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Officials defuse 2 IED, saving civilians lives | Khaama Press

Afghan security forces defused at least two improvised explosive devices (IED) that were planted on the side of a road and endangering at least ten civilians. These explosives were planted by Taliban militants in the Urgon district of Paktika province, stated the Ministry of Defense. Afghan National Defense and Security Forces also carried out several operations in the nearby area, ... Read More »

New Pentagon chief racing to make changes before Trump’s exit | Politico

Despite Chris Miller being appointed as the Acting Defense Secretary less than two weeks ago, he has already begun to announce new plans and changes. On Tuesday, he stated that the U.S. will drop down to 2,500 troops in both Afghanistan and Iraq by January 15th. While some member of Congress oppose the withdrawal, it is unlikely that Biden would ... Read More »

The story of the first special-ops mission deep inside Afghanistan just weeks after 9/11, from troops who were there | Business Insider

On October 19, 2001, Delta Force operators, Rangers, and Night Stalkers completed two raids against the Taliban, which was hosting the Al Qaeda terror group. Two Ranger companies participated in Objective Rhino, where they assaulted an airfield and completed their first combat jump since the invasion of Panama in 1989. Simultaneously, Night Stalkers flew a team of Delta Force operators ... Read More »

Al-Qaida ‘on the ropes’ after 2 decades of war | VOA News

For 20 years the United States has been fighting against the group Al-Qaida in Afghanistan. Those in Washington have assessed the group as not being a huge threat, however others worry that they might be underestimating the group. The group’s leadership has suffered major losses this past year according to research, but it is unclear how many others are lurking ... Read More »

Taliban Defeated in Khandahar Province: MoD | Khaama Press

Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have defeated the Taliban in the Khandahar Province, allowing citizens to reclaim their land. Forces have been dispatched to clear the area for all explosive devices hidden on public roads. Some gardens and crops in the area were ruined as a result of the Taliban activity. The Taliban have yet to comment on ... Read More »

Ex-Green Beret charged with Russian espionage to enter plea | Army Times

The plea hearing for Peter Rafael from Gainesville has been scheduled for Wednesday in Alexandria, Virginia. Rafael was charged with exposing U.S. military secrets about his unit’s activities to Russian intelligence agents under the Federal Espionage Act. The court records do not show to what extent Rafael will be pleading guilty. According to a previous indictment, Rafael had a 15-year ... Read More »

Afghanistan- 50 Taliban killed in defense operations | MENAFN

On Wednesday night the spokesperson for the governor of Kandahar stated that operations have taken place in multiple districts. In the Pashtun Zarghon district of Herat Province, four insurgents were injured and 11 were killed after attacking Afghan National Security Forces. Over in Teh Province, 39 insurgents had been killed and 18 had been wounded. Lastly, 12 Taliban members were ... Read More »

Army efforts save lives following historic hurricane | US Army

In countries such as Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, and Guatemala, deadly floods and landslides threatened hundreds of lives. The category 4 storm was the worst in this region in two decades. After most of the countries declared a national state of emergency, around 250 Joint Task Force-Bravo troops were deployed from the U.S. to some of the hardest hit areas in ... Read More »

Afghan forces capture ‘mastermind’ of two Kabul attacks | The Hindu

Gunmen rampaged through Kabul University firing bullets through classrooms, killing and injuring many. Another academic institution was attacked by a suicide bomber, and the two attacks left a total of almost 50 dead. Afghan forces identified the mastermind behind the two Kabul attacks as Mohammed Adel. Adel was captured by Afghan forces and the National Directorate of Security has stated ... Read More »

The effects of the U.S. Army’s Special Forces in Bolivia during Che’s Foco | Small Wars Journal

The United States military is not meant to only defend the US. It was also made to help other countries prevent oppression, violence, and terrorism. One example of how Special Forces plays a role is the Green Beret’s intervention in Bolivia in the 60’s. Smalls Worlds Journal delves into the history and outcome of the relationship between the US and ... Read More »