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The 20th year of the Afghanistan war should be America’s last | Defense One

The relationship between the US and the Taliban is tricky. Currently they are working through an agreement that would help loosen the need for troops if followed through. President Donald Trump has endorsed bringing the troops back home in time for the holidays. Many US troops have lost their lives in Afghanistan, and people are divided on whether or not ... Read More »

China is a critical, but overlooked, component of the 2020 election | The Hill

As U.S. voters prepare to select their candidate, the People’s Republic of China should be brought into consideration. Future policy’s relating to China will impact the American economy and workers, as well as any possible conflict. Bradley Thayer writes for The Hill and discusses how conflict will be inevitable as the Chinese Communist Party works to spread their reign throughout ... Read More »

Washington should push for a stronger E.U. foreign policy | War on the Rocks

No matter who wins the 2020 presidential election, the US needs to strengthen ties with Europe going forward. Reviving the transatlantic alliance is necessary after the damage done by COVID-19 and with China and Russia on the rise. Going forward, the US should end its hostility towards the European Union. “Washington should want the European Union to be a much ... Read More »

Tom Jurkowsky: Wake up America, we must stop investing in China | Capital Gazette

It is easy to become distracted in today’s current political climate to what other countries are doing. The United States is at a fragile point while riots wreck the streets and coronavirus is still on the rise. Capital Gazette writes about how China may take advantage of this. Chinas military is one of the strongest in the world and has ... Read More »

Why the Pentagon should focus on Taiwan | War on the Rocks

With China in the spotlight, many forget that investing focus in other countries may benefit the US. Jim Mitre and Elbridge Colby write about Taiwan and how the pentagon needs to shift their focus. The Trump administration has been clear about Taiwan and how it is military sufficient. The United States find Taiwan the hardest to defend but this War ... Read More »

An uncertain future for Afghanistan | The Hill

Some claim that the US is using the current Taliban peace talks as an excuse to leave Afghanistan. However, this may be the smoothest route for exit, as well as provide Afghanistan with the chance to distribute and control their political power. The only way for peace to reign in Afghanistan is if the underlying issues within the Taliban are ... Read More »

The future of luxury is in wellness, watches and possibly weed | Bloomberg Opinion

Andrea Feltsad sits down an interview’s experts on trends in the Luxury department. Although spending on unnecessary things might seem grim this year people are still willing to spend money. People have had to readjust their wallets and have used pocket change for new designer rather than a vacation. What people are considering luxury might even change.    Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2020-09-26/coronavirus-recovery-luxury-s-future-is-in-wellness-watches-and-weed?utm_campaign=opinion&utm_medium=bd&utm_source=applenews  Read More »

Making the U.S. military’s counter-terrorism mission sustainable | War on the Rocks

Trumps has been open about wanting to pull troops out of the Middle East. He has recently stated that we should pull troops out of the Middle East as a way to pressure their governments. Stephen Tankel writes about the presence of troops and what sustainability means in the context of troops in unstable areas.   Source: https://warontherocks.com/2020/09/making-the-u-s-militarys-counter-terrorism-mission-sustainable/  Read More »

America must build a coalition to counter China’s accelerating aggression | Defense News

China’s Belt Road Initiative (BRI) investments have only made it more difficult for surrounding nations to compete and fend off the country. Those run by corrupt authoritarians use China to further wreak havoc against their own people. With everyone focused on the coronavirus, this has given China more leverage to increase aggression towards less compliant nations. U.S. Secretaries of State and Defense need to ... Read More »

Sole Purpose: A policy without a purpose | Real Clear Defense

There is a new policy in question that researches have been supporting including Pifer which is a no nuclear weapons first policy. Franklin C Miler breaks down this policy as well as outlines history. Some believe that a “Sole Purpose” policy is necessary due to aging NATO policies and that pledging to not use nuclear weapons first would deescalate tension ... Read More »