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Canadian elite special forces sniper makes record-breaking kill shot in Iraq | The Globe and Mail

A sniper with Canada’s elite special forces in Iraq has shattered the world record for the longest confirmed kill shot in military history at a staggering distance of 3,450 metres. Sources say a member of Joint Task Force 2 killed an Islamic State insurgent with a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle while firing from a high-rise during an operation that took ... Read More »

All 6 U.S. Combat Deaths in Afghanistan in 2017 Were in Fight Against ISIS | The New York Times

All six of the American soldiers who have died in combat in Afghanistan this year were S involved in the fight against the Islamic State group in its stronghold in a small eastern area of the country. Five of the six may have been killed by their own side, according to reports from American and Afghan military officials. The casualty ... Read More »

Video shows ex-Special Forces soldier-turned-aid worker dodge ISIS sniper fire to save little girl during battle for Mosul | Fox News

A former U.S. Special Forces soldier has been captured on camera braving ISIS gunshots to rescue a young Iraqi girl from the line of fire. David Eubank, who works as an aid worker, was in the worn-torn northern Iraq city of Mosul when he saved the youngster’s life. The 56-year-old, who founded the Free Burma Rangers, told the Los Angeles ... Read More »

Another insider attack in Afghanistan leaves 7 Americans wounded | MilitaryTimes

At least seven U.S. troops were wounded Saturday when an Afghan soldier allegedly fired on them inside a military compound in northern Afghanistan, the second apparent insider attack in a week. The incident occurred around 2 p.m. local time, during a training exercise at Camp Shaheen in Mazar-e Sharif. The attacker, a commando assigned to the Afghan army’s 209th corps, allegedly ... Read More »

For former U.S. Special Forces operative turned aid worker, a dramatic rescue in Mosul | LA Times

The sun was already scorching on a recent Friday morning when David Eubank, a former U.S. Special Forces operative turned aid worker, caught sight of the bodies. They were scattered over a street near Mosul’s now destroyed Pepsi factory. “There was a woman sprawled on her face. Dead,” Eubank said. “A baby, all shot up. Dead. Near them, two old ... Read More »

ISIS drones are attacking U.S. troops and disrupting airstrikes in Raqqa, officials say | The Washington Post

Islamic State drones are attacking U.S. Special Operations forces located around the group’s de-facto capital of Raqqa in Syria, U.S. officials and Syrian fighters said, sometimes disrupting the ability of American troops to call in airstrikes. The Pentagon, in response, is looking to send additional anti-drone equipment and troops into Syria, according to one official, who spoke on the condition of ... Read More »

Photos show US joint patrols with rebels in southern Syria | FDD’s Long War Journal

Photos released by a news outlet affiliated to a Free Syrian Army-branded group show that US special forces have been conducting joint patrols in southern Syria near the Al Tanf crossing. The position of these troops has been the catalyst for US airstrikes against Iranian-backed groups in the area in recent weeks. Hammurabi’s Justice News, a news outlet affiliated with Maghaweir al Thowra ... Read More »

Exclusive: Inside the rarely-acknowledged missions of two Navy SEALs killed in action |

Hollywood films and thrilling novels have been written for years about America’s special operations forces, for example, following the the SEAL Team Six mission that killed Osama bin Laden in 2011. However, the reality of the risks these troops take in the field is rarely discussed openly, even though President Donald Trump and President Barack Obama have increasingly relied on ... Read More »

US Troops Slain in Suspected Insider Attack in Afghanistan Identified |

The U.S. Defense Department on Monday identified the American soldiers killed over the weekend in an apparent insider attack in Afghanistan. The soldiers were identified as Sgt. Eric M. Houck, 25, of Baltimore, Maryland; Sgt. William M. Bays, 29 of Barstow, California; and Cpl. Dillon C. Baldridge, 22 of Youngsville, North Carolina, according to a press release. They were assigned ... Read More »

3 U.S. Soldiers Are Killed and a 4th Is Wounded by an Afghan Soldier | The New York Times

Three American soldiers were killed and one other was wounded after an Afghan soldier opened fire on them in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday, according to Afghan officials. A statement by the United States Defense Department confirmed the death of the three Americans, and said the fourth had been evacuated for medical treatment. The statement said the military was investigating the ... Read More »