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Good Samaritans rescue 3 from fast-moving Golden Valley townhouse fire | Star Tribune

The fire started early in the morning around 8:30am and authorities stated it was “fast-moving.” Al Lundstrom and his coworker Bob Thelen noticed the flames and quickly left their vehicles to rescue the victims of the fire. Another passerby, Jack Graven, helped the two others rescue the residents inside. “They looked like they had all collapsed,” Lundstrom had stated, “They ... Read More »

US forces kill 5 Taliban attacking Afghan security troops says USFOR-A | Military Times

On Monday, a tweet was released confirming that the US forces had killed 5 Taliban members. The Taliban members that were killed were attacking Afghan security troops according to USFOR-A. This comes after the agreement to reduce violence in order to decrease the need for US troops. President Donald Trump has mentioned how he wants the troops home in time ... Read More »

US says seven al Qaeda leaders killed in Syria airstrike | Washington Post

The most recent airstrike conducted by the US has left seven al Qaeda leaders dead. The airstrike took place on October 22nd. The leaders were conducting a meeting, which would be there last, near Idlib when they were killed. Al Qaeda is recognized as a dangerous terrorist group. Source: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/us-says-seven-al-qaeda-leaders-killed-in-syria-airstrike?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EBB%2010.27.20&utm_term=Editorial%20-%20Early%20Bird%20Brief Read More »

Navy chief killed in forklift accident at Norfolk | Navy Times

The family members of Chief Culinary Specialist Adam M. Foti are now grieving. Foti was hit by a forklift on the Norfolk Naval station. He is being remembered as a family man as he leaves behind his wife and two children. His fellow sailors are remembering him by having a golf tournament in his honor and renaming the chiefs’ mess ... Read More »

UK ‘SBS’ special forces storm tanker and detain stowaways in Channel | Reuters

Special Boat Service troops boarded the oil tanker named the Nave Andromeda by the Isle of Wright off of Southern England. The Defense Secretary and Home Secretary of England authorized the special forces to board the ship in order “to safeguard life and secure a ship that was subject to suspected hijacking,” stated Defense Secretary Ben Wallace. Seven stowaways were ... Read More »

Joint Operational design, re-imagined… | Small Wars Journal

In 2013, Andrew Crabb was the J5 Future Plans & Operations Officer for CENTCOM Forward – Jordan while in Syria during their civil war. He was instructed to come up with a plan for a Joint Task Force that would help stabilize the country, but the complex problem led to numerous gaps in the policies. Now, Crabb teaches at the ... Read More »

One dead, more than 100 rescued in Malaysia oil rig collision | Aljazeera

A sailor on the Dayang Topaz sadly drowned after the ship had collided with the oil rig it was servicing. The vessel’s anchor cable broke which caused the crew to lose control of the ship, hence the Dayang Topaz ship ramming into the oil platform. With turbulent sea conditions, the passengers jumped into the water. 124 people were rescued from ... Read More »

Afghan security forces claim they killed a senior Al Qaeda leader who is wanted by the FBI | Task & Purpose

Abu Muhsin al-Masri name once sat on the FBI’s most wanted list. Afghan forces were able to locate and kill al-Masri. He was second in command to Al Queda and was wanted in the United States for various charges including conspiring to kill US officials. The US has been gradually decreasing its presence in Afghanistan after 19 years of combat. ... Read More »

Navy lieutenant, Coast Guard ensign identified as service members killed in Navy plane crash | Navy Times

A Navy Lieutenant and a Coast Guard Student Aviator both tragically died as a result of a Navy plane crash. Ensign Morgan Garrett from North Carolina was identified by Rear Adm. William Kelly, superintendent of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, and the Navy identified Lt. Rhiannon Ross from Michigan. On Friday, the plane ended up crashing in a residential neighborhood ... Read More »

‘He’s our angel’: Veteran battling cancer rescues neighbors from burning Ill. home | 1011 Now News

It was a normal day when Marshall Helm was walking to the bus stop with his granddaughter. It turned into a heroic venture for a Veteran. When the bus driver noticed the fire, Marshall Helm, a 70-year-old Air Force veteran, addressed the scene. He immediately jumped into action and started evacuating the house. The neighbors are describing him as an ... Read More »