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Turkey captures PKK terrorist in preparation of bomb attack | Daily Sabah

However, provincial intelligence and anti-terrorism police teams received a tip about a suspect who is a PKK terrorist. After receiving the tip, authorities stopped a suspicious vehicle with two passengers. They located a black bag with 44 pounds of TNT. The suspects were arrested and any weapons and explosive devices were carefully handled. Source: https://www.dailysabah.com/politics/war-on-terror/turkey-captures-pkk-terrorist-in-preparation-of-bomb-attack Read More »

Somalian special forces end al-Shabab hotel siege | Morning Star

The Beachside Elite hotel was taken over by the jihadist with the threat of a suicide bomb. Soliman forces met the Jihadist with a four-hour gun battle. More than 200 hotel guests were rescued. Recently attacks by the group have been at an increase in Somalia. Source: https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/w/somalian-special-forces-end-al-shabab-hotel-siege Read More »

Explained: The high-tech war games Israel uses to train its army for war | National Interest

As an effort to combat this, Israel has started training its soldiers even more intensely. However, this new type of training might come to surprise. They are being trained on a digital battlefield. Brigade and Battlegroup Mission Training Center is being used to imitate problems soldiers might encounter and ways to get around them. Source: https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/explained-high-tech-war-games-israel-uses-train-its-army-war-166720 Read More »

Somali special forces rescue 33 child kept hostages by insurgents | Prensa Latina

Part of the mission included rescuing 33 children who have been held hostage by insurgents. The children were allegedly separated from families as an attempt to indoctrinate them. Four leaders of the anti-government faction were also killed in that mission. A bomb also exploded that would kill one soldier on Friday near the military base. Source: https://www.plenglish.com/index.php?o=rn&id=58881&SEO=somali-special-forces-rescue-33-child-kept-hostages-by-insurgents Read More »

National Airborne Day holds special resonance at Fort Benning, birthplace of the Airborne | U.S. Army

Eighty years ago, America was not quite in World War II. However, they were getting prepared for it. Other powerful countries have already had parachute units. The United States followed suit and created the Airborne unit at Fort Benning. National Airborne day is now celebrated as a reflection on the original men who completed four days full of test jumps ... Read More »

Galway paddleboarders rescued after 15 hours in the sea | BBC News

The mother of one of the girls said that they were enjoying the fabulous evening. That fabulous evening quickly turned into a frantic night as the girls were stranded for 15 hours. The coastguard was alerted, and the search began. However, two fishermen were able to spot the girls clinging onto a buoy and was able to give them shelter ... Read More »

US company to supply Azerbaijan with 15 cutting-edge naval crafts | Caspian News

15 Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) worth $7 billion will be supplied by United States Marine Inc. to Azerbaijan. The naval crafts are nine meters-long and are made from composite materials through a process called resin infusion lamination. These will be used for harbor patrol, passenger transport, diving operations, evacuations, and unmanned system operations. The EOD response crafts can reach sprint ... Read More »

California officer saves man stuck on train tracks in wheelchair | BBC News

A 66-year-old man’s wheelchair was stuck on train tracks in California while a train was approaching. Divine timing kicked in when an officer patrolling the area was able to see the man and help him get out just in time. Officer Urrea pulled the man out of the chair and he made it out alive while only sustaining minor leg injuries. Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-us-canada-53770163/california-officer-saves-man-stuck-on-train-tracks-in-wheelchair Read More »

Pardon our noise, it’s the sound of freedom: Jaded Thunder returns | Salina Post

Members of the Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, and Army units will undergo joint corps integration for a Jaded Thunder exercise in Salina Airport Authority. The airport was chosen due to its proximity to the Smoky Hill Weapons Range. The exercise is essential for national defense and they will continue safety measures against Covid-19. The airport’s FAA air traffic control ... Read More »

‘What to remember in a firefight’ and other advice from a legendary Delta Force operator | Task & Purpose

Nor, Hooten was a legendary Delta Force operator that found himself facing all odds in Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia. He now gives advice through his adversities and tells others to always keep their head up and remember that there is always a way out. He walks through the mission with Task and Purpose and shares other details regarding his ... Read More »