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AFSOC wants to divest some missions | National Defense

The 9/11 attack gave the focus of elite and counterterrorism missions to special operations forces. As security needs and power competitions are changing, AFSOC is wanting to decrease some of their missions. AFSOC Commander Lt. Gen. Jim Slife commented during a meeting that some counterterrorism missions would need to come to a close or be picked up by other units. ... Read More »

Why is Saudi Arabia recruiting former Navy SEAL contractors? | We are the Mighty

Saudi Arabia wants some of their military to go through a training similar to Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL. BUDS is an intense training that all Navy SEALS have to go through in order to be considered a frogman. Former Navy SEALS are being contracted by Saudi Arabia to train their military in some of the same aspects as BUDS. Current requirements ... Read More »

Special operations soldier in Florida dies suddenly after illness | Stars & Stripes

Sgt. 1st Class Levi A. Presley served in Iraq and Afghanistan in the past and was a member of the 3rd battalion and 7th Special Forces group. On Saturday, Presley unexpectedly got sick and then passed away around midnight two days later. Presley was a graduate of Airborne School and the Army’s Space Cadre basic course and worked as a ... Read More »

Former Navy SEAL William McRaven says having acting officials leading the US military ‘does not serve the American public well’ | Business Insider

Retired US Navy Adm. William McRaven has said that American citizens should trust and put faith in military leadership that has been confirmed by officials rather than leaders appointed solely by the President. While speaking at a virtual meeting held by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, McRaven and other former senior military officials dove into the current issues ... Read More »

Arlington funeral held for Medal of Honor recipient who died from COVID-19 | Army Times

Lt. Col. Michael Shellman, an Army chaplain, headed Medal of Honor recipient Bennie G. Adkins funeral service in an Arlington National Cemetery chapel. Several people spoke and recalled their time with Adkins and his heroic efforts, including Special Forces Gen. John W. Brennan Jr. Brennan stated that “Adkins was obviously courageous,” and he continued to serve others outside of the ... Read More »

The use of US special operation forces in great power competition: Imposing costs on adversarial gray zone operations | Military Times

For the last 20 years, the United States has been largely focused on counterterrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now that power competitions between Russia and China have advanced, how will the role of special operations change going forward? As gray zone operations increase and the enemy continues to use new tactics such as hybrid and information warfare, special operations will ... Read More »

Russia’s Wagner Group and the rise of mercenary warfare | Modern Warfare Institute

The Modern Warfare Institutes talks with Dr. Robert Hamilton and Candace Rondeaux about the role of Russia’s Wagner group. Private military groups are their own vessel, and the Wagner Group is often used in situations where Russia does not want to take personal responsibility. Policymakers around the world should be aware of how these types of groups influence and change ... Read More »

Indian Navy’s Marine Commandos or MARCOS deployed in eastern Ladakh to deter China | Economic Times India

The Indian Navy Marine Commandos are being deployed to eastern Ladakah. These MARCOS will work to keep an eye out for potential Chinese attacks, as well as help the locals with extreme weather preparation. Indian Air Force’s Garud operatives and Indian Army’s Para Special Forces are currently in the area as well and are expected to remain throughout the winter. ... Read More »

The American Mercenary | Full Measure

Two United States veterans were accused of being hired as mercenaries earlier this year after failing their mission and being taken into Venezuelan custody. This raised questions about what private military mercenaries and contractors really do. John Tiegan, a military contractor who worked for the CIA in Benghazi where terrorist attacked, stated during the interview “The biggest difference between hired ... Read More »

Anti-terrorist campaign in Somalia continues despite troop reduction | Washington Examiner

The United States African Command have made it clear that despite American troops slowly being taken out of foreign countries, they will not decrease their efforts in the fight against the terrorist group Al Shabab in Somalia. About a week and a half ago, President Trump ordered 750 troops to be taken out of Somalia. Even though AFRICOM commanders thinks ... Read More »