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Report finds Australian troops unlawfully killed 39 Afghans | AP News

39 Afghans were unlawfully killed by SAS troops a military report reveals. The report mentions Australian troops allegedly shooting prisoners to get their “first kill.” This practice was known as blooding. The troops in question would plant weapons on the bodies to make it look as though they were killed in action. Around 25 members have been named as the ... Read More »

Fights between two Army captains at strip club, apartment led to the death of one, a murder charge for the other | Stars & Stripes

Jealousy arose between two captains when they attended a strip club and one of them got jealous. The girlfriend is a captain in the Army and has been identified as Capt. Clevy Muchette Nelson-Royster. She chased Capt. Malcom X. Perry in her car and eventually crashed into his car where he was burned alive. Perry also was assaulted multiple times ... Read More »

Army chaplain jailed for drunken behavior, shoppette gas theft | Stars & Stripes

Chaplain (Maj.) Donald V. Wood has found himself in trouble after numerous offences. These offences include driving away from a gas station without paying, having to be escorted after passing out drunk and busting out the window of his estranged wife’s car. He recently pled guilty and has been sentenced to one month in Jail. He is located in Stuttgart ... Read More »

How running with a motorcycle gang cost a chief his anchors | Navy Times

Based out of Naval Base Coronado, Chief Culinary Specialist Damitri S. Green had a few run ins with the laws that would cost him his anchors. First, he joined a motorcycle gang called the One Percenter Bikers. According to the Pentagon this is considered an organized crime group. He also was caught with cocaine. He plead guilty to these charges ... Read More »

Man found guilty of trying to blow up a soldier’s SUV in the Pentagon parking lot | Task & Purpose

On February 24th, a Pentagon police officer found Matthew Richardson trying to light a Land Rover on fire with a lighter as well as a cloth stuffed into the gasoline tank. Richardson said he was going to blow up the vehicle as well as himself. After the officer attempted to detain the 19-year-old, Richardson fled and jumped over a fence ... Read More »

Marines fire commander after training accident that killed 9 | ABC News

15 Marines and one sailor were aboard an AAV, amphibious assault vehicle, during a training this past summer. As the vehicle was making its way back to the U.S. Navy ship, the USS Somerset, it began to sink and the men started to flee the vehicle. Some of the personnel aboard were able to be rescued but most of them ... Read More »

Five sailors granted immunity to testify in San Diego Navy SEAL sexual assault trial | San Diego Tribune

A few months ago the name of murdered soldier Spc. Vanessa Guillen was flooded all over social media. In September 2018, a NAVY SEAL known as Eddie Gallagher killed civilians and took a picture with a corpse. Now the Navy is dealing with Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Adel Enayat after he has been accused of raping and beating up ... Read More »

Okinawa Marines are investigating bloody weekend brawl at seaside tourist hub | Stars & Stripes

“Oh Yeah!” Is the name of popular place to grab a bite to eat at American Village, a tourist destination in Mihama. An argument that soon evolved to a fist fight, broke out around 10pm on a Saturday. The manager asked the men to have their argument outside to maintain social distancing, but the men continued to break the manager’s ... Read More »

Philippines deports US Marine pardoned in 2014 transgender killing | Marine Corps Times

Decorative image of a judge's mallet in the court room

Lance Cpl. Joseph Scott Pemberton, a former US Marine, killed a woman in 2014 at a motel after learning that she is transgender. Pemberton is now being deported back to the United States. In a statement he reveals he is sorry for murdering the women and expresses gratitude towards the Philippines for releasing him. The U.S. Embassy stated that Pemberton ... Read More »

Australian soldiers caught running Instagram account mocking war crimes and promoting violence | Vice

A group of current and former Australian soldiers have been accused of running a public Instagram page that celebrated violent acts and shared video footage. Titled State Sanctioned Violence, the page also mocked war crimes and stated they pledge to “keep the legacy of the boys we lost alive.” One source for ABC News has also noted that the page ... Read More »