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We need veterans treatment courts now more than ever | Military Times

Judge David Shakes, an Army Colonel vet as well as the district judge who presided over the El Pas County Veterans Trauma Court, explains his view and understanding of the important of veteran treatment. “If they suffer as a result of their service, it is our national duty to come to their aid,” he writes. In Colorado Springs, The program ... Read More »

Actions taken by Army secretary, Congress after Spc. Vanessa Guillen’s death are insufficient | Army Times

Murder, sexual assault, and harassment. Words that Army leaders have been tip toeing around. The Army’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office reports that sexual offences have been on an uprise and is only increasing among the ranks. Unfortunately, if the Army doesn’t act fast enough there might be others falling victim to the same unfortunate outcome as Spc. Vanessa ... Read More »

How to deal with the nuclear skeletons in Iran’s closet | War on the Rocks

With recent events regarding the assassination of the former head of Iran’s nuclear weapon program, author Eric Brewer believes it has to do with the Biden administration’s plan of reopening the Iran nuclear deal. Iran’s past program, the Amad Plan, still matters for U.S. policy for reasons surrounding concealed past nuclear activities. Brewer believes the chances of Iran coming clean ... Read More »

President-elect Joe Biden should continue building intermediate-range missiles | Real Clear Defense

Both China and Russia are a threat to the United States with their ground-based ballistic and cruise missiles. Despite the US and their allies having ballistic missile defenses, these systems could be destroyed, overwhelmed, or avoided all together by modern missiles, such as Russia’s Iskander-M (SS-26). After President Donald Trump withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty in August ... Read More »

Do Americans really care about war crimes? | Task & Purpose

A list of recent pardons granted by President Trump included four former U.S. service members who served in Iraq and were convicted of killing civilians while working as contractors. The event, known as the Nisour Square or Blackwater massacre, left 17 Iraqi civilians dead including two children. Throughout his term Trump has also pardoned others convicted of war crimes including ... Read More »

Multinational cooperation could accelerate US defense capabilities in the polar regions | Defense News

The International Cooperative Engagement Program for Polar Research (ICE-PPR) is an agreement between the U.S., Canada, Finland, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway and Sweden and a direct response to the rise of power in northern regions. “ICE-PPR enables the full spectrum of research, development, testing, evaluation, experimentation, acquisition, fielding, and personnel exchange.” The United States can learn from the polar regions ... Read More »

Will COVID finally force us to think differently about national security? | Defense One

COVID-19 has become the world’s enemy as all nations work to fight off the virus. This article from Defense One goes into detail about how defense is changing, and pandemics can affect security. The article discusses budgets and how policy makers should change them. It goes into lower budget tools and missions and how things might change going forward. Source: ... Read More »

How to build more resilient and innovative US special operations teams | Task & Purpose

The US military has trained special operations forces to go into high-risk situations and create solutions. However, some problems still are happening within the community and have been highlighted in recent times. This editorial put out by Task & Purpose delves into the details of what happens when you treat the fall out of the problem and not the problem ... Read More »

Will the military become just another politicized institution? | War on the Rocks

As political opinions and debates divide the American people, the negative effects spread to the military. The relationship between civilian decision-makers and military professionals can suffer, as well as sow discord between each other. As politicians also leverage the military for their own opinions means to an end, it slowly becomes more political. This can cause people to lose trust ... Read More »

NATO needs a strategy for emerging and disruptive technologies | Defense News

President Elect Joe Biden is predicted to have closer ties with Europe and strengthen allyship with other countries, along with NATO. As new technology emerges and new threats arise, the US and their allies must prepare to defend against new kinds of warfare and threats. These authors believe NATO is falling behind in the race for new tech, including AI, ... Read More »