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Let’s Support Special Forces Association Chapter 1 – 18 | Sam Havelock, CEO SOFX

Established in 1964 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the Special Forces Association (SFA) is a non-profit fraternal organization helping current and retired U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers. “Fort Bragg, NC is an ideal location for the SFA as it is home to one of the largest military installations in the world. SFA has a total of 84 chapters in different ... Read More »

New plane key to Special Ops vision for Africa, General says | Defense One

In a statement made Tuesday, Lt. Gen. James Slife, Air Force Special Operations Command head, said that to be able to maintain pressure on violent extremist organizations that pose a threat to the United States, a new Armed Overwatch is a must. An Armed Overwatch plane can fly reconnaissance missions and bomb enemy forces but are relatively cheaper to fly ... Read More »

Family seeks answers to fatal shooting on Alaska training base used by Navy SEALs | Navy Times

Months after his death, the family of Jayson Vinberg, the man who died at the Naval Special Warfare Detachment Kodiak, is now looking for answers. Vinberg was shot dead by a Naval Special Warfare guard on June 30, where he was seen entering the base at the end of the wooded peninsula late that night. In a military statement, it ... Read More »

One of the first Black Special Forces officers may finally receive the Medal of Honor after years of delays | Task & Purpose

Capt. Paris Davis, a retired Special Forces soldier, is set to receive the Medal of Honor after over 50 years of waiting. Davies was known for his bravery during a gunfight in Vietnam in June 1965, where he continually went into the line of fire and was shot multiple times in order to rescue his fellow soldiers. He earned a ... Read More »

Why Jungle Warfare School was called a ‘Green Hell’ | We Are the Mighty

With the need for more serious training, the Army has established a formal school called the Jungle Operations Training Center in 1953. Since then, the school became home to thousands of trainees not just because of its exceptional training but because of its unique nature. The school’s setup is already challenging with its tree roots and vines, over 100 poisonous ... Read More »

Army’s 1st Black Ranger instructor remembered for fighting crime in Columbus, Georgia | Army Times

In honor of Milton “Davey” Lockett Jr., the Columbus Police Department named its community room after him. Lockett is the very first ever Black Ranger instructor in the Army who has also inducted into the Rangers’ Hall of Fame in 2001. He became a Black Ranger instructor in 1959 and led a front-line attack on crime in the 1990s, helping ... Read More »

Afghan Special Forces rescue 42 prisoners from Taliban jail in Afghanistan | Prensa Latina News

Forty-two prisoners of the Taliban groups in Afghanistan were rescued and freed by the Afghan special forces in operation conducted last Monday night. The prisoners were found in a Taliban-controlled jail in the troubled Baghlan province in northern Afghanistan. Out of the rescued prisoners are 17 civilians and 25 members of the security forces, wherein most of them were abducted ... Read More »

Supreme Court clears way for ex-Green Beret’s extradition to Japan in smuggling case | Army Times

The Supreme Court has denied Michael Taylor’s appeal, a former Green Beret, and his son to put the extradition to Japan on hold. The Taylor’s are accused of helping Ghosn flee Japan last year, with the latter tucked in a box from Japan to Turkey and Lebanon, places where Japan has no extradition treaty. According to the lawyer of the ... Read More »

Tensions mount after 3 rockets hit US base in Iraq — 1 contractor dead, 1 US troop, 8 contractors injured | Military Times

Three 107 mm rockets struck a U.S. base in Iraq late Monday, leaving one contractor dead, 1 US troop, 8 contractors injured. The attacks were from Saraya Awliya al-Dam (Guardians of Blood Brigade in Arabic), a little-known Shiite militant group. The rocket hit the nearby base hosting U.S. troops and areas near the civilian airport in the Kurdish-run region. The ... Read More »

Tactical Games | The Healing Power of Tactical Competitions

Video: http://fullmeasure.news/news/shows/tactical-games Tim Burke is a former Green Beret who runs the Tactical Games located across the United States. When Burke started the Tactical Games he thought he was just creating a sporting competition. He quickly realized that the competition was much more than he anticipated, as a sense of community grew from the Games. “I’ve had at least eight ... Read More »