Special Operations Forces News

US military wants to turn all infantrymen into Special Operations Rangers. Would it work? | News Rep

In one of his more important undertakings as Secretary of Defense, General James Mattis had launched a project to review and improve the lethality of the military’s close-combat units. The Close Combat Lethality Task Force (CCLTF) is examining how it can increase the combat effectiveness of troops engaged in close combat. In an interview with, retired Army Major General ... Read More »

U.S. Africa Command to cut 10% of forces, top general says | Washington Times

The U.S. military will cut about 10 percent of its forces in Africa over the next three years, a top general said Wednesday, telling reporters the troops are needed in other hot spots around the world. About 6,000 American troops and another 1,000 civilian Pentagon employees are currently in Africa. Gen. Waldhauser said the cuts will be carried out in ... Read More »

Two ex-Navy SEALs among those arrested in failed security contractor gig in Haiti | News Rep

Chris Osman and Chris McKinley (formerly known as Chris Heben) were arrested this weekend in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on conspiracy charges. Also arrested in the same group was a former US Marine named Kent Kroeker and several Serbian contractors identified as Bajavic Danilo, Vlad Jankovic and three others named Estera Michael, Daniel Dustin, and Burton Talon. According to Danilo’s LinkedIn account, ... Read More »

Army amputee’s award is getting upgrade to Distinguished Service Cross | Army Times

More than 10 years after earning a Silver Star for taking down an insurgent in a suicide vest while deployed to Iraq, retired Sgt. Daniel Cowart is getting an upgrade. On March 20, he’s going back to Fort Hood, Texas, where he’ll receive the military’s second highest valor award ― the Distinguished Service Cross ― for the heroic act that ... Read More »

Check Out the U.S. Navy SEALs Deadly ‘Stealth’ Guns | National Interest

The Navy’s SEALs are well-known for their exotic guns—everything from machine gun to grenade launchers … and several iconic, quiet handguns. The Navy stood up the Sea Air Lands teams in 1962 and quickly sent them to Vietnam to search out the enemy and work with local forces. The naval operators realized a suppressed pistol would be ideal for many ... Read More »

Air Force updates ‘deploy or get out’ policy; 1,000 airmen could face separation | Stars and Stripes

All U.S. Air Force airmen who have had non-deployable status for more than a year will soon face a disability board or be considered for administrative separation as part of the service’s implementation of the Pentagon’s so-called “deploy or get out” policy. A directive signed Tuesday by Air Force senior leaders states the service seeks to achieve a 95 percent ... Read More »

Military dog with 3 deployments and NYPD service dies from cancer | American Military News

Nine-year-old Caesar, a German shepherd K-9 officer with the New York Police Department, was laid to rest last Thursday following a battle with cancer. Before Caesar was euthanized, he received a hero’s salute from NYPD K-9 handlers and their dogs for his courageous service, which included three tours of duty in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army, The Daily Mail reported. ... Read More »

This new Army app lets soldiers access personnel records on their phones | Army Times

National Guardsmen have been helping the Army beta test its forthcoming online personnel system, and starting this month, they can access it on-the-go. The Integrated Pay and Personnel System-Army app went live in February, according to a Tuesday release from the Army, and it is now available to Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., Guard members during this initial roll-out. “Soldiers expect ... Read More »

SOCOM’s Iron Man suit is officially dead | Task and Purpose

Long before Tony Stark took a load of shrapnel to the chest in a distant war zone, science fiction legend Robert Heinlein gave America the most visceral description of powered armor for the warfighter of the future. Forget the spines of extra-lethal weaponry, the heads-up display, and even the augmented strength of an Iron Man suit — the real genius, ... Read More »

Sailor Who Failed to Disclose HIV Status Guilty of Sex Assault, Court Rules |

In a first for the military court system, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces upheld a conviction of sexual assault for a sailor who engaged in consensual sex with four women but failed to disclose that he was HIV-positive. The appellate court last week affirmed an earlier ruling in the case, U.S. v. Forbes. The women could ... Read More »