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Righting the course for America’s special operators | War on the Rocks

After 30 years in the making Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller is elevating the assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low-intensity conflict. The position will now be on an equal level with the Defense Department service secretaries. This enables special operations to have more power and say without being bypassed and overlooked. War on the Rocks delves ... Read More »

We have met the enemy, and it is us: Restoring American power | Defense One

When President-elect Biden assumes office, he should immediately begin to focus on the American public and domestic affairs. Gregory Foster believes the largest threat facing the united States isn’t Russia or China, but the American people and those who represent us. Recent Pew Research Center polls have shown strong division amongst the American people, as different political parties hate each ... Read More »

More space wargames, please | War on the Rocks

Shane Bilborough talks about the military’s defense as we continue to adventure into space. Currently, Bilborough argues the analysis of the operational challenges and opportunities with space warfare are under-developed by at least two decades. He proposes a guide to solve these issues with ideas such as exploring the role of commercial space systems and anticipating technological competitions. “What happens ... Read More »

Reforming the National Security Council to confront the China challenge | The Hill

With the new President Elect Biden taking over office in 2021, will these conversations about China remain? China has been deemed as a threat and policy makers have been paying close attention to China. The National Security council takes a look at the China challenge. This editorial from The Hill examines this relationship. Source: https://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/foreign-policy/526189-reforming-the-national-security-council-to-confront-the Read More »

A better way to fight the forever war | Defense One

Terrorist groups have used the Middle East as a breeding ground for planning to attack the US and its allies. However, since 9/11 many American lives have been lost and these terrorist groups have been severely weakened. Defense One puts out an opinion article about just how removing troops immediately might be dangerous. Instead, troops should be pulled out slowly ... Read More »

What today’s generals could learn from George Washington’s evolution | Defense One

Thomas E. Ricks, author and Pulitzer Prize recipient, expands the history and understanding of President Washington more than your average textbooks did. During Washington’s military days, Washington evolved from making grave mistakes to seeing the bigger picture of battles in the war. It was known that he suffered far more losses than he did victories, but throughout his time as ... Read More »

Thanks or pity? How assumptions about veterans widen the civil-military gap | War on the Rocks

On Veterans Day, men and women are honored across the board for their service but usually their experiences enlisting in the military vary completely and often get clumped together. Marissa Lemar shares her experiences with her fellow veterans, explaining the different reasons for joining the military and their effects on them. “Serving in the military is an opportunity to better ... Read More »

Should the US rely on Iron Dome for the long term? | Defense News

Defense News came out with an opinion article by Lt. Gen. Henry A. Obering III (ret.). He writes about the Irone Dome and what exactly it does for the US. The commentary also talks about how Israel and the US relationship could dictate he future of the Iron dome. The Iron Dome has stopped over 2,000 rockets, but is it worth it in the long term? Source: https://www.defensenews.com/opinion/commentary/2020/11/10/should-the-us-rely-on-iron-dome-for-the-long-term/ Read More »

The last Jihadi superstar | War on the Rocks

Anwar Awlaki was brought to Hegghammer’s attention in 2008 when he blogged about the persecution of Muslim’s around the world from his recent stay in a Yemeni prison. As a threat to the U.S and an extremely wanted terrorist, Awlaki’s actions go farther than writing in blogs about jail food. He has been known to be involved in many terrorist ... Read More »

Time to rethink arms sales to Taiwan | Defense One

At first glance, arms deals between the United States and Taiwan seem understandable considering Taipei has been an American ally for so long and the U.S has made agreements to protect the island from China. But many people believe that Taiwan would not be able to defend themselves from China at all without the United States’ support. Even fewer people ... Read More »