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FDA greenlights first Covid-19 test with at-home sample collection | STAT News

LabCorp testing company now has an at-home sample collection kit you can purchase that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This is the first coronavirus at-home testing that has been approved. The testing kits will first have priority to go to health care workers and first responders. A health care professional can recommend the test to a ... Read More »

Apple iPhone at risk of hacking through email app | BBC News

ZecOps has published researching showing a weakness in the Apple iPhone email app. Their report also shows that it has been proven that at least six high-profile users had been hacked. Apple responded stating that they would immediately look into the issue and resolve the security breach, as they were unaware of the weakness. In order to exploit the flaw, ... Read More »

The Pentagon is looking for a quantum space sensor | C4ISR NET

Despite GPS technology being utilized in numerous ways on earth, aircraft that operate in space need something more powerful. The Department of Defense has announced that they are looking for something a little more powerful, namely a quantum space sensor, to do the job. Organized by the Defense Innovation Unit, they are looking for a compact, high-performance sensor that can ... Read More »

Zoom calls aren’t as private as you may think. Here’s what you should know | Consumer Reports

Zoom calls have become a common term and utilized resource these past few weeks. With everyone working from home, video teleconferences have taken over as a major resource used by companies to remain connected. While this has enabled families and companies to remain connected, Zoom uses more of your data and information than you realize. Within the pages and pages ... Read More »

The Air Force and Navy are testing this app to stay fit amid social distancing | Defense One

A biometric data app is helping the services monitor the health of sailors and airmen stuck at home. Even when the gyms are closed, sailors and airmen have to stay fit, which can be a big challenge both for reservists who may not be used to staying at a specific fitness level to joint tactical air controllers with Air Force ... Read More »

Russia has new tool for massive internet shutdown attack, leaked documents claim | Defense One

Newly revealed documents depict a botnet and hacker apps known as Fronton, Fonton-3D, and Fonton-18. These are not going to be used to crash the internet or spy through your phone’s camera, however. More than likely they are designed to spew out misinformation to a large number of users and overwhelm certain systems. The crashing of certain platforms could spell more ... Read More »

What scientists learned after firing a small cannonball into a near-Earth asteroid | CNN

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft has fired a copper cannonball into an asteroid in order to learn more about the composition. Now, a year later, the results are in from over 195 million miles away. The cannonball contained a small camera to capture a detonation that then took place in the asteroid. Images can be seen showing material ... Read More »

Ultrasonic attack device hacks phones through solid objects | Scientific American

Smartphones with a voice assistant, almost every new cellphone out today, have been previously proven that they are prone to voice hacking. Hackers would use ultrasonic waves that we can’t hear to trigger the microphone to compromise texts, emails, and phone calls. However, solid objects would block these waves and require the hacker to be in close proximity to the ... Read More »

US Army ventures down path to electrify the brigade | Defense News

The Army Futures Command is looking to modernize the U.S. Army by having vehicles be electric instead of using gas for fuel. Lt. Gen. Eric Wesley has stated that while the idea is necessary, there is still much planning to be done, as it is much easier to electrify a vehicle compared to an entire fleet. He also commented on how ... Read More »

5 unique weapons of Cuba’s garage-built Navy | Forbes

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Cuba had to design and create their own naval ships and weapons. The results have been different to say the least, with many having unique factors. One of their submarines that we have very few pictures of is a Delfin class submarine and is believed to carry a couple torpedoes, making it one of ... Read More »