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Who is Jeffrey Epstein?

Sam Havelock, Founder, CEO | SOFX The SOFX Mission is to Fight Evil and Avert Suffering at Scale. The way we do that is by empowering a global network of deeply committed humans with information and connectivity required to be successful achieving The Vision. In a nod to our Atlas Shrugged sensibility, we are pleased to present today’s original article ... Read More »

Life and Leadership Lessons I Learned In The Military: “You can delegate authority, but not responsibility.” with Sean Corbett and Marco Dehry | Thrive Global

Delegate. You can delegate authority, but not responsibility. Choose wisely who you delegate authority to, but in the event something goes wrong (or right), it’s your responsibility as a leader to deal with the consequences, good or bad. As a part of my series about “Life and Leadership Lessons Learned In The Military”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sean ... Read More »

Good call, Mr. President — a drone is not worth another war | Air Force Times

It was late August 2014. I was one of the handful of American military forces in Baghdad, Iraq’s capital. Only a few months before, ISIS laid siege to vast sprawls of northern Iraq and northeastern Syria. As part of the 300 special operations troops sent in by President Obama, I was the senior joint terminal attack controller for the task ... Read More »