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Special Forces, free 22 prisoners in a rescue operation | Khaama Press

According to the Ministry of Defense (MoD), Afghan Special Forces has successfully rescued 22 prisoners from a group of Taliban fighters in Logar province. Of the rescued prisoners, 15 are civilian prisoners, and seven are military men. Aside from successfully freeing their prisoners, weapons and heavy rounds of ammunition were discovered and confiscated too. Other prisoners were rescued that night ... Read More »

Special operators describe an overlooked vulnerability highlighted in the Capitol Hill riot | Business Insider

FireEye, a private security firm, has revealed that Russian intelligence had penetrated the US’s cyber armor, and had stolen hacking tools. The stolen hacking tools had been used during “Red Team” evaluations, including in the military and intelligence companies. The revelation came as a surprise to the different agencies as they were all unaware about it. With, it several intelligence ... Read More »

53 years ago, a vicious, unexpected attack showed Americans what kind of war they were really fighting in Vietnam | We Are the Mighty

The Vietnam War, also known as the American War, which happened 53 years ago, has shown the Americans that they were not seen as an ally, but an enemy. In fact, this has been called as a resistance war against America because they thought that the Americans were trying to colonize them. The war was between the Army of the ... Read More »

Navy SEAL sentenced to 10 years in choking death of Green Beret | Military.com

Chief Petty Officer Tony DeDolph will spend the next ten years of his life in prison for killing a Special Forces soldier in Mali, in 2017. DeDolph is a member of SEAL Team 6 who pleaded guilty to the crime. Aside from the 10-year sentence, his rank has been lowered to E-1, and he will be dishonorably discharged, with nothing ... Read More »

‘You shouldn’t be calling yourself a Ranger’: Tom Cotton’s military service is under scrutiny from a fellow Army veteran in Congress | Business Insider

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton has become a hot topic after Salon published a story about his claims in his past congressional campaign advertisements. In his past congressional campaign advertisements, he claims that he is an Army Ranger, which implies soldiers who served with the 75th Ranger Regiment. But according to the article, Cotton only earned a Ranger Tab. He attended ... Read More »

The forgotten people fighting the forever war | The Atlantic

Militaries are dedicated to protecting and keeping a nation safe, but sometimes, they are dispatched in missions they are never prepared for. In 2015 alone, the U.S. Special Forces were sent on a secret mission of helping Afghan commandos recapture Kunduz, a major city in northern Afghanistan who fell to the Taliban, a political movement and military organization against the ... Read More »

Tributes pour in after Green Beret’s noncombat death | Stars & Stripes

Warrant Officer John Wirka of 2nd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), died on January 14th. Since then, hundreds of people have paid homage online to the Green Beret, and $53,000 has been raised for his wife and young daughter. “John served his nation honorably and was loved by many. We are deeply saddened by the loss of one of ... Read More »

Semipostal stamp to honor Medal of Honor recipient, raise money for veterans and their families | Connecting Vets Radio

Exactly on the 52nd anniversary of Langhorn’s death in Pleiku Province, Vietnam, Congressman Lee Zaldin has introduced a legislation of semipostal stamp honoring Riverhead Medal of Honor recipient PFC Garfield Langhorn. The stamp is sold at a premium price, wherein the proceeds will be used to support low-income war veterans’ families through the Supportive Services for Veteran Families program in ... Read More »

How the Air Force is making Marine recon better | Marine Corps Times

The High Mobility Artillery Rocket System Rapid Infiltration military concept has been in development for years. The concept involves a small team of reconnaissance Marines and special forces airmen dropping into an enemy-held area. While the Marines engage the enemy, Navy corpsman and Air Force guardian angel pararescue jumpers treat any injuries, with combat controllers preparing the landing of a ... Read More »

Remains of 3 soldiers recovered after National Guard helicopter crash in New York | USA Today

Days after a military helicopter crashed in a farmer’s field in western New York, authorities have successfully retrieved and identified the remains of the three National Guards. On-board were Chief Warrant Officer 5 Steven Skoda, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Christian Koch and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Daniel Prial. Before the crash, they were conducting a routine training mission, until their ... Read More »