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Ending the war on drugs would be better than escalating it: Ron Paul | Orange County Register

A 50-year long war that has exhausted numerous resources and infringed on civil liberties has no chance of success. The war on drugs has cost hundreds of billions of dollars and continues to grow. President Trump recently announced his efforts to have Mexican drug cartels labeled as terrorists due to violence south of the border. Ron Paul strongly speaks out, ... Read More »

Responding to rise in violent extremism in Sahel | Africa Center for Strategic Studies

The number of violent events in Sahel have doubled every year since 2015. Over 700 of these incidences involving terrorists have taken place in 2019. Three groups are responsible for the majority of the attacks: the Macina Liberation Front, the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, and Ansaroul Islam. Despite opposition efforts carried out by security forces, the number of fatalities ... Read More »

Are the Arab revolutions back? | Al Jazeera

Unprecedented demonstrations against the government in Lebanon suggest that proverbial sectarianism seems to have suddenly disappeared. Widespread protests have been occurring in other countries too, such as Egypt, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and more recently, Iran. These countries and their unprecedented demonstrations have a few things in common: corruption of an incompetent government, economic collapse, political woes, repression and violence. ... Read More »


The first operation for any operator is exhilarating, exciting, and produces a sense of accomplishment. Over a long period of time, operators gain more and more experience conducting all types of tactical operations. What happens to some operators over time affects how well a team operates together. What is meant by the previous statement is how prideful operators can become ... Read More »

Bob how do we bottle this? Making infantry as good as special ops | Breaking Defense

A squad leader is checking his soldier's weapon. Picture for decorative purposes only.

In 2009, a conference was held by General Jim Mattis and Maj. General Robert Scales. Generals and sergeants from all ground services attended, as well as ‘Tier 1’ Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) commandos from the Rangers, Delta and the SEALs. The purpose of the conference was to bring attention to small infantry units. Scales says, “those are the ones ... Read More »

Former military contractor says mercenaries ‘commodify’ warfare | Here and Now

Two Turkish soldiers. One with binoculars and one with a weapon. Picture for decoative purpoes only.

The airbase in a northern Syria city that was abandoned by the U.S. has been taken over by Russia. The newly launched base was invaded by Turkey last month. Reports, now, claim that it was both Turkish and Russian mercenaries. These military contractors are being used more than ever before by Russia and Saudi Arabia. It is a sneaky form ... Read More »

Middle east WMD free zone: thinking the possible | The Cairo Review

Weapons of Mass Destruction by country. In the form of a map with a legend; red, countries with nuclear weapons; orange, countries with chemcial and biological weapons; and yellow, countries that previously had WMD

The initiative to create a zone free of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East is currently being pursued by a core group of civil society members with international experts and diplomats. While the idea of it in the middle east is supported almost unanimously, no one seems to believe it is possible. The act would require immense trust and ... Read More »

Military times questionnaire: Mayor Pete Buttigieg | Military Times

Picture of Pete Buttigieg speaking.

After serving in the U.S. Navy Reserve and participating in a deployment to Afghanistan, Pete Buttigieg was later elected mayor of South Bend. Military Times asked him several questions regarding the military, such as his assessment of the current armed forces and what U.S. involvement in Afghanistan would look like under his advisement. “The size of troop presence in any ... Read More »

Is this Russia’s next leader? | The Moscow Times   

Picture of Sergei Shoigu.

Russia’s defense minister could be eyeing the next election with his recent interview. Sergei Shoigu is normally active behind the scenes rather than on the forefront of the news. Most of the interview focused on Shoigu’s role in the revitalization of the Russian armed forces and their accomplishments in Syria, as well as noting his personal accomplishments and efficiency. Shoigu ... Read More »

After the Syria withdrawal its time the US rethinks the use of proxy forces | Atlantic Council

Picture of US military patrol in Syria

Despite President Trump ordering a hasty retreat from Syria, there is still possibility for involvement through proxy warfare. Proxy warfare encompasses the idea of using a non-state agency employed and regulated by the state to do their work for them. However, the U.S. has a long and rather unimpressive past when it comes to the use of proxy’s, such as ... Read More »