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Holocaust survivor to receive top military police medal | Connecting Vets Radio

Frank Cohn will be receiving one of the top military police honors, the Order of the Marechaussee, from the Military Police Regimental Association. The ceremony will take place in his hometown in Alexandria, Virginia. Cohn lived in Breslau and was in the third grade when he remembered his once nice and caring teaching coming back to school the next year ... Read More »

Retired Green Beret’s widow sues VA for harassment, slander over life insurance payouts | Military Times

Retired Chief Warrant Officer 4 Christian McCoy died in Afghanistan last year while being a contractor and left his widow with $1.2 million in private life insurance. Then, a VA nurse began telling her stepchildren that they were entitled to a third of the payout, $400,000. However, the children were beneficiaries of a separate policy and the nurse, Sarah McNary, ... Read More »

Irish Coast Guard show off skill and bravery of rescue operation in fantastic video shot from helicopter | Dublin Live

A newly released video depicts the Irish Coast Guard rescuing someone trapped on a cliff using a helicopter. Rescue 116’s winch operator wore a camera to let the audience see the view from the helicopter as another operator lowered down the side of the cliff. The Coast Guard sat at 250 feet above the ground and was able to successfully ... Read More »

Former Iraq POW Jessica Lynch on what helps her thrive after captivity: ‘Every day is a constant reminder’ | Fox News

Over 17 years ago, a young private named Jessica Lynch was captured by Saddam Hussan’s Iraqi forces in 2003 and was tortured for 9 days as a prisoner of war. Lynch was just 19 when her unit was ambushed in Iraq and eleven of her fellow soldiers were killed. She was successfully rescued by U.S. Special Operations forces but had ... Read More »

Special tactics airman drowned after ‘buddy pair’ system not followed in 2,000-yard swim | Air Force Times

1st class Airman Keigan Baker had been assigned to the Air Force Combat Dive School at the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center in Panama City, Florida. It was the fourth day of his class when they were given the 2000-yard swim test. Swimmers are required to wear full combat equipment, a flotation device, and a rubber AR-15. On March ... Read More »

Off-duty volunteer firefighter rescues 12-year-old girl from burning Adams County home | WGAL 8

Elijah Hale, a volunteer firefighter, was off duty when he noticed a fire not too far away. Once he approached the scene, he was told a 12-year-old girl was trapped on the second floor. First Responders had not arrived yet and Elijah had no protective gear, but he knew he had to do something. Elijah found a nearby ladder and ... Read More »

House passes bill to award Alwyn Cashe the Medal of Honor for Iraq rescue | Connecting Vets Radio

Cashe’s family and many others are fighting for the right for him to receive recognition and get the Medal of Honor award for his heroic sacrifice. Currently, in order to receive the Medal of Honor it would have to be within 5 years of his death. However, he passed away in 2005. On Tuesday, House law makers unanimously voted to ... Read More »

Quebec woman identified as suspect behind ricin-laced letters sent to White House | Global News

The letter was apparently sent by a Canadian woman who resides in Quebec. Canada’s Special Operations along with forces in the US collaborated to have the women arrested and face federal charges. They got a warrant to search her house and now have 13 other people they are investigating. The women was identified as Pascale Ferrier. Source: https://globalnews.ca/news/7348165/ricin-envelope-white-house-quebec/ Read More »

Police officers help rescue residents from burning building | ABC 17

Officer Timothy Childs was patrolling the area when he saw a house on fire. Immediately he intervened and started evacuating people out of the building. The police were able to intervene and potentially save lives as they waited for the fire department to arrive. They saved lives and risked their own despite the job not fitting the description. Seven people ... Read More »

The CIA sent a team of 4 operators on a spy mission targeting China. None came back. | Yahoo News

Stephen Stanek, Michael Perich, Jamie McCormick, and Daniel Meeks were men of different skill sets that were entrusted to surveil a small piece of land off the island of Luzon. Tropical Storm Higos blew into the Pacific but was expected to veer away from the mission area according to meteorologists. Stanek and Perich would dive on the island to place ... Read More »