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Australian ‘war crimes’: Troops to be fired over Afghan killings | BBC News

13 Special Forces soldiers are likely to be dismissed following the report made that details the murder of 39 Afghan prisoners and civilians. Those being dismissed are suspected of being accessories to murder, lying to investigators, or witnesses to the murders and unjust treatment. 19 Special Air Service troops will likely be facing prosecution for murder and other charges. Source: ... Read More »

Nearly 20 suspects detained in PKK op in Istanbul | Hurriyet Daily News

Turkish Special Forces have detained at least 19 suspects with ties to the PKK/KCK terror group, including the deputy mayor of Istanbul’s Şişli district. The anti-terror operation involved numerous SF and police units spread across 28 districts in Istanbul, and several weapons along with ammunition were confiscated. Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu stated that Turkey is now “seeing the light at ... Read More »

How U.S. Air Force Special Warfare units are preparing for the future | National Interest

The Air Force Special Warfare units are known for jumping out of airplanes and fighting in high-risk environments. However, in order to be some of the best, they have to focus on things like mental health and physical conditioning. National Interest goes in-depth about what makes their future so promising. Source: https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/how-us-air-force-special-warfare-units-are-preparing-future-173283 Read More »

Netanyahu tells convicted American spy: ‘We’re waiting for you’ | Navy Times

Jonathan Pollard used to work for the US Navy as a civilian intelligence analyst. However, now he spends his days waiting to be let back into Israel. He was convicted for selling US secrets to Israel while working for the US Navy. Originally given a life sentence and the death sentence, it was later changed to thirty years in prison ... Read More »

‘When it comes to Hezbollah, IDF must always be a step ahead’ | Israel Hayom

The northern part of Israel is bracing for attacks as promised by the Hezbollah. However, if Hezbollah tries to perform any type of attack on Israel, the IDF has planned to defend themselves and come back harder. There has been many critics of the IDF preparedness for war with Lebanon. However, some people in the IDF do see a future ... Read More »

A Green Beret recalls the brutal Thanksgiving Day mission he barely survived after running into 30,000 enemy troops | Business Insider

The scene is set in Cambodia during the 1960’s on Thanksgiving Day. A team of Green Berets were sent to figure out where the missing North Vietnamese troops went. Meyer was one of the Green Berets sent out to find and even capture enemy soldiers. However, it did not go as planned as hundreds of soldiers ambushed him. Business Insider ... Read More »

CIA officer killed in combat in Somalia | CNN

A senior administration official announced that a CIA officer was killed in Somalia during combat. The officer was a former Navy SEAL and was wounded during an operation with Somalian forces, where he later died from the injuries. US Special Operations forces have worked closely with Somalian troops, and while they often try to let them take the lead, US ... Read More »

This heroic military dog ran through a hail of bullets to take out a gunman who had his team pinned down in a fierce firefight | Business Insider

Kuno, a Belgian Shepherd Malinois, ran through enemy gunfire to take down the fighters after they had pinned down British Special Forces. Kuno was shot twice in his hind legs but still neutralized the enemy. He was evacuated to the US Army Veterinary Treatment Facility in Afghanistan and received multiple surgeries. Kuno is now retired and has two prosthetic limbs. ... Read More »

Air Force Special Ops must ‘ruthlessly’ cut legacy systems, 3-Star General says | Military.com

Lt. Gen. James Slife, head of Air Force Special Operations Command, stated “One thing that’s clear to us is that the future doesn’t look a lot like the present to us,” in a virtual meeting with the Center for Strategic and international Studies. He believes that the Air Force Special Operations will have to make budget cuts in the near ... Read More »

Kooper F Passion Project – Special Operation Forces

Kooper Passion might be in third grade, but he has a lot of knowledge and questions about Special Operations and breaks down all the different branches. While this was originally a school project, Passion went above and beyond in this 24-minute presentation. In an interview with retired Navy SEAL Commander Samuel Havelock, he goes through the career of a Navy SEAL and talks about what it means to ... Read More »