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Can we keep our ‘grey zone’ edge over our enemies? | The Hill

This an example of grey-zone warfare. It is a tactic used to cause conflict however might not call out a means for war. In a way it is like teasing.  Seth Cropsey analyzes the use of grey zone warfare, its outcomes, and his predictions of what might just happen if countries keep using these sorts of tactics. Source: https://thehill.com/opinion/national-security/502862-can-we-keep-our-grey-zone-edge-over-our-enemies Read More »

NATO needs a coherent approach to defending its eastern bank | War on the Rocks

This author writes about Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine and how it undermines its government. The author fears that this threatens the security of NATO. NATO labeled the eastern plank as the most vulnerable to Russia’s influence and has made the region a top priority. However, they have not had as organized as approach for the rest of Ukraine leaving ... Read More »

The Coming Anarchy | The Atlantic

Robert D. Kaplan talks about the use of Western religion and how it is indoctrinated in a culture and how it can provide structure. He breaks down different places in West Africa and analyzes how dynamics such as polygamy, education, and a weak law enforcement effects the downfall of cities. He talks about what it means to be a third ... Read More »

For a grander army of the republic: Better names for the bases | War on the Rocks

Fort Bragg, Home of The Airborne and Special Operations Forces, main gate.

The U.S military is also reevaluating the name choice for 10 bases named after soldiers in the Confederacy. The Pentagon released through a spokesperson that they are open to changing the names of these bases to something more inclusive and highlighting some of our nation’s heroes. The author goes through and highlights the careers of those confederates who the bases ... Read More »

James Mattis denounces President Trump, describes him as a threat to the Constitution | The Atlantic

SOFX strives to be apolitical whenever possible but that is not always feasible.  General Matthis is a highly decorated and respected military officer and former, recent Secretary of Defense with over 50 years of government experience.  His comments about a sitting president, while political, are out of the ordinary and highly relevant to ongoing current events in the U.S.  To ... Read More »

George Soros, 89, is still on a quest to destroy America | Washington Times

Chumley writes about the 89-year-old Hungarian billionaire George Soros, and she believes he has anti American efforts that is actively destroying the country. She cites him pouring money into law enforcement and leftist clubs. She fears that many young people will be blinded by his efforts and will become anti-American. Source: https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jan/25/george-soros-89-still-quest-destroy-america/?fbclid=IwAR20ZKoIZLaJtUrPdpc9BkSnwcuaLRzY4zfE_gPsc4C_c1LXAJAumL_5s0E Read More »

The military is supposed to stay out of politics, but it keeps getting dragged in | Military Times

Defense Secretary Mark Esper told reporters despite his efforts of keeping the military out of political issues, it is hard when they are brought out to de-escalate protests and protect President Donald Trump after protests broke out over the killing of George Floyd. Despite troops being called down to the forefront of protests, Esper still believes they are not needed. ... Read More »

With no Stars and Stripes, these stories wouldn’t be told | Sun Prairie Star

In a place where news is labeled as fake and people are starting to become weary of the news outlets, this author believes that the news outlet Stars and Stripes crosses borders and makes sure that stories that would not be told otherwise are heard. People judge the outlet for being redundant but according to the author it is because ... Read More »

How Tensions Between the U.S. and Iran Ended Up Strengthening ISIS | Foreign Policy

After a series of raids by US soldiers in Iran displaced many villagers, ISIS only became stronger according to Simona Foltyn. ISIS has also taken advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic after Iraqi security forces had to take security measures to protect their own. Foreign Policy conducted on the ground interviews to test what the environment was like. Source: https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/05/29/how-tensions-between-the-u-s-and-iran-ended-up-strengthening-isis/ Read More »

Irregular warfare in a new era of great-power competition | Modern War Institute

The past twenty years have seen numerous changes to how the U.S. strategizes defense and security forces. The past few years has seen the U.S. slowly depart from the strategies that were based on the War on Terror as bigger powers such as Russia and China entered into the picture. One aspect of concern is China’s advancements in the South ... Read More »