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Op-Ed: 1 Million Reasons You Don’t Want to Fight a War Against North Korea | Yahoo! News

Military Tank with a Soldier aiming his gun

Kyle Mizokami discusses the bulk of North Korea’s army – 1.1 million in infantry, with approximately 200,000 light infantry and special forces. North Korea’s light infantry and special forces are taking on increasing importance. The country’s aging mechanized units, starved for technology and fuel, are becoming less relevant to the country’s war plans. Infantry weapons have long been a pillar of ... Read More »

Op-Ed: Mayhem and the Superhero Ethos – Gwen Raczkowski

Military soldiers running through fire, superheroes

I came across the SOFX article about the Department of Mayhem and it struck a chord for several reasons. There is this mentality and mindset that goes with being a part of this small percentage of the population, whether connected by service or by marriage, of a superhero ethos.  It’s the unstoppable and unbreakable spirit that comes with this world ... Read More »

Did Mohammed bin Salman Just Give Jihadis the World’s Greatest Terrorist Recruiting Tool? | Foreign Policy 

n July 11, 1995, an open letter was faxed to the king of Saudi Arabia denouncing him as an infidel. The public accusation was shocking enough, but what made this event particularly stunning was the author’s status as the scion of a major Saudi family and, until recently, a member of the Saudi inner circle. “Your alleged kingdom in reality ... Read More »

The Marine Corps has reinvented itself throughout its history. The new Commandant is doing it again. | Task and Purpose

Marines haven’t exactly shaken their reputation as crayon-eating meatheads in recent years. Just look to the many scandals over cultural issues like misogynistic Facebook pages and Marines United. But the Corps recently got a new Commandant, Gen. David Berger. Berger has jumped into the fire with both feet. Only a few days on the job, he has put out a series of initiatives in ... Read More »

In Afghanistan, the Endgame Demands a Difficult Balancing Act in a Region on Edge | New York Times

Six days into negotiations that many expect will deliver a preliminary deal to end nearly two decades of United States military presence in Afghanistan, the last stretch is proving to be a difficult balancing act. Most of the American and Taliban negotiators were stuck in talks late into the night Thursday in the Persian Gulf state of Qatar — but ... Read More »

Intuition, The City and War | Modern War Institute At West Point

Cities matter. They matter for fighting climate change, for fighting pandemics, and, as the Urban Warfare Project continues to demonstrate, they matter for the future of fighting itself. The heightened importance of urban spaces results from demographic developments, with the global population advancing toward 70 percent living in urban areas by 2050, and from recent trends in terrorism, counterinsurgency and ... Read More »

US should sanction Iran’s incendiary kingmaker | The Hill

He has called for death to America and Israel. He has described non-Muslims as “animals who roam the earth and engage in corruption.” He has dubbed U.S. troops in Iraq “bloodthirsty wolves” and expressed support for Shiite militias seeking their demise. He has hosted Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan as an honored guest. He has demanded the execution of ... Read More »

The Best Way to Deal With Russia: Wait for It to Implode | Politico Magazine

Over the past decade, the Russia threat has loomed larger and larger in the minds of U.S. foreign-policy experts and officials, but the fear has especially grown in the wake of the Russian government’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election. “It wasn’t a single attempt. They’re doing it as we sit here,” former special counsel Robert Mueller said of Russia’s ... Read More »

Why the U.S. Marshalls Love a Gun That Is Over 100 Years Old | The National Interest

As more and more federal agencies adopt various variations on the Glock pistol, the recent adoption of the STI 2011 by the U.S. Marshals Service Special Operations Group (USMS SOG) stands out. The STI 2011 is a double-stack 9mm variant of the venerable 1911 pistol—a design that is over 100 years old at this point. But why did the SOG ... Read More »

Big Navy Must Fix the SEALs: The Drift, Vol. XLII | Defense News

I don’t have strong opinions about fly fishing. I know it is a rabbit-hole of a hobby: a sucking vortex of ever-more elaborate flies and frightfully expensive rods and reels, and has bound up in it about as much accepted wisdom and voodoo as in any hobby with an impassioned following. But I certainly wouldn’t know how to correct someone’s ... Read More »