soldier who fought in WWII | Redlands Community News

U.S. Rep. Aguilar presented the Congressional Gold Medal to a service member who served during World War II. Domenic Robolino, son of Nicholas Robolino accepted the award posthumously. Nicholas Robolino was a member of the 492nd Bombardment Group, known as the ‘Carpretbaggers,’ and passed away in 2001. In March of 2018, people of the Office of Strategic Services were communally awarded ... Read More »

Royal Navy Marines could be replaced | Plymouth Herald

Picture of a Royal Marine. Decorative purposes only.

Creating a new Army Commando Unit by removing the Royal Marines from the Royal Navy and merging them with the Parachute Regiment is an idea that is being considered by the UK Armed Forces. The Ministry of Defense has claimed these reports are pure speculation, but the Armed Forces officers are saying otherwise. In order for the military to be ... Read More »

THOR3: The Army’s answers to human optimization | Military.com

The Tactical Human Optimization Rapid Rehabilitation and Reconditioning, or THOR3, was created by the Army Special Operations Command. It is designed to improve the lives of soldiers when their bodies are worn down from extreme physical training and requirements. A soldier’s cycle in the army is to prepare for deployment, deploy, return home, and repeat. All of these cycle stages ... Read More »

Czech intelligence report exposes Russian, Chinese spying | The Epoch Times

The Czech intelligence service has warned the public against Russian and Chinese intelligence attempting to spy on them and infiltrate the political elections and members. The annual report for 2018 detailed these accusations on politics, international relations, espionage, the market, and other data. Russia’s use of hybrid warfare is mentioned, with claims that Czechia is especially prone to this kind ... Read More »

Italian plot to create new Nazi party uncovered, police say | BBC

The Italian police raided 19 suspects’ homes to find weapons, books, and Nazi flags. Reports have not been made on how many arrests took place from the targeted Italian National Socialist Workers’ Party. Known as Operation Black Shadows, the raid took place after two years of investigation, and it took place throughout the entire country. It is unclear how many ... Read More »

US troops and A-10s return to Marjah fight | Military Times

Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II's from the 303rd Expeditionary Fighter Squadron releases flares over Afghanistan Nov. 13.

The unstable district of Marjah, Afghanistan has been cleared by Afghan forces after four long years of control by the Taliban. Skeptics are not quite convinced that Afghan forces can hold Marjah from the Taliban for very long though. An Afghan forces operation involving the U.S. special operations forces that included the use of the A-10 Thunderbolt II was launched ... Read More »