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Warring Afghans meet to find peace after decades of war | Military Times

On Saturday, the ceremony taking place consist of the start of a potential cease fire. The Taliban and the Afghanistan government started to voice their concerns and wishes. According to Mike Pompeo, the difficulty in getting a peace treaty is that both sides still dis trust each other. Some US troops have started to pull out of Afghanistan. They will ... Read More »

Nepal rescuers resume search in villages hit by deadly landslide | Aljazeera

Rescuers dedicated time to finding victims of a landslide that killed at least 11 people. The landslide took place in Nepalā€™s Sindhupalchowk district. Three different villages were affected by this landslide. Fifteen bodies are presumed to be buried due to the landslide. More than 100 homes have been wiped out and destroyed. The landslide apparently was worse due to weak ... Read More »

Task force Marines increase unit readiness with small unmanned aircraft system | U.S. Southern Command

Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force ā€“ Southern Command is now expanding their capabilities with a new system involving a small, unmanned aircraft system and drone training. This would help advance search and rescue missions and allow for easier access. The main goal is to be able to increase readiness in order to respond to situations. Source: https://www.southcom.mil/MEDIA/NEWS-ARTICLES/Article/2341448/task-force-marines-increase-unit-readiness-with-small-unmanned-aircraft-system Read More »

Air force kills 2 militants, destroys Taliban camp in North Afghanistan | Daily News Egypt

The camp was home base for making homemade bombs. The Air Force found the base and was able to kill two militants. 30 improvised explosion devices were found and were destroyed. This follows last week’s destruction of a courthouse and a Talban cache by air missiles. The war-torn country has been forced to do cleanups after violence and destruction ransacks ... Read More »

The Marines are pumping millions into a high-tech Wargaming Center. Here’s why | Military.com

This center will help train on attacking enemies of all kinds including wargaming. The project costs millions of dollars. It will be able to simulate many different scenarios. All different levels of security will be able to use the facility. Force Design 2030 places wargaming as the main effort to be able to train to defeat a sophisticated enemy. Source: ... Read More »

Top Veterans Affairs lawmakers hammering out deal to pass major veteran suicide prevention bills | Connecting Vets Radio

Written up in August the bill has already made its way through the Senate getting a unanimous pass. However, it is currently in the House waiting for approval. The act was named after a Navy SEAL who died by suicide after his work and dedication to improving veteran’s mental health. The markup for this act is taking place this week. ... Read More »

Kenyan police rescue 16 foreigners in human trafficking ring | Xinhua Net

The traffickers were located along the Marsabit-Isiolo highway. They were transporting sixteen victims who were all minors. They were undocumented in Kenya and all had an Ethiopian background. Kenyan police were able to rescue the victims and take the smugglers into custody. Those who were illegally in the country are going to trial. Source: http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2020-09/10/c_139358893.htm Read More »

Pakistan says 5 militants killed in raid near Afghan border | News 957

Wasim Zakaria was the commander of the militants killed and is responsible for several attacks on Pakistan forces. Zakaria and four of his militants were shot and killed by Pakistan forces during a raid. The raid took place at North Waziristan which served as a headquarters for foreign and local militants. The militants target security forces. Source: https://www.news957.com/world/2020/09/07/pakistan-says-5-militants-killed-in-raid-near-afghan-border/ Read More »

Twenty years ago today, a daring British Special Forces rescue operation in Africa | Washington Examiner

British soldiers were ambushed by the West Side Boys. They were taken as hostage as the West Side boys hoped to use them as leverage to blackmail against the Freetown government and London. However officials released a rescue mission that would end up saving six of the hostages, however a young Special Air Service trooper, Bradley Tinion was shot and ... Read More »

How United Flight 93 passengers fought back on 9/11 | History.com

Nineteen years ago United Airlines Flight 93 was one of the airplanes hijacked by terrorists that was involved in the 9/11 attack. Flight 93 was taken over by al-Qaeda operatives and it is believed this plane was to be crashed into the White House or U.S. Capitol. History.com gives an account of what happened on the airplane that led to ... Read More »