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How US wasted billions on absurd errors in Afghanistan war | Fox News

The Trump administration continues to pull Americans out of Afghanistan in order for the country to become more independent. The Pentagon plans to dwindle down the 4,500 remaining troops to about 2,500 in the coming weeks. But throughout the years of these ongoing affairs, taxpayers have supplied the money with averaging $3,000 each. Overall, it has taken about 1 trillion ... Read More »

The perils of a US troop drawdown to the Afghan army and tribes | The Hill

Withdrawing troops would lead to a domino effect on other forces such as Afghan Army. While it seems like withdrawal is the direction many decisions have been leaning towards, not a lot of requirements have been met. Also, other forces and tribes that rely on American help might fall apart and lead to local radicalization. An opinion article by Brian ... Read More »

Paralysis in peer conflict? The material versus the mental in 100 years of military thinking | War on the Rocks

One thing many military theorists can agree on is that military history rarely provides simple lessons that are free of confusion and question. How did some of the major breakthoughs and historical events actually occur in the military, such as Germany’s rapid defeat of France in the summer of 1940? Some theorists such as John Boyd believe that the “moral ... Read More »

How will ADF chief react if government insists Special Operations Task Group should keep citation? | The Conversation

Chief of the Defense Force, Angus Campbell, makes the point that he would be accepting the report’s recommendation as well as write to the Governor to revoke the Meritorious Unit Citation. “The report acknowledges, therefore, that there is also a collective responsibility for what is alleged to have happened” he states. His rational is that all units live, fight, and ... Read More »

How to lose a war in Afghanistan and embolden Al Qaeda | National Interest

President Donald Trump has started to decrease troops presence in the middle east. Some wonder what would happen if we totally eliminated them. Some believe that Al Queda ia not a threat. However, the wars roots started 20 years ago with Al Qaeda and the attacks of 9/11. National Interest publishes an OP ED weighing the risk of leaving the ... Read More »

Righting the course for America’s special operators | War on the Rocks

After 30 years in the making Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller is elevating the assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low-intensity conflict. The position will now be on an equal level with the Defense Department service secretaries. This enables special operations to have more power and say without being bypassed and overlooked. War on the Rocks delves ... Read More »

We have met the enemy, and it is us: Restoring American power | Defense One

When President-elect Biden assumes office, he should immediately begin to focus on the American public and domestic affairs. Gregory Foster believes the largest threat facing the united States isn’t Russia or China, but the American people and those who represent us. Recent Pew Research Center polls have shown strong division amongst the American people, as different political parties hate each ... Read More »

More space wargames, please | War on the Rocks

Shane Bilborough talks about the military’s defense as we continue to adventure into space. Currently, Bilborough argues the analysis of the operational challenges and opportunities with space warfare are under-developed by at least two decades. He proposes a guide to solve these issues with ideas such as exploring the role of commercial space systems and anticipating technological competitions. “What happens ... Read More »

Reforming the National Security Council to confront the China challenge | The Hill

With the new President Elect Biden taking over office in 2021, will these conversations about China remain? China has been deemed as a threat and policy makers have been paying close attention to China. The National Security council takes a look at the China challenge. This editorial from The Hill examines this relationship. Source: https://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/foreign-policy/526189-reforming-the-national-security-council-to-confront-the Read More »

A better way to fight the forever war | Defense One

Terrorist groups have used the Middle East as a breeding ground for planning to attack the US and its allies. However, since 9/11 many American lives have been lost and these terrorist groups have been severely weakened. Defense One puts out an opinion article about just how removing troops immediately might be dangerous. Instead, troops should be pulled out slowly ... Read More »