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MARSOC IDs Marine Raider Who Died After Parachute Accident at Fort Benning | Military.com

Sgt. Wolfgang “Wolf” K. Weninger, age 28, was killed in a jump on Tuesday at Fort Benning. He wasa critical skills operator with the Marine Raider Training Center and was participating in the Army’s Basic Airborne Course. Very little has been released surrounding the circumstances of the parachute related injuries that were fatal. His command has commented that they are ... Read More »

Air Force releases report on 24th SOW pararescueman’s mountaineering death | NWF Daily

This would be one accident that helped push the Air Force to suspend its training in areas like diving, mountaineering, and parachuting. However, Kraines life has not been the only one lost during Air Force training. In November Sgt. Cole Condiff has never been found after an unplanned parachute departure following massive searches. Source: https://www.nwfdailynews.com/news/20200617/air-force-releases-report-on-24th-sow-pararescuemanrsquos-mountaineering-death Read More »

Egyptian Armed Forces eliminate 19 militants in Northern Sinai: Military Spokesman | The Nation

The efforts of a two plus year large scale terrorist operation north of Sinai Peninsula in Egypt where tensions are high between violent terrorist and authority have resulted in the killing of 19 terrorist. Three of the 19 killed were senior militants. These military strikes occurred last week. It also resulted in five servicemen losing their life. Source: https://nation.com.pk/02-Jun-2020/egyptian-armed-forces-eliminate-19-militants-in-northern-sinai-military-spokesman Read More »

SDF’s Commander Abdi meets with US General to discuss anti-ISIS operations | Kurdistan 24

After anti-terror efforts have taken place against the Islamic state, a meeting was held on Sunday between Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Commander-in-Chief Mazloum Abdi on with US Maj. Gen. Eric Hill, who commands Special Operations Joint Task Force. Discussions included anti-terror operations that occurred May 11th– May 17th where two senior Islamic state leaders were killed.   Source: https://www.kurdistan24.net/en/news/8736b020-4dfa-4a87-92dc-992ff6566706 Read More »

U.S. tussles with France, U.N. over counterterrorism efforts in West Africa | Foreign Policy

For the past three years the Trump administration has questioned the peacekeeping and counterterrorism mission in West Africa. The mission has been led by France and the U.N, but Trump believes an American should be in charge of the work in Mali. This has fueled suspicion that the U.S. is looking to expand their control in Africa while simultaneously slowing ... Read More »

Tillis keys in on Fort Bragg airfields after audit calls them ‘poorest infrastructure’ in Army | Fayetteville Observer

In 2016 Senator Thom Tillis advocated for an expansion of Pope Field’s runway, which had not been extended since 1972. A recent Army audit report has stated that Fort Bragg’s airfields are “the poorest infrastructure in the Army.” Tillis is now seeking answers as to the readiness of Fort Bragg and the condition of the airfields. Tillis sits on the ... Read More »

Foreign special operations gunships train on the Navy’s huge sea base in the Persian Gulf | The Drive

The United Arab Emirates’ Special Operations Command has been training with the U.S. Navy on a sea base in the Persian Gulf. The USS Lewis B. Puller hosted UH-60M Black Hawk and CH-47F Chinook helicopters as well as foreign allied troops. Members from the UAE’s Air Force’s Group 18 practiced landing, taking off, and refueling the helicopters onboard the ship ... Read More »

Navy looks to pro sports to boost performance of EOD Techs and Divers | Military.com

The Navy is looking to add new performance-tracking systems and cognitive enhancement techniques to Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Navy Diver candidate training. Pro athletes are the source the Navy is looking to as they hope to take a more holistic approach to certain aspects in order to prevent injuries. A new tactical performance laboratory is being built at the Naval ... Read More »

WorkSafe file charges over death of SAS trooper Lance Corporal Nicholas Kahotea | Stuff National NZ

Lance Corporal Nicholas Kahotea was killed during a training accident in an SAS facility in Ardmore just over a year ago. Now, WorkSafe is filing charges over his death in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2014. The act states that the overseeing person or business must take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of those involved. ... Read More »

Bauchi: NAF graduate 126 Special Force, Combat Search Rescue Personnel | World Stage Group

Nigeria refused to let the coronavirus hinder military readiness and it has paid off in the in the form of Special Forces and Combat Search Rescue personnel. The Nigerian Air Force graduated 126 of these new troops in Bauchi. Special Forces operatives in Nigeria date back to World War I when the Royal Naval Air Service used armored cars to ... Read More »