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Howard Altman: Commando leader reminds troops to put the Constitution before their teams | Tampa Bay Times

The last 17 years have been a grind on the U.S. military, and on commandos in particular. But the last year has been especially challenging for Special Operations Command, headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base. There have been deaths in training and combat, along with the ongoing fallout from the 2017 deaths of three Green Berets and a support soldier ... Read More »

Veteran who was shot 13 times in Iraq walks across stage, graduates from Middle Tennessee State University | Fox News

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An Army veteran who survived being shot 13 times while serving in Iraq was able to walk across the stage at Middle Tennessee State University on Saturday, thanks to the help from an on-campus organization. Jay Strobino was injured in 2006, getting shot at close range and leaving the entire right side of his body riddled with bullets. His company ... Read More »

Decorated US soldier ‘admitted murder in CIA job interview’| BBC

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US Army Green Beret Major Matthew Golsteyn allegedly shot someone he described as a suspected Taliban bomb-maker during his 2010 deployment. Maj Golsteyn also subsequently spoke about the incident during an interview with Fox News. He denies the charge and maintains he did not violate rules of engagement. US Army Special Operations Command spokesman Lt Col Loren Bymer said in ... Read More »

The head of US special operations is putting out new guidance following ethics concerns, high-profile scandals in his force | Military Times

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In the midst of a Defense Department review of U.S. Special Operations Command, including a dissection of the organizations ethics programs, the four-star in charge of all American special operations troops is calling for an in-house analysis starting in the new year. In an email to the force sent Wednesday morning, Army Gen. Tony Thomas alluded to a raft of ... Read More »

Green Beret charged with murdering Afghan man | NBC

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The U.S. Army has charged a decorated Green Beret with premeditated murder for killing an Afghan man in Afghanistan nearly a decade ago, according to military legal documents obtained by NBC News. Army Maj. Mathew L. Golsteyn is accused of fatally shooting “a male of apparent Afghan descent known as Rasoul” on February 22, 2010, near Forward Operating base McQuery ... Read More »

Deadly Crash Highlights Concerns of Misconduct by U.S. Troops in Africa | The New York Times

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The American military is investigating a weekend vehicle accident in Niger that killed a French soldier in which the driver, a United States Green Beret, is suspected of drunken driving, Defense Department officials said. The fatal accident on Saturday — which occurred while the soldiers were off duty — comes as concerns about misconduct have put the American military’s elite ... Read More »

Navy seeks additional comment on planned special ops exercises | DVIDS

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The day starts as any other as two 36-foot patrol vessels make their way along the Mississippi gulf coast on a routine patrol mission, charged with guarding the county’s transportation systems and borders as they cruise past cargo ships, oil tankers and platforms and a multitude of shipping vessels. Suddenly, an overhead Cessna 205 radios a warning to the vessels’ ... Read More »

Report: Green Beret’s reprimand rescinded after Mattis pushes DoD to revisit punishments for Niger ambush | Army Times

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The Pentagon has not yet issued final punishments relating to its investigation into the events leading up to the 2017 ambush in Niger that killed four U.S. soldiers. However, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was reportedly livid over the possibility that a junior officer who survived the ambush would face punishment while senior leaders would escape blame, according to the New ... Read More »

Inside a US training course to arm teachers | BBC

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In 14 US states, there are already schools in which some teachers carry guns. Before they can be armed in the classroom, teachers in one of those states, Ohio, go through a three-day training course. An estimated 400 more teachers have gone through that training there this year. I joined the latest group of Ohio teachers trying to qualify to ... Read More »

Canadian special ops helping Iraqis roll up remaining ISIS opposition, says Vance | CBC

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Canadian special operations troops have been accompanying Iraqi forces on security operations as the last pockets of Islamic State resistance are mopped up, Canada’s top military commander told a House of Commons committee today. Gen. Jonathan Vance, the chief of the defence staff, was careful to impress upon the committee that the missions are more like police actions than full-on ... Read More »