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Military training develops mindset, not muscle | Military Times

The commander of the Air Force Special Operations Command, Lt. Gen. James Slife, recently revealed at a conference that the selection of Air Force Special Operation men will now be more about their intelligence than their physical ability. However, Cleck writes about how there should be a balance because both are important. He writes about the importance of grit, intelligence, ... Read More »

Europe is building the next Tesla. Who knew? | Blumberg

The new age of self-driving cars is here, and Tesla is a household name when it comes to the topic. Even though Europe’s car brand Nikola is on the rise, they still have big shoes to fill if they want to be comparable to Elon Musk’s Tesla. Chris Bryant writes on the comparison between the companies and predicted outcomes. Source: ... Read More »

Police departments benefit from police militarization program, but at what cost to communities? | Defense Post

Protests have broken demanding justice and police reform, and President Donald Trump has sent federal troops into cities like Portland and New York City to aid police officers in managing riots. Alexandra Marquez writes about the different programs police departments participate in that provide them with equipment such as mine-resistant vehicles. Marquez also discusses the political aspect that plays into ... Read More »

Adapting the image and culture of Special Operations Forces | War on the Rocks

The military is being urged to align itself to compete and prepare from state adversaries or major wars. The Special Operations Command is called to act on finding ways to attract fresh talents with broader skills to defend the US at any moment. This also comes with a diversified and inclusive culture as well as a more tactical and stringent ... Read More »

Commentary: Farewell to ‘Ned Stark’ | Air Force Times

Col. Jason Lamb also known as Ned Stark announced his retirement after 29 years of service. He is retiring July 31 and now lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He left with three tenets he continues to live until today: developing a relationship-focused leadership, an endearing action to the service and positive impact for others, and the value of self-reflection. These ... Read More »

The need for staying engaged and connected | Military Times

As the world fights the coronavirus, it is with utmost attention to continue for countries to stay connected and engaged for each other’s safety and security. The US government continues supporting African partners and US citizens as remaining involved by bring solutions in our connected world. Take the case of Ebola where U.S. Africa Command helped with emergency response and ... Read More »

Evidence in Marine special operations case stalled again by Pentagon’s censor | Marine Corps Times

Author Fred Galvin has claimed that the Pentagon is regularly ignoring requests from the military for unclassified information in order to protect senior leaders who have been accused of transgressions. Despite the Freedom Of Information Act of 1967 and Congress calling for more transparency and accountability, they continue to disregard these requests in order to save face. Galvin also discusses ... Read More »

Viewpoint: COVID-19 mysteries underscore need for better biomedical intel | National Defense

They breakdown biological components of the virus and compare it to other pandemics that have struck the world before. They also go into why antibiotics would not help stop or treat COVID-19 and the need for a vaccine. One discussion that is brought up is the likelihood that this is biological warfare and what needs to be done. Source: https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2020/7/14/covid-19-mysteries-underscore-need-for-better-biomedical-intel\ Read More »

Will Trump’s executive order lead to better training and education of officers? | In Homeland Security

What is President Donald Trump doing to answer to the protests throughout the United States? He has put in place an executive order called “Safe Policing for Safe Communities.” Dr. Chuck Russo, Program Director of Criminal Justice at American Military University and D.C. Rand, Faculty Director of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security at American Military University write about their opinion ... Read More »

How the U.S. must respond to China’s exploitation of the COVID-19 pandemic | National Review

Extreme laws such as one passed in China are able to be implemented with less attention during a time when something extreme like COVID-19 happens. Things that cause geopolitical uproar normally accelerate them as people are put in a difficult place of uncertainty. Seth Cropsey and Harry Halem write about their opinions on Chinas current political state and how they ... Read More »