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After the Syria withdrawal its time the US rethinks the use of proxy forces | Atlantic Council

Picture of US military patrol in Syria

Despite President Trump ordering a hasty retreat from Syria, there is still possibility for involvement through proxy warfare. Proxy warfare encompasses the idea of using a non-state agency employed and regulated by the state to do their work for them. However, the U.S. has a long and rather unimpressive past when it comes to the use of proxy’s, such as ... Read More »

What a Withdrawal From Afghanistan Would Look Like | Foreign Affairs

Picture of Afghanistan

Both Republican and Democrat officials alike have claimed they want to remove troops from Afghanistan entirely. However, those in favor of the current mission claim that pulling out of the country would allow terrorist groups to rebuild in the perfect environment unhinged. Throughout the past decade the amount of U.S. troops has decreased from almost 100,000 to around 14,000. Those ... Read More »

Mark Long: America’s future hinges on resisting Russian strategy of concealment, deception | Waco Tribune

Picture of Russia President, Vladimir Putin

Maskirovka is an old form of military deception used by the Soviets, and now Russia has continued to capitalize on the strategies. Numerous examples can be found throughout World War II, such as when the Soviets built fake bridges and airfields to lure German fire and attention away from their troops. Vladimir Putin now holds the reins, a master in ... Read More »

The paradoxically pacific Indo-Pacific Command | ASPI Strategist

U.S. Pacific Fleet in South China Sea.

The last combat mission to take place in the Indo-Pacific was in May of 1975 in the region of Cambodia against Khmer Rouge. A possible cause of this success is improved intelligence gathering abilities and forward-deployed forces. U.S. presence has given the countries more time to stabilize and presented a message that antagonistic plans will not be tolerated. However, in ... Read More »

How to Win an Asymmetric War in the Era of Special Forces | National Interest

Picture of marines

The U.S. Army Special Operations Forces are the key to fighting competition such as China and Russia. These specially trained units host more than just counterterrorism by offering knowledge to officials. This can be used to help avoid armed conflict and fight by molding partners and rivals with support and dissuading procedures. Recent writing and reports have highlighted the operations ... Read More »

With the US and China, Two Types of Capitalism Are Competing With Each Other | ProMarket

China and American flag

Capitalism lives in two main forms on different sides of our world, a Western people-led liberal capitalism and a China/Russia guided form led by the state. Throughout the past, countries had to live and cooperate with each other while they had different methods of production. While capitalism shared the world with communism after the Russian Revolution, only very small areas ... Read More »

A strike on radical Islamic ideology as important as a military air strike on a terror base | Oneindia News

Picture of damage from Pulwama attack

Recent developments have cast concerns with Pakistan and their attempt to put more terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. JeM terrorists have conducted numerous lethal strikes in recent years. The threat brought on from intel regarding the training of at least 40 new suicide bombers has been noticed by CT agencies in the surrounding areas. The reasons behind suicide bombings and ... Read More »

Op-Ed: How tighter Philippines-US defense ties contradict Rodrigo Duterte’s Beijing-friendly foreign policy | South China Morning Post

Philippine Tank

Richard Heydarian discusses the current tension between the Philippines and China despite recent improved diplomatic relations. Due to the nation seeing China as a top threat, there have been an unprecedented amount of joint military exercises between the Philippines and the US this year. While the Philippines will not sign any agreements with China, it is betting on its relationship ... Read More »

Op-Ed: Doing right by the Montagnards | Editorials Greensboro.com

A U.S. Army Ranger trains Montagnard guerrillas

The Montagnards, who served alongside the US in Vietnam, resettled in the US in 1992 where a resolution was recently introduced to the Senate by North Carolina to recognize them. As indigenous “mountaineers” who saved the lives of thousands of US soldiers, they have endless support from their US allies, but need the full backing of the Senate. Those who ... Read More »

Op-Ed: Russia’s information warfare on the United States is a clear and present danger that is costing Americans millions | PennLive 

Man in a dark room with several computers

To this day, people are still debating if Russia interfered with our votes in the 2016 Presidential election. Despite what individuals believe, it has become clear that cyber warfare is having an extreme informational and economic impact on our economy. These attacks include malware, falsification of news cycles, and intellectual property theft. A recent hostile assault on international business was ... Read More »