The Crossroads of Special Operations

Wednesday, May 25, 2022


1st Female Green Beret faces ‘minor misdemeanor’ charge for accidentally firing gun, police say | Military.com

After 53 weeks of going through the highly difficult Special Forces Qualification Course, the first female ever received the Special Forces Tab and became a Green Beret. Five months later, the unnamed woman discharged a firearm in a Colorado...

Faulty equipment, lapsed training, repeated warnings: how a preventable disaster killed six Marines | PROPUBLICA

Capt. Jahmar Resilard and Capt. Austin Smith were participating in a training exercise over the Pacific Ocean under the cover of the night. Inside a fighter jet, they were following a fuel tanker along with another aircraft. With all...

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How Taiwan’s Special Forces Would Fight China (Thanks To America) | 1945

The Naval Special Warfare Command is reevaluating to establish a new combat force and is soliciting feedback.  The Naval Special...

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