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Why the US should spend 0.3 percent of its defense budget to prevent an African debacle | Military Times

U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has recently commented on a possible review of the number of U.S. troops in Africa and the overall presence the U.S. has. The idea is to relocate troops and resources from Africa and the Middle East in order to better prepare against new threats, mainly Russia and China. This is a mistake however, as ... Read More »

Why I’m not canceling my travel plans for COVID-19 | Outside Online

Throughout the world fear is beginning to take over and causing people to panic. Stores are being raided, toilet paper is nowhere to be found, and restaurants are closing down. Despite the growing concern of the virus, this author has decided to travel despite the sickness, unless the borders are closed down. While spreading or contracting the disease is a ... Read More »

Opinion: The Afghan peace deal and its eerie parallels with Vietnam | Statesman

While some are calling the peace deal between the Taliban and the U.S. a success, or a big step in the right direction, others are looking to the past for answer. The conclusions being drawn by those considering history are that the peace deal is showing a lot of similarities to the endgame in Vietnam. Up until the war in ... Read More »

Turkey is a mediocre NATO ally, but Russia is enemy No. 1 | Bloomberg

The Syrian president has used horrific methods against his citizens during the ongoing civil war. These include bombing schools, never gas usage, and torturing prisoners, while Russia backs them up. It seemed as though he had almost crushed the rebellion, while destroying his country, until Turkey stepped in and joined the rebel effort. With Russia and Turkey still on opposing ... Read More »

The mess in Afghanistan | Brookings

The recent peace deal between the Taliban and the U.S. involves all U.S. troops withdrawing from Afghanistan in exchange for the Taliban not using the country to fester terrorist plots against the U.S. or allied countries. According to the agreement, all U.S. personnel will be out of the country by the end of 14 months. The evacuation has already begun, ... Read More »

US should revive Lend-Lease to contain Russia | Atlantic Counsel

The last U.S. presidential election saw Russian interference, and reports of meddling in the 2020 election are already pouring in. Modern warfare continues to rage against the U.S. and is especially detailed in their fights with Ukraine. Continued increased military presence on the Ukraine and Russia border proves that President Putin is not yet ready for Ukraine to be their ... Read More »

The U.S. Has Already Lost the Pacific to China; How do we win it back without a gun fight? | Francis Marion

The Fight Over the 21st Century Silk Road The U.S. has dominated all aspects of power throughout the Pacific since the end of World War II and has wielded that power in a mostly benevolent way.  The mantra has always been to maintain unimpeded access for all to the waterways for commerce.  It has fit into the framework of the ... Read More »


Since September of 2001, SOF members have been engaged in a never-ending fight overseas against numerous adversaries. This has allowed an exorbitant amount of stress and issues to slowly build and pile up. With misconduct and poor leadership on the rise, the community may be close to a breakdown. High casualty rates within the units also drops moral and can ... Read More »

Women in special operations is nothing new | Military Times

Recent reports have been pouring in on how a female is about to graduate from the Special Force’s Qualification Course. This has re-sparked the debate on if women should be allowed to serve in SOF and in combat, which boils down to “can women do the same jobs as men.” While a female becoming a Green Beret is a new ... Read More »

What we owe U.S. veterans who fought in Afghanistan | America Magazine

Sgt. First Class Javier Gutierrez and Sgt. First Class Antonio Rodriguez were killed in Afghanistan on February 8th and six others were wounded. Despite the press that the war on terror receives, veterans are returning home from deployments to face hardship and uncertainty. “To walk through a city like New York upon return from war, then, felt like witnessing a ... Read More »