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Former DEA spokesperson who posed as covert CIA operative pleads guilty in elaborate fraud scheme | ABC News

A former DEA official and their elaborate scam resulted in fraud worth millions of dollars. He convinced over 12 companies that they would eventually be reimbursed by the CIA and he ended up scamming them of over 4.4 million dollars, he admitted in Federal Court. He managed to get the companies to communicate using encrypted communication and he worked under ... Read More »

Ex-Green Beret captured in Venezuela believed U.S. backed overthrow plot: family | NBC News

Luke Denman’s father, Frank, says that his son called him in January with exciting news, claiming he had finally found his calling after leaving the military. Frank has stated that his son told him the specifics were confidential, but that he was working in Florida on the most important thing he had ever participated in. Since Denman had been working ... Read More »

Germany finds arms, explosives cache at special forces soldier’s home | Reuters

German police have announced that they seized arms and explosives from the home of a special forces soldier during a raid. The Dresden Prosecutor General has stated that a large amount of evidence was seized during the raid and it is believed the soldier has violated the Germany’s Weapons Control Act. It is currently unknown if the man was going ... Read More »

Ex-Green Beret pitched Venezuela plot to Colorado investors last year, claiming links to Trump insider and DC consultants | Military Times

Washington has continuously denied any involvement with the recently failed coup attempt in Venezuela. Now, documents have been obtained that have involved the original planning process, and they show a Washington consultant firm and President Trump’s longtime bodyguard. Former Green Beret Sgt. 1st Class Jordan Goudreau had been looking around for investors last year and was searching for military gear ... Read More »

Operacion Gedeon in Venezuela | Aurora Intel

Allegedly two former U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers were detained in a failed attempt to overthrow the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.  The Venezuelan government reported also that several former members of the Venezuelan armed forces were also captured with several killed in action.  Several pictures online show an expired U.S. Army CAC card as well as a VA ... Read More »

After one tweet to President Trump, this man got $69 million from New York for ventilators | Buzzfeed News

Near the end of March, President Trump sent a tweet asking Ford and General Motors to start manufacturing ventilators amidst the coronavirus. Yaron Oren-Pines, an electrical engineer in Silicon Valley, responded and claimed that his company had ventilators that he could sell. Three days later, New York state had paid him $69.1 million in exchange for 1,450 of the much-needed ... Read More »

Cost of Navy secretary’s trip to Guam? $243,000, his job and isolation after coronavirus exposure | USA Today

The captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt had previously sent a letter asking for help due to the extreme spread of the coronavirus aboard the ship that was stuck in Guam. Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly took a trip last weekend to address the sailors and the captain, which in total cost $243,000. During his speech, Modly called the since ... Read More »

‘You are justified in being angry with me’ — Read the SECNAV’s final memo to the fleet | Navy Times

Defense Secretary Mark Esper has confirmed the resignation of the Acting Secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modly. “He resigned on his own accord, putting the Navy and the Sailors above self so that the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt, and the Navy as an institution, can move forward,” said the official statement. Modly resigned less than 24 hours after Democratic members of ... Read More »

Trial dates moved for SEAL, Marine Raider charged in Green Beret death | Army Times

Professional, military picture of Staff Sgt. Logan J. Melgar

Navy Chief Special Warfare Operator Tony E. DeDolph and Marine Gunnery Sgt. Mario Madera-Rodriguez have been charged in the strangulation death of Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar. Both of their trials have been extended to July and September on the request of their defense attorneys. Both are being court-martialed after Melgar was killed during an alleged hazing incident while on deployment ... Read More »

Four Corners airs new claims Australian soldiers shot unarmed Afghans | The New Daily

Defence Minister Linda Reynolds has called for more investigations and information after a disturbing video was uncovered. The video showed Australian soldiers shoot a man that appeared to be unarmed in the head three times, while using profanity to describe him. The Australian Defence Force investigation had ruled the killing as justified, and that the soldier acted in self-defense. A former ... Read More »