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China Unveils Plan to Send Astronauts to Mars | Futurism

Photograph of the surface of Mars at the Twin Peaks

For the first time, China has revealed plans to send astronauts to Mars, via a publication released by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. Pang Zhihao, a researcher in Beijing stated that “sending astronauts there will give man better opportunities to look for traces of life on Mars.” Scientists estimate that the trip could take over 500 days and ... Read More »

Will the Pentagon adopt these five AI principles? | C4ISRNET

Abstract image of machine learning and artificial intelligence

A military advisory committee is endorsing a list of principles for the use of artificial intelligence by the Department of Defense.  This is contributing to an ongoing discussion on what is ethical use of AI and AI-enabled technology for noncombat and combat purposes. “We do need to provide clarity to people who will use these systems, and we need to ... Read More »

A host of ‘smarticles’ could give soldiers shape-shifting robots for future missions | Army Times

military robot

Georgia Institute of Technology and Northwestern University has taken a new approach to robot building, using “smarticles” that could lead to new ways for robots to move. Imagine being able to deploy a host of “shape-shifting” particles that form themselves into whatever soldiers need to accomplish missions.  These could be especially useful in rough terrain like forests, caves or urban ... Read More »

Exclusive: U.S. opens national security investigation into TikTok – sources | Reuters

Man in a dark room with several computers

The popular TikTok video sharing app owned has been under scrutiny for possibly censoring politically sensitive subject matter and collecting data on U.S. citizens. Beijing ByteDance Technology Co, the owner of TikTok, is being investigated after acquiring the U.S. social media app Musical.ly. Senators Schumer and Cotton have raised concerns that China is expurgating content seen by U.S. users, as ... Read More »

Pentagon Falling Behind in Using Artificial Intelligence on the Battlefield | USNI News

drone with green background

Retired Rear Adm. Brian Losey claims the U.S. military is losing the fight to integrate artificial intelligence into warfare. A.I. has the potential to solve problems, work through outcomes, and be utilized on drones in order to detect a threat that would have otherwise been unknown. Losey states how using drones to clear rooms and structures can save lives and ... Read More »

Facebook removes wide-ranging Russian disinformation campaign targeting Africa | Hill

Facebook on a computer screen

Stanford researchers, in collaboration with Facebook have discovered multiple Facebook accounts, pages and groups that distributed disinformation to African nations during election periods or times of political instability.  The disinformation focused on delivering Russian-friendly messages and praised Russian foreign policies specific to the region. The nations targeted include the Central African Republic, Madagascar, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and ... Read More »

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare faces Russian backlash | BBC

Men playing video games

A controversy is brewing around the latest installment of the Call of Duty game series by Activision Blizzard.  Russian media and critics claim the game spreads anti-Russian messages and has been deemed as ‘propaganda’ by some.  Released last week, Call of Duty is among the most popular and most successful game series of all time. While media critics laud the ... Read More »

This device could help soldiers see through walls in the urban fight | Army Times

Soldier holding a gun

Lumineye, Inc. has fielded equipment to first responders to help them find people during searches or spot false walls during rescue scenarios. The Army rewarded a contract to the company to develop the product so that it allows soldiers to see through obstacles. The Marine Corps is also interested in the product as it recently launched an experimentation effort to ... Read More »

SOCOM Wants ‘Cyber-Secure’ Hyper-Enabled Operators | National Defense

Soldiers in camouflage

SOCOM is examining how it can safely field technologies that will provide warfighters with capabilities such as improved situational awareness. While certain technology will improve the abilities of fighters, there is a constant concern about security as more adversaries build upon their own electronic warfare systems. Most of the technologies fall under commercial domain which means they are slightly more ... Read More »

Big Tech in Healthcare: How Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft are shaking up healthcare | Business Insider

Empty doctor room

The healthcare industry is undergoing a profound transformation. Costs are skyrocketing, consumer demand for more accessible care is growing, and healthcare companies are unable to keep up. This is leading health organizations to tech companies to facilitate this transformation in care delivery and lower health expenditures. The potential for tech-led digital health initiatives to help healthcare providers and insurers deliver safer, ... Read More »