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Tunnel rats: Warfighters can now train in subterranean warfare | DVIDS

Warfighters now are being trained even more in depth about warfare in subterranean environments. These spaces can be tight and add even more danger. Soldiers at Fort Bragg are offered training on this kind of warfare. The range presents all kinds of likely scenarios that would occur in real life. The range started being built in January 2020. Source: https://www.dvidshub.net/news/377207/tunnel-rats-warfighters-can-now-train-subterranean-warfar Read More »

Fort Bragg paratrooper helps save shooting victim’s life | Task & Purpose

For Spc. Matthew Conner, he was called into action at the most unexpected time. He was unwinding at his apartment when he heard what sounded like a gunshot. He knew he was the best person to observe the situation, so he risked his life to spot the culprit and administer lifesaving medical attention to the victim. He saved the life ... Read More »

STAR Delta OL-A strengthens space warfighters | CSMNG

Where there are humans, there will be warfare. STAR DELTA OL-A is already training warfighters for space. OL-A provides trainings that are realistic and will make sure forces are thoroughly trained for missions. They participate in 50 exercises over the course of a year to reach the armed forces. Space constantly changes so the training has to continuously evolve as ... Read More »

Martyred ASI played key role in anti-terror operations | The Tribune India

However, his dedication to his country does not go unnoticed. He joined a volunteer military 18 years before his passing where he participated in anti-terror operations and helped play a key role. The Tribune India interviews his friends and collogues about his life. They also tell stories of heroism and his intelligence in high stress situations. Source: https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/j-k/martyred-asi-played-key-role-in-anti-terror-operations-134379 Read More »

Despite coup, France and allies push on with new Mali task force | Reuters

The intention of fighting against Islamist militants is still going strong while the French have started to prepare and invited allies to join. They are still doing this despite the overthrowing of the Mali President by a military coup. French forces are planning on working alongside a Mali task force instead of the military coup. The force is expected to ... Read More »

304th Rescue Squadron Guardian Angels rescue lost father and daughter near Mt Hood | DVIDS

The two were walking their dog along the Mt. Hood wilderness area when they found themselves lost and stranded. The 304th Rescue Squadron stepped into action after receiving the notification that they might be in a steep canyon. The 11-person rescue team searched for hours until they found the duo and their dog. At the time of finding them the ... Read More »

New anti-terrorism operation starts in eastern Turkey | AA Turkey

The operation will take place in eastern Turkey including eastern Mus, Bingol, and southeastern Diyarbakir provinces. The PKK terrorist group run rampant among eastern Turkey. The new operation being named Operation Yildirim-9 Senyayla is going to target the group that is responsible for more than 40,000 deaths. The group is recognized as a terrorist group by the US and the ... Read More »

Soldier to receive Medal of Honor for Iraq hostage rescue | Army Times

Sgt. Maj. Thomas ‚ÄúPatrick‚ÄĚ Payne will be awarded the military‚Äôs highest medal of valor in combat on September 11th, 2020 because of his selfless actions during a raid in October of 2015. Payne says ‚Äútime was of the essence‚ÄĚ considering the hostages were likely to be executed soon and if they did not act fast, lives would be taken away. ... Read More »

US Special Operations Command gets first brand-new Chinook variant | Defense News

The new technological advancements include newly designed rollerblades, non-segmented fuel cells, huge changes to the drive system and higher capacities for loads and range. While the technology is some of the most advanced for the military force, the structure is still based on design from the 1960‚Äôs to 1980‚Äôs. The army originally planned to buy more than 500 models of ... Read More »

CTC Sentinel August 2020 issue | Combating Terrorism Center

Covid-19 has brought concerns to scientist and military leaders of biowarfare. Bill Gates recently explained that a bioterror attack with a high death rate is a ‚Äúnightmare scenario.‚ÄĚ J. Kenneth Wickiser, Kevin J. O‚ÄôDonovan and others write and discuss the possible threats of malicious use of synthetic biology. It is a technology that is rapidly and then diffusing faster than ... Read More »