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Simple, fuel-efficient rocket engine could enable cheaper, lighter spacecraft | Science Daily

NASA’s Space Shuttle took 3.5 million pounds of fuel to put it into orbit. A rotating detonation engine is now being investigated as an alternative that requires less fuel. While a mathematical model has been created to show how it works, the engine is currently too unpredictable to put use with a rocket. This new information will enable scientists and ... Read More »

Hackers can trick a Tesla into accelerating by 50 miles per hour | MIT Technology Review

An experiment saw a small piece of tape trick a Tesla car into believing a 35 mile-an-hour speed limit sign actually read 85. Cybersecurity firm McAfee conducted the demonstration, revealing an error in the systems that will have to be adjusted before the technology can be commercialized. A two-inch piece of black tape was placed on the left side of ... Read More »

Artificial intelligence yields new antibiotic | Science Daily

MIT researchers have used a machine-learning algorithm to discover a new antibiotic compound. This new approach has revealed what is believed to be one of the most powerful antibiotics known to man and has even cleared infections in two mouse studies. Several other antibiotics were also discovered and are currently being tested by scientists. “The machine learning model can explore, in ... Read More »

Iron Man dreams are closer to becoming a reality thanks to this new Jetman Dubai video | The Verge

Marvel fans might be closer to their childhood dream of having a real-life Iron Man suit than they think. Pilot Vince Reffet was shown using a jet-powered carbon-fiber suit to fly 6,000 feet off the ground and maintain an average speed of 130 knots. The suit allows the pilot to reach speeds of 400kmh and perform numerous maneuvers while in ... Read More »

Artificial intelligence helps Voice of America translate broadcasts worldwide | Federal News Network

Abstract image of machine learning and artificial intelligence

Voice of America uses an artificial intelligence tool specifically designed to translate their script into different languages. Jim Tunnessen, VOA chief information and digital officer, says IPSUM currently translates almost 1,800 hours worth of information a week into 47 different languages. During the testing and designing process, five products were tested on their abilities with native speakers from each language. ... Read More »

Mars: Simulations of early impacts produce a mixed Mars mantle | Science Daily

Scientists have recently been studying how Mars is being struck by planetesimals, and how it has affected the development of the planet. Planetesimals are small protoplanets that can reach 1,200 miles in diameter. Scientists from Southwest Research Institute have begun to create simulations of what these different impacts did to the history and formation of the Red Planet. Some of ... Read More »

The Army wants to buy 40,000 ‘mixed reality goggles’ | Army Times

Starting next year, the Army wants to purchase enough augmented reality, “do-it-all” goggles to give to nearly half of all close combat forces. The service released its fiscal year 2021 budget, and in it, it requested for 40,219 Integrated Visual Augmentation Systems (IVAS). The budget will go through “lengthy scrutiny” and changes before it is made official though. Army brass ... Read More »

Soldiers now testing robot snakes, electric combat scooters and thermal-masking blankets | Army Times

The Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments will focus on six main categories: lethality, mission command, mobility, survivability, sustainment, team and soldier performance. With the AEWE’s roots going back to 2004, the intent is to focus on modernization within the units. February is seeing a three-week section on force-on-force experiments. One of the new machines being tested is the Cerberus GL UCAV. ... Read More »

‘Wristwatch’ monitors body chemistry to boost athletic performance, prevent injury | National Science Foundation

A self-powered device worn as a wristwatch has been developed by researchers and scientists to monitor the wearer’s body chemistry. The device can do numerous calculations, such as monitor dehydration and understand injury recovery. “This technology allows us to test for a wide range of metabolites in almost real-time,” commented Michael Daniele, a co-corresponding author of a paper on the ... Read More »

Solar Orbiter: Sun mission blasts off | BBC

A European mission has blasted off from Cape Canaveral in Florida and rings in a cost of €1.5bn. The Solar Orbiter is designed to study the storms produced by the sun that can knock out communications on Earth and interfere with satellites. Scientists believe they can use the knowledge picked up from the spacecraft to predict when the next big ... Read More »