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Troops describe night of fire from shadowy Iraqi militants | Defense One

Exactly 9:30 in the evening, a rocket struck Erbil base in Iraq, leaving soldiers with only a few seconds to save themselves. The explosions set two barracks on fire, leaving several troops with injuries and one U.S.-employed contractor killed. The attack was quickly claimed by a group widely believed to be linked to Iran. The attack came as a shock ... Read More »

Green Beret pleads not guilty in deadly Illinois bowling alley attack | Army Times

Duke Webb, an Army Special Forces sergeant, pleads not guilty to murder charges from the mass shooting at an Illinois bowling alley. The shooting killed three people and wounded three others, including two teenagers. He is charged with first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder for the Dec. 26 attack at Don Carter Lanes in Rockford, which he pleads not guilty ... Read More »

Why Roger Donlon was the first Medal of Honor recipient in Vietnam | We Are the Mighty

Known for his bravery, Roger Donlon qualified for a position in the Special Forces and become the first recipient of the Medal of Honor in Vietnam. Donlon was born and raised in New York who first served the Air Force before re-enlisting into the Army. He received the Medal of Honor after protecting and leading his troop in a massive ... Read More »

Special Forces to build ‘influence artillery’ for online campaigns | C4ISRNET

To stay ahead of threats in the information space, the 1st Special Forces Command is set to build an Information Warfare Center at Fort Bragg. The center specializes in “influence artillery rounds” and is expected to see, sense, or detect adversary activity all over the world, physically or virtually, in a matter of minutes. The center will also combine the ... Read More »

Inside the covert mission that sent Delta Force and British SAS deep behind Iraqi lines in search of Saddam’s missiles | Business Insider

On January 17, 1991 a massive US-led coalition responded to Saddam Hussein invading Kuwait with an Iraqi army of almost one million troops. The US and allies responded with 750,000 troops for Operation Desert Storm. Hussein launched a Scud missile that struck a US base in Saudi Arabia, killing 28 soldiers. The Pentagon turned to Delta Force and the British ... Read More »

About 30 Taliban die in bombmaking accident, Afghan government says | Stars & Stripes

According to the Afghan Defense Ministry, around 30 Taliban members were killed in a bombmaking accident last week. The incident occurred at a bombmaking course in the northern Balkh province. Among the killed Taliban members, six of them foreign fighters but their identities are not yet known. Notably, the Taliban and al-Qaida have been conducting bombmaking courses over the last ... Read More »

IKE Carrier Strike Group commands SEALs, Marine missile teams in first-of-a-kind, large-scale drill | USNI News

For the first time in history, the SEALs and Marine Missile Teams are set to undergo a composite training unit exercise (COMPTUEX). COMPTUEX includes the Naval Special Warfare community and a NATO vignette and is meant to enhance the use of live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) training tools and develop interoperability with allies. In the drill, troops are to simulate ... Read More »

Special Forces Command seeks key data aggregation, cyber tools | AFCEA

The U.S. Army’s 1st Special Forces Command is searching for key data aggregation and cyber tools that they can use to support psychological operations and information warfare worldwide. This is in response to the increasing demand for psychological operations and cyber-related missions. Also, these technologies will make it possible for the troop to conduct missions undetected. Notably, the addition of ... Read More »

Special ops still bullish on new armed overwatch plane | Defense News

The U.S. Special Operations Command’s plan to purchase five-armed overwatch aircraft and up to 75 planes to replace the U-28 Draco is still undecided as the Congress has made significant cuts in its budget. SOCOM has requested $101 million in the fiscal year 2021, but what it got is a budget cut and a defense policy bill prohibiting it from ... Read More »

Small contingent of National Guard expected to remain at US Capitol indefinitely | Fox News

Out of 25,000 National Guards deployed at the Capitol following the Jan. 6 attack, around 6,000 soldiers will remain in and around the U.S. Capitol as a reactionary force. The remaining National Guard troops are expected to go back home by mid-March as long as nothing goes wrong. Concerns about them being overworked were raised, but the administration remained keen ... Read More »