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Op-ed | A military service is measured by its impact, not the size of its bombs | Space News

Satellite hovering over Earth in space

According to the theory of warfare promulgated by the Air Force Association (AFA), Congress should reject President Trump’s proposal to establish a U.S. Space Force since it cannot apply lethal kinetic force. There is no point, they contend, in having a space service until we are ready to send troops into orbit or deploy weapons from space. Their policy position ... Read More »

OP-Ed: Afghan security forces still worth supporting | Military Times

Soldiers with a vehicle waiting on a road

The government of Afghanistan have been a trusted ally for over 18 years and can be trusted to bring an end to the Taliban insurgency, either by negotiations or by force. The current ANDSF operational strategy, their offensive mindset, and Senator Graham’s proposed 8,600 U.S. and NATO advisers will continue to keep the pressure on the Taliban. If funded, supported, ... Read More »

Never forget that Sept. 11 bred a generation of heroes | Washington Examiner

Flag planted in grass at sunset

I was 14 when I arrived home from an early dismissal on Sept. 11 to find my father, a former naval aviator, sitting in his wheelchair beside our large box television set. We exchanged no greetings. I sat beside him in silence while we watched events we had already witnessed as they unfolded over and over again on the screen. ... Read More »

How to fix a broken Special Operations culture | War on the Rocks

Silhouette of Navy Seals

Speculation about the underlying cause of the latest incidents within the special ops community tends to focus on the rationale that they are the inevitable result of the stress imposed by a high operational tempo and repeated exposure to danger. I find this argument unconvincing. It would perhaps provide plausible explanation for a rise, say, in the number of DUIs ... Read More »

It’s Time for Congress to Rein in US Arms Exports | Defense One

Sniper gun pointing at fields of green

The Trump administration’s embrace of the defense industry and its determination to sell weapons to dictators and human rights abusers may be sowing the seeds of welcome change in the realm of U.S. arms exports. A new study shows a staggering 70 percent of Americans believe that such exports make the United States less safe. Congress must seize the chance ... Read More »

The end of reputation | Seth’s Blog

man holding a burning newspaper

A reshuffling is imminent, one that restores confidence so we can be sure we’re seeing what we think we’re seeing. But it’s not going to happen tomorrow, so now, more than ever, it seems like we have to assume we’re being conned. More by Seth Godin below: Source: https://seths.blog/2019/09/the-end-of-reputation/ Read More »

OP-ED: If the Women, Peace and Security Agenda is to be more than words, Congress must stay engaged | The Hill

soldiers getting on a plane at dusk

Congress at no other time could draw on such a high number of women leaders who have active combat experience. To harness this bipartisan expertise of female and male lawmakers who often serve on committees with unrelated jurisdiction, congressional leaders should immediately create a bipartisan Women, Peace and Security Caucus. Laws and strategies are measured against their real-life implementation. Within ... Read More »

OP-ED Taliban fragmentation: A figment of your imagination? | War on the Rocks

Military soldiers running through fire, superheroes

At the heart of President Barack Obama’s failed strategies in his first year of office to executive a policy shift in Afghanistan was a core concept: The Taliban, as a loose and fragmented organization, could be fractured, weakened, and rendered susceptible to talks.  The notion of the Taliban insurgency as a fractured entity, rife with internal strife, has lingered in ... Read More »

Commercial Satellites: Will They Be Military Targets? | Breaking Defense

A satellite floating in space

As the Pentagon and the Air Force hash out the future of both a new Space Force and the sort of new Space Command, military leaders are asking this question: what role will military space power  play in protecting commercial space assets? “Does the Defense Department have the responsibility to protect commercial space, if that commercial space becomes part of ... Read More »

Finding a safe place for big ideas at the Pentagon | Defense News

A hand holding a lightbulb with two fingers

On its surface, the situation does seem discouraging. The director of the Strategic Capabilities Office is abruptly out, less than a year on the job, reportedly unhappy with the SCO’s future. The Pentagon’s top technology expert then moves SCO under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency — four levels down from where it once lived under former Defense Secretary Ash ... Read More »