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The future of competition: U.S. adversaries and the growth of irregular warfare | CSIS

With all defined twentieth-century conflict between major powers, including China, Russia, and the USA, irregular warfare will likely define international politics over the next year and beyond. Unlike conventional warfare, irregular warfare makes use of hackers, intelligence operatives, special operations forces, and private military companies, which brings the U.S. to a disadvantage. Unfortunately, the United States isn’t prepared for this ... Read More »

80 Taliban ‘killed in MoD operations’ across Afghanistan | MENAFN

According to the Ministry of Defenses, the Afghan Defense Forces were able to kill 80 Taliban during the clashes and operations conducted. Aside from the 80 killed members of the Taliban, additional 36 members were wounded too. A large number of weapons and ammunition were destroyed as well. The clash happened in different places, including Kandahar, Nangarhar, Badghis, Ghor, Takhar, ... Read More »

Tactical Games | The Healing Power of Tactical Competitions

http://fullmeasure.news/news/shows/tactical-games It’s a difficult number to process: every day, 20 U.S. military veterans commit suicide. We’ve reported on the role traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder may play. Lisa Fletcher reports on an interesting place where some at-risk soldiers claim they saved their own lives by running toward the sound of gunfire. You might say salvation sometimes comes by ... Read More »

McConnell Reservist receives Bronze Star | 919th Special Operations Wing

Lt. Col. Johnathan Jordan has been awarded the fourth highest military honor, the Bronze Star, for his heroic act when Iran launched 16 missiles at U.S. Forces in Iraq. Jordan is the Air Force director of operations in Al-Asad Air Base, Iraq. A total of 11 missiles struck the camp, and luckily, no one died part due to his efforts. ... Read More »

Leaders should prioritize troops over weapons amid defense spending cuts, former officials say | Defense One

According to two former defense officials, if the Biden administration and Congress push their plan to cut Pentagon’s budget, weapons instead of troops should be cut down. Specifically, John Ferrari suggests to change the focus and move to a more special operations model of thinking. According to him and Elaine McCusker, the Defense Department’s budget should grow by 3 to 5 ... Read More »

Army special operations school drops ‘III’ logo adopted by extremist group | Military.com

After finding out that the logo of Three Percenters has similarities with its own logo, the Trauma 3 special operations course has decided to drop the Roman Numeral III in it. Three Percenters is a militia movement/paramilitary group that aims to a far-right ideology focusing on firearms ownership rights and opposition to expansive U.S. federal government authority. The course had ... Read More »

Air Force enhances special warfare training | National Defense

To prepare elite personnel better in challenging environments, the U.S. Air Force has improved its training by incorporating innovative technology and techniques. Specifically, it has used human performance experts and technologies after it has been identified that Special Warfare candidates and operators are prone to challenges and injuries. The enhanced training aims to provide trainees the tools and knowledge they ... Read More »

Afghanistan- five key Taliban members detained in Daikundi | MENAFN News

The National Directorate of Security (NDS) operatives have detained five key members of the Taliban in the Tamzan area of Pato district on Tuesday. Specifically, these Taliban members are associated with assassinations, including a police officer. A rocket launcher, six camera rifles, assault rifles, and two PKs were seized from them as well. Source: https://menafn.com/1101580051/Afghanistan-Five-Key-Taliban-Members-Detained-in-Daikundi&source=30 Read More »

Biden announces new Pentagon-run China task force | Defense News

President Biden has announced the new Pentagon-run China task force, which according to him, will require a whole of government efforts, bipartisan cooperation in Congress, and strong alliances and partners. The department describes this effort as a “sprint” since it only gives them four months to deliver findings to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. The new task force will be led ... Read More »

A ‘disturbing pattern’ of deadly Army Black Hawk crashes has lawmakers asking questions | Military.com

In a letter addressed to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand asked the new defense secretary to investigate a “disturbing pattern” of Army Black Hawk crashes since 2019. This series of crashes have taken away the lives of nine Army National Guard soldiers. In the letter, the senator asked to check significant concerns about a systemic issue with the ... Read More »