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Special Operations Forces News

‘This is my squad’: SMA Grinston talks about his push to build cohesive units | Army Times

Silhouette of Navy Seals

The new sergeant major of the Army, Michael A. Grinston, wants to find and replicate the model of strong, cohesive units across the Army by focusing on the positive aspects of being a soldier. Doing so will hopefully address ongoing problems, including sexual harassment and assault, suicide prevention and domestic issues, while also building on Army readiness priorities like preparing ... Read More »

The War On Terrorism, Through The Eyes Of 3 Women At The CIA | KCRW

silhouette of men on water

The war on terrorism marked a major shift for a spy agency long run by older white men who had specialized in Russia. After the 2001 attacks, the focus turned to radical Islam. The CIA scrambled to ramp up its counterterrorism operations, and this led to an infusion of new recruits, many of them women. Source: https://www.kcrw.com/news/shows/morning-edition/npr-story/768225075 Read More »

Venerable MC-130P Combat Shadow that Took Part in Son Tay Raid Going to Castle Air Museum | The Aviation Geek Club

Military jet with a soldier holding a flag on top

Operation Kingpin, launched from Thailand and South Vietnam, featured two guide planes that led a special forces rescue helicopters into hostile territory to rescue 70 captured Americans. The raid portion of the mission was successful, but the POWs were gone by the time they arrived. Even so, the MC-130 was a part of a pivotal operation that boosted morale for ... Read More »

US special operations secrets could fall into hands of Russians and Syrians in pullout | Military Times

Military Tank with a Soldier aiming his gun

After severing a five-year relationship with the Kurdish forces, the US left the northeast in need of another source of outside support. With Russia and Syria willing to fill that role, US military operators are wary about what kind of information could end up in the hands of enemies. A former US defense official said that while the SDF does ... Read More »

AUSA 2019: Gentex wins contract to deliver SF helmet to U.S. Special Forces | Army Recognition

Military Helmet

Gentex was awarded a five-year contract with a maximum value of $95M to develop their Coxswain Helmet System which includes the Ops-Core Adaptive Mission Platforms Communication Headset. The series comes with a variety of accessories like the Step-in Visors, NVG Snap Shields, Carbon Composite Mandibles, and Ballistic Appliques. They are endlessly customizable to fit the needs of USSOCOM during its ... Read More »

Here’s why F15 fighter jets blew up a key Special Forces base in Syria | Radio.com 

F-15 Air Force Jet

The Lafarge cement plant was occupied by U.S. Special Forces soldiers and became a central hub in a constellation of Special Forces team houses spread out across northern Syria.  When it was announced that US forces were withdrawing from Syria, the Special Forces soldiers on the ground had to rapidly respond as the Turkish government saw this as a green ... Read More »

The Race for Bases, Ports, and Resources in the Horn of Africa Heats Up | Jamestown 

solider by a port

After years of little to no interest in the Horn of Africa, powers are now investing billions in the region and are fighting to get a hold of what is now considered a strategic foothold. China, the Gulf States, and Turkey are racing to secure bases and ports in the Horn of Africa due to two major assets: the countries ... Read More »

SBS: Trained to Tackle Asymmetric Threats | This Day Live

Nigerian soldier kneeling

At least 23 members of the Special Boat Service completed a sequence of training tailored around confronting new threats to the nation’s security. Nigeria’s special forces must be able to perform highly advanced operations and participate in unconventional warfare. The BOC Course is a straight 24 weeks of conditioning that members must complete in order to be considered capable operatives. ... Read More »

India-US Joint Military Exercise To Be Conducted In Seattle | NDTV

India special forces soldiers

A 45-member Special Forces team from the Indian Army will train alongside US Special Forces for the 10th edition of the joint military exercise named “Vajra Prahar” at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) in Seattle from October 13 till October 28.  Bilateral military exercises and defence exchanges are an important part of deepening bilateral defence cooperation between India and the US. ... Read More »

Special Ops Using Army’s Prototype 3D Maps On Missions: Gervais | Breaking Defense  

Drone flying over the city at dusk

The Army developed the One World Terrain software in order to create 3D maps for training simulations, but it has been useful enough to grab the attention of special operators. Now, the 3D technology is being used to plan real missions for deployed forces. The software allows a full rendering of an area after being scanned by a drone. With ... Read More »