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Landmark Bill would designate 12 illnesses as connected to burn pits | Military.com

A bill being pushed by some of the same law makers that got 9/11 relief money would help veterans that have been affected by burn pits. The VA would have to expedite care to those effected. The bill also would link 12 illnesses to burn pits. This could affect 3 million soldiers. Lung cancers, asthma and lymphoma are just some ... Read More »

Corps offers up to $50K bonuses for Raiders in retirement range, says there is no shortage | Marine Corps Times

Those who chose to stay in the service after 20 years will receive a $50K bonus. This is to help incentive for those with advanced developed skills to stay. The Marines say there is no shortage, but it is important to keep the raider pool trained and skilled. Specifically they are looking for 0372 critical skills operator military occupational specialty, ... Read More »

After 58 days bracing for Hezbollah attack, IDF shows no sign of easing up | Times of Israel

Israel has received threats after a Hezbollah soldier was killed during an airstrike. “When Israel kills one of our fighters, we will kill one of your soldiers” Hezbollah leader, Nasrallah, stated in a televised address. The death has incited revenge which has been attempted twice to date. On July 27th, a group of Hezbollah men tried to cross into Israel ... Read More »

Swedish Special Forces to take part in task force Takuba | Army Recognition

The expansion of terrorism in the region is disastrous to need of peace, development, and security. The force is designed in Takuba to help enhance the Malian security forces. Särskilda Operationsgruppen, the Swedish Special Operation Task Group, consists of two response units. One is focused on combat tasks and the other on intelligence gathering. The Special Operations Group differ greatly ... Read More »

Gov. DeSantis says 600 search and rescue missions have been conducted in the Panhandle after Hurricane Sally, some led by central Floridians | WMFE

Gov. DeSantis says that first responders from central Florida have helped achieve 600 search and rescue missions to anyone who might need help during this difficult time. With flooding reach 30 inches in some areas of the state, luckily no fatalities related to the hurricane have been reported this time. The Governor of Florida said “a lot of them were ... Read More »

US Space Force confirms Space Based Infrared System detected missile attack in January | C4ISRNET

It was predicted that a deadly missile attack from Iran could have hit the US in January. Thanks to new technology such as the Space Based Infrared System that can detect missile attacks, the US Space Force was able to intervene. The infrared system is able to use satellites in order to detect objects like missiles. This was the first ... Read More »

Venezuela says captured US spy sought to sabotage power grid | Marine Corps Times

He has also been rumored to be an ex-marine along with being involved in the CIA. According to Venezuelan officials he had consulted a few conspiracist and with their help has been plotting to destroy oil refineries along with power grids. He has been arrested but the US has not released an official statement. He has been charged with trafficking ... Read More »

Terror module busted in J&K, 2 arrested with arms and ammunition | Times of India

When arresting the two terrorists they also were able to recover illegal items such as guns and ammunition. The two also were in possession of a dangerous improvised explosion devices. This comes after a series of busts made by Indian officials. The terror module was found in J&K’s Poonch district. Local officials also commented that an investigation is underway to ... Read More »

19 years into war on terror, overstretched AFSOC at a crossroads | Air Force Times

After the attacks on the United States on Sept. 11th, 2001, Special Ops Airmen jumped into action and have been continuing to fight the fight for nearly two decades. With many resources devoted to duty, other requirements such as training and adherence to standards have slipped. AFSOC was originally designed built for short term contingencies and crisis response, not long-term ... Read More »

U.S., British armed forces to take part in United Efforts 2020 exercise – UAF | Interfax Ukraine

Military units of the armed forces of NATO will be involved in the Joint Efforts trainings and exercises for the first time ever in 2020. “Their work will be organized not only in military units and subunits, headquarters at the tactical level, but also at the command posts of the strategic and operational levels,” General Oleksiy Taran states. The trainings ... Read More »