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Turkey, Iran deploy drones in north Iraq against Kurd rebels | Arab News

The two countries consider the Kurdish rebels as “terrorists” because of the often air strikes, artillery bombardments and routine cross-border ground assaults the Iraq bases experience. Drones have now become the weapon of choice to be used against numerous militant groups located in northern Iraq. Some locals have expressed their concerns over the use of the drones, as they sometimes ... Read More »

Firefighters rescue 50 people from homes in West Drayton after severe flooding | My London News

Around 50 people have been rescued after being trapped in their homes or workplaces after severe flooding occurred in parts of London. Rising water levels in the Colne river are believed to be the main source of flooding after heavy rainfall led to several blockages. Firefighters and numerous rescue crews have been working nonstop to evacuate trapped families. “Three fire ... Read More »

The Army is shutting down its highly praised Asymmetric Warfare Group | Army Times

The Asymmetric Warfare Group has been in the middle of life saving missions and training sessions. However, after its fifteen years in existence the group is being shut down by the Army. All of its current responsibilities will assimilate into other Army groups. The reason for the group being shut down is unclear, however some predict it has to do ... Read More »

Video: Pararescue jumpers save master of fishing vessel off Hawaii | Maritime Executive

When the captain of the commercial fishing vessel Lady Alice was showing symptoms of a stroke the pararescue team came in to make a lifesaving decision. The man was assessed, and it was clear that he needed to seek medical help that could not be accessed aboard the ship. He was medevac’d off the ship to medical professionals. He has ... Read More »

The Navy SEALs you didn’t see in Black Hawk Down | We are the Mighty

While Black Hawk Down is one of the most infamous war movies, it does not include the story of the Navy SEALs involved. HT1 Howard Wasdin’s story is a perfect example of struggle, sacrifice, and patriotism. In an article by We Are The Mighty, they break down Wasdin and his teams’ mission that resulted in everything going wrong, but Navy ... Read More »

How a daring hostage rescue raid helped Britain’s elite special operators get their confidence back | We are the Mighty

A small gang known as the West Side Boys once managed to take hostages and threaten to execute them unless the British government agreed to their demands. Their demands included forming a whole new government. Britain’s elite Special forces swooped in and executed a plan to save the hostages. We Are The Mighty explains how exactly it was done. Source: ... Read More »

Fremont firefighters deployed to glass fire save American flag from burning building | SF KPIX 5

Cal Fire Division Chief Ben Nicholls said on Monday the firefighters battling the Glass Fire have saved far more building than they have lost. The Glass Fire has destroyed almost 100 structures and has threatened more than 22,000 lives.  The firefighters have been successful in minimizing the threat of destruction. Members of Fire Engine 558 from the Fremont Fire Department ... Read More »

Capturing Mosul – how Australia’s Special Forces helped take Mosul back from Islamic State. | ABC Sydney

The Nightlife podcast put out by ABC Sydney highlights the role that Australian forces played in helping free the city of sabotage. After years of chaos and havoc the city finally got pulled back in by these special force groups. Mosul is one of the biggest cities in Northern Iraq. The city was finally recaptured in 2017, this 14-minute podcast ... Read More »

Harrowing tale of Green Beret’s Vietnam valor drives push for Medal of Honor | Army Times

Stationed at a base in Vietnam where he thought nothing would happen Capt. William Albracht faced the unimaginable. His team was met by artillery soldiers and they were outnumbered. 43 years later he is now being recognized for his determination and selflessness as he refused to evacuate and put himself on the line for his country. His fellow service members ... Read More »

U.S. military base housing Canadian troops in Iraq attacked | Global News Canada

Recently, a US base located in Iraq was ambushed by Popular Mobilization Forces according to the Kurdish Government. Rockets were fired at the facility. This base houses Canadian troops and there have bene no reports of injuries. This occurred after a recent rocket strike killed a family near an airport on Thursday. Source: https://globalnews.ca/news/7371534/canadian-forces-iraq-us-base-attacked/ Read More »