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Irregular warfare in a new era of great-power competition | Modern War Institute

The past twenty years have seen numerous changes to how the U.S. strategizes defense and security forces. The past few years has seen the U.S. slowly depart from the strategies that were based on the War on Terror as bigger powers such as Russia and China entered into the picture. One aspect of concern is China’s advancements in the South ... Read More »

Learning in the South China Sea: The U.S. response to the West Capella Standoff | War on the Rocks

Malaysian oil exploration in the South China Sea soon sparked five nations to rush to area in April, including Malaysia, Vietnam, China, the U.S., and Australia. However, the U.S. Navy Expeditionary Strike Group left after just a few days, leading some to believe their response was insufficient. Their concern was that this move emboldened China to continue increased patrols and ... Read More »

The Army Reserve’s troubling little secret: Cheap, inadequate training | Modern War Institute

The U.S. Army boasts over 150 job types, with most of them being available to both active duty and reserves. However, those in the Reserves don’t always get the same training but are expected to deploy to the same combat zones and complete the same missions. For example, active duty civil affairs troops go through extensive training and over a ... Read More »

Pulling troops out of Africa could mean another endless war | War on the Rocks

The defense secretary has mentioned wanting to reduce the U.S. military footprint in Africa in order to focus efforts on Russia and China. However, this is coming right as there has been a resurgence of Islamic militants and attacks. Many officials are concerned that if we leave Africa now, things will only get worse and cause another endless war on ... Read More »

The risks of homeschooling | Harvard Magazine

Elizabeth Bartholet is the Wasserstein public interest professor of law and faulty director of the Law School’s Child Advocacy Program. She believes that parents should not be allowed to homeschool their children because it could hide child abuse scenarios and keep them from contributing to society. She says that while states have regulations that must be met, there is very ... Read More »

A Few Bad Men: How the Marine Corps fails to punish senior officer misconduct, time and again | Task & Purpose

In November 2019, Captain Rebecca Cooper alleged that Col. Lawrence “Larry” Miller had been repeatedly sexually harassing her for the last year. She also said that Miller blamed her for being raped when she reported it to him. An investigation occurred, and Cooper was transferred while Miller, who did not deny the claims, had nothing happen. Cooper soon resigned her ... Read More »

Can a broke America fight a cold war with China? | Bloomberg Opinion

Some believe that the U.S. is on the verge of declaring war on China or completely cutting ties with them. However, the financial situation and economy in the U.S. has been falling due to the coronavirus, and it has threatened to interfere with the Defense budget for years to come. This could lead the U.S. to entering another Cold War, ... Read More »

The American hostages left behind for Trump’s Taliban peace deal | Time News Opinion

The shaky Taliban peace deal was welcomed by some, but many are still skeptical on its ability to keep the peace. However, two Americans are currently still missing in Afghanistan, allegedly being held by the Taliban. This author believes that the inability of the U.S. to retrieve these two men shows a weakened hold on the militants, and they are ... Read More »

The role of special operations forces in a ‘Great Power Conflict’ | Military Times

40 years ago Operation Eagle Claw was carried out by joint special operation forces, and it failed immensely. The teams were using outdated equipment and had little training together or preparation time. This mission, despite its failure, built the groundwork for modern day special operations. Congress chose to create USSOCOM which has turned into the world’s most effective fighting force. ... Read More »

Why was the U.S. so late to recognize the China threat | Real Clear Defense

The upcoming Presidential election has seen one issue brought to light between the candidates, with each claiming the other is “weaker” on the concern. The threat from China, and its severity, has been a hot topic for debate. The next administration and their stance on China will be critically influential in the future of America and the rest of the ... Read More »