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This is who wants to reform the Fourth Estate now | C4ISRNET

Army Secretary Mark Esper said he plans to reform the Department of Defense’s Fourth Estate, the 27 agencies that provide business tasks for the war fighter, if confirmed as Secretary of Defense, renewing a discussion of inefficiencies within the agencies. In advanced policy questions Esper submitted to the Senate Armed Services Committee for a July 16 confirmation hearing, the White ... Read More »

Amazon hired one of Trump’s allies to lobby on its behalf as it looks to score a $10 billion contract with the Pentagon | Business Insider

Amazon has hired one of Trump’s allies to lobby on behalf of it its cloud computing service – Amazon Web Services – on “issues related to cyber security and technology,” according to a recent lobbying disclosure filing that was first reported by CNBC. The document said that Jeff Miller, who is CEO of lobbying firm Miller Strategies, was registered as ... Read More »

Cyber Warfare: U.S. Military Admits Immediate Danger Is ‘Keeping Us Up At Night’ | Forbes

Cyber warfare has reached a new phase this year—at least in terms of public awareness of the nature of the threat. Nothing is especially new, in truth, at least not capability-wise. But there has been one major development: increased levels of integration between the physical and cyber domains—cyber warfare as an interchangeable battlefield tool, an attack in one domain and ... Read More »

Turkey Out of F-35 Program by March 2020, Other Details Unclear |  Breaking Defense

The US will be forced to spend between $500 million and $600 million to shift the F-35 supply chain from Turkey to other countries, a number dwarfed by the $9 billion worth of work Turkey will forfeit in the coming years now that it is being removed from the program, Pentagon officials said today. In response to the Turkish purchase ... Read More »

A $655M satellite ground system contract has led to a lawsuit |  C4ISRNET

Peraton is suing the government over a $655 million, six-year contract to support the Air Force’s satellite ground systems. The legal action comes on the heels of a June 11 Government Accountability Office decision that the massive contract had been awarded improperly to Engility Corporation in January, a decision that came about because of a protest Peraton had filed in ... Read More »

What will the US defense industry do when China cuts off rare earth supplies? | Defense News

On June 17, Chinese state-controlled media again threatened disruption of rare earth supplies to the United States — this time targeting U.S. defense contractors. The astonishing threat noted that “military equipment firms in the United States will likely have their supply of Chinese rare earths restricted” and follows calls just weeks ago to shut off rare earth supplies to the ... Read More »

NASA fights to keep the Voyager probes running after four decades | Engadget

NASA’s Voyager probes are still out there, exploring interstellar space 42 years after they left our planet. To keep them running all these years with generators that are 40 percent less powerful than they were decades ago — and which are producing less and less energy over time — the agency had to sacrifice some of their parts and components. ... Read More »

State Approves Half-Billion MH-60R Helo Sale to Greece | Defense News

The State Department has cleared a possible $600 million foreign military sale of seven MH-60R Seahawk Multi-Mission helicopters to Greece. Congress was notified of the sale July 12, according to an announcement posted to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency’s website. Congress is required to approve the deal. The sale will include 10 APS-I 53(V) Multi-Mode Radars, 18 T700 GE-401 C ... Read More »

Questions Remain as DoD Gets Ready to Cut 18,000 Medical Personnel | Military.com

Pentagon officials are keeping quiet on details surrounding a plan to cut 18,000 medical billets across the military. The drawdown, included in President Donald Trump’s 2020 budget proposal, announced earlier this year, would cut uniformed doctors, dentists, nurses, medics, technicians and support personnel from throughout the Army, Navy and Air Force. (The Navy provides medical support to the Marine Corps.) ... Read More »

Saab Secures $455M Contract From US Forces For Its Carl-Gustaf, AT4 Systems | Defense World

Saab has signed a multi-year framework agreement with the US Government, which allows the US Army, Marines and Special Forces to place orders for up to USD 445 million during a five-year period for Carl Gustaf ammunition and AT4 weapon system. The recently signed framework agreement allows the customer to place orders for Saab’s AT4 disposable weapon system and ammunition ... Read More »