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Former Navy SEAL testifies about wound during Bowe Bergdahl search | ArmyTimes

A former Navy SEAL testified Wednesday that his military career ended when he was shot in the leg during a hastily planned mission to find Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl after the soldier left his post in Afghanistan. Retired Senior Chief Petty Officer James Hatch told the judge that his team had about 90 minutes to plan their mission and board ... Read More »

SAS to be issued with ‘exploding’ bullets to stop terrorists | Daily Star

The elite troops are also getting an arsenal of new weapons, tried and tested by US special forces. Lethal bullets designed to “drop” jihadis on the spot will be issued in the next few weeks. One type of ammunition – the Rapidly Invasive Projectile, or RIP – is designed to cause the maximum internal damage to a target. The bullet, ... Read More »

Why the US Green Berets are the smartest, most lethal fighters in the world | Business Insider

Though the US Army celebrates its birthday on June 14, 1775, it didn’t have the special operators with their distinctive “green beret” until much later. Army Special Forces got its start on June 19, 1952, and since then, its soldiers have been at the forefront of fights in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and today, are advising US-backed forces inside Syria. They ... Read More »

How U.S., South Korean Special Ops Would Join Forces in a New Korean War | The Cipher Brief

Tensions are rising on the Korean Peninsula.  There is fear that the Korean War could restart, since there has only been a temporary suspension of hostilities since the 1953 Armistice.  Although this fear is not new and we have experienced high tensions many times over the years, given the global security situation, with two new administrations in Washington and Seoul ... Read More »

New filing in SEAL rape case triggers call for top Navy lawyer to resign | The San Diego Union-Tribune

The Navy’s top lawyer — Vice Adm. James Crawford III — illegally urged a fellow military leader in San Diego to convict a potentially innocent SEAL of sex crimes, according to a newly filed affidavit by a junior Navy attorney. The document escalates an already unusual case about whether senior commanders hijacked justice amid what they saw as growing political ... Read More »

Special Ops Community Eyeing New Drone Technology | National Defense

U.S. Special Operations Command is seeking new drone technology as it prepares to face more advanced enemies. Meanwhile, industry is offering solutions to help elite warfighters deal with growing threats. Unmanned aerial vehicles currently in the fleet are at risk of obsolescence as adversaries enhance their counter-drone capabilities, SOCOM officials said during a panel discussion at the Special Operations Forces ... Read More »

Trial of Green Beret in Killing to Test Limits of ‘Make My Day’ Law |

A former Army Green Beret crossed the line into vigilantism when he shot an intruder three times in the back in his detached garage, prosecutors charged Wednesday at a trial expected to test the limits of Colorado’s “make my day” law. Michael Joseph Galvin, 35, faces a single count of negligent homicide in the Nov. 3, 2015, killing of Robert ... Read More »

Warrior, diplomat and academic: Lt. Gen. Samuel V. Wilson dies at age 93 | Fayobserver

Retired Lt. Gen. Samuel Vaughn Wilson, who rose from the rank of private to serve as a three-star general and played a role in the development of American special operations forces, has died. Lt. Gen. Wilson, 93, died Saturday at his home in Rice, Virginia, following a battle with lung cancer, the family said in an obituary in the Richmond, ... Read More »

Reflections on Rangering | Havok Journal

During my first week in Ranger Battalion I joined my platoon during a live fire. I wasn’t even allowed real bullets because I was so new. For a portion of the exercise I was on a hill watching the training of another platoon. I was in earshot of an old Ranger first sergeant. The Rangers in training were assaulting a ... Read More »

Fathers of slain US soldiers attend trial in Jordan | ArmyTimes

Four more witnesses testified before a Jordanian military court Sunday morning in the fourth hearing of a Jordanian soldier charged with murder in the shooting of three U.S. military trainers. The U.S. Army Green Berets were killed when their convoy came under fire at the gate of an air base in southern Jordan in November. Jordan, a close U.S. military ... Read More »