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The role of special operations forces in a ‘Great Power Conflict’ | Military Times

40 years ago Operation Eagle Claw was carried out by joint special operation forces, and it failed immensely. The teams were using outdated equipment and had little training together or preparation time. This mission, despite its failure, built the groundwork for modern day special operations. Congress chose to create USSOCOM which has turned into the world’s most effective fighting force. ... Read More »

Why was the U.S. so late to recognize the China threat | Real Clear Defense

The upcoming Presidential election has seen one issue brought to light between the candidates, with each claiming the other is “weaker” on the concern. The threat from China, and its severity, has been a hot topic for debate. The next administration and their stance on China will be critically influential in the future of America and the rest of the ... Read More »

Special Forces meant to do ops like surgical strikes. They’re called ‘special’ for a reason | The Print

Every country uses their special forces and elite units in different ways. While some nations focus these teams on more political based success missions, this is not the case for India. “In India, we have been simply looking at battlefield victory. SF units are deployed more on tactical missions rather than the broader, strategic and unconventional missions that should be their ... Read More »

Save GPS and share the 5G ‘Sweet Spot’ for the sake of our economy and security: Ex-Defense Secretary Cohen | Fox Business

The Federal Communications Commission has made a decision that could harm our military’s goal in keeping troops safe from GPS hacking. They ignored the guidance put out by the Pentagon and civilian agencies and approved an application from Ligado Networks that could interfere with the communication systems used by special operations and combat troops. Congress still has the ultimate authority, ... Read More »

Coronavirus cannot stop Britain’s war in Yemen | Daily Maverick

The Royal Air Force and BAE Systems from Great Britain are continuing to support the fight against Yemen despite the coronavirus. This has also continued despite concern from the United Nations, who believe there could be unnecessary loss of human life and suffering. Officials have been stating that the virus could destroy over 50% of the remaining healthcare system still ... Read More »

Is NATO still necessary? | National Interest

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, all countries are facing economic hardship. This author is now questioning if the NATO alliance still enhances global security, or if they actually diminish it. He believes that the three main reasons NATO is based on are no longer met or exist. The first Secretary-General of NATO, labeled NATO’s mission as “to keep Russia out, ... Read More »

U.S. could do more to deter Iran gray zone strategy, experts say | USNI News

U.S. military officials seem to believe that when it comes to Iran, they should either do nothing or provide a major show of force. However, the U.S. has a large military advantage over Iran giving them a better gray zone to work with. This author believes that officials must “have the willingness to take a calculated risk” and choose a ... Read More »

Here’s a bunch of photos from World War II that prove regulation haircuts don’t win wars | Task & Purpose

Military grooming standards have always been a hot topic for discussion, with some claiming everyone should be able to boast a beard and the other side stating your haircut is a direct representation of your discipline. With the coronavirus pandemic closing down many barbershops, the debate is making national news. Just days after the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton announced ... Read More »

DoD must identify its ‘crown jewels’ in preparation for fiscal uncertainty | Defense News

The Department of Defense needs to examine their spending options now to prepare for when the coronavirus pandemic has passed. The economy has taken major hits these past couple months, on top of preexisting issues. The higher the deficit, the higher the pressure that goes onto long-term spending. The DOD should be prepared for Congress to pass acts similar to ... Read More »

US special operations forces are special — but they’re not ‘elite’ | Business Insider

Recent years have seen an increase in the use of special operations forces by the U.S, with SOF having operated in 141 countries in 2019. As they receive more media attention, the press often refers to them as “elite.” However, this author believes that this implies they are better than someone else, and that someone else is who exactly? Instead, ... Read More »