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Bolstering US-Japan technology ties is key to deterring threats in Asia | Defense News

Benjamin McMartin and Bernice Kiyo Glenn shared their commentaries about how the U.S.-Japan partnership should be given importance with the rising threat from Russia, China and North Korea. President-elect Joe Biden and new Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga must find ways to improve the relationship and cooperation. One essential way to do this is for both countries to work closer ... Read More »

The great grift | New Mercy/ No Malice

The response to the coronavirus pandemic has been a $5 trillion effort, but much of it has also been a con. The top 1% has used their influence over the government to give those suffering minimal help, while accruing more wealth. While competition creates innovation, it also creates winners and losers. The wealthy, the winners, use their finances to influence ... Read More »

Why overseas military bases continue to make sense for the United States | War on the Rocks

Ever since the end of the Cold War the United States has been closing oversea military bases. For several reasons including saving money, changing the US strategies, and foreign policy, presidential administrations have continued to cut down overseas military bases. While many of these bases were created to handle the aftermath of WWII, many of the reasons are still prevalent ... Read More »

Biden inherits a challenging civil-military legacy | War on the Rocks

Jim Golby and Peter Feaver elaborate on Biden’s future restoring a civil-military relationship. President Trump’s legacy consisted of what is referred to as the “4 P’s: the president, people, processes, and politicization.” Golby and Feaver make a point that while Biden may be one of the most experienced presidents entering the Oval Office, President Trump was considering one of the ... Read More »

Better understanding irregular warfare in competition | Military Times

All warfare is categorized as “traditional” or “irregular” by the Department of Defense. While the 2018 National Defense Strategy discusses the changes in warfare, many people are still focusing all their thoughts and views on the high-end warfight. This creates divide between the ideas of irregular warfare in current-day challenges. Source: https://www.militarytimes.com/opinion/commentary/2021/01/01/better-understanding-irregular-warfare-in-competition/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EBB%2001.04.20&utm_term=Editorial%20-%20Early%20Bird%20Brief Read More »

The EU is the military ally the United States needs | Foreign Affairs

President Donald Trump has stated numerous times how some NATO allies are not investing enough in their militaries, and it has become the elephant in the room. While President-elect Joe Biden will likely take a calmer stance, the issue is still there as the European pillar of NATO is in a sad state. While the Unites States needs more from ... Read More »

How to solve logistical challenges during a South China Sea conflict | Defense News

China’s presence and expansion around the Asian Pacific presents multiple challenges between the US and US Armed Forces in the region. China mostly uses this area for fisheries, oil natural gas reserves, and trillions of dollars of worth of shipping. But according to the CIA, there is only eight airports, five helipads and no port facilities that they have control ... Read More »

We need veterans treatment courts now more than ever | Military Times

Judge David Shakes, an Army Colonel vet as well as the district judge who presided over the El Pas County Veterans Trauma Court, explains his view and understanding of the important of veteran treatment. “If they suffer as a result of their service, it is our national duty to come to their aid,” he writes. In Colorado Springs, The program ... Read More »

Actions taken by Army secretary, Congress after Spc. Vanessa Guillen’s death are insufficient | Army Times

Murder, sexual assault, and harassment. Words that Army leaders have been tip toeing around. The Army’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office reports that sexual offences have been on an uprise and is only increasing among the ranks. Unfortunately, if the Army doesn’t act fast enough there might be others falling victim to the same unfortunate outcome as Spc. Vanessa ... Read More »

How to deal with the nuclear skeletons in Iran’s closet | War on the Rocks

With recent events regarding the assassination of the former head of Iran’s nuclear weapon program, author Eric Brewer believes it has to do with the Biden administration’s plan of reopening the Iran nuclear deal. Iran’s past program, the Amad Plan, still matters for U.S. policy for reasons surrounding concealed past nuclear activities. Brewer believes the chances of Iran coming clean ... Read More »