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The Millions Of Bacteria On Apples May Be A Key To Their Health Benefits | Forbes

Everyone knows the adage about an apple a day, and like other old health axioms based on anecdotal evidence, modern research has basically shown it to be true. The numerous health benefits of apples are known to be due to various components within the apple—the fiber or the pectin, the vitamins, the polyphenols. But a new study in the journal ... Read More »

Esper creates task force to deal with cancer-causing chemicals on military installations | Military Time

Updated 4:50 PM EST with more details from the memo. On his first full day as secretary of defense, Mark Esper has signed a memo establishing a task force to deal with cancer-causing chemicals found on military bases. The purpose, he told reporters at the Pentagon Wednesday, is to “address all the key areas” of the military’s response to the ... Read More »

Instagram Removing ‘Likes’ on Posts in Several Countries | Travel and Leisure

Instagram is making a radical change to its platform in an effort to get back to its community roots. The social photo-sharing app announced on Thursday it would no longer display likes on posts in Australia and several other countries. This test, Instagram noted, is to offset the social pressure people now feel about gaining “likes” online. “We want Instagram ... Read More »

Anti-starvation trick that saved our ancestors may underlie obesity epidemic | Science Daily

In starvation times, researchers say, animals were more likely to survive if they could hoard and stretch out their stored energy. Even if an animal secured a rare feast, evolution smiled on the storage of excess fuel as fat, given the likelihood of a quick return to starvation. “We discovered an anti-starvation mechanism that has become a curse in times ... Read More »

Ebola outbreak in Congo is a public health emergency of international concern, WHO says | Cnn

The ongoing Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo now constitutes a public health emergency of international concern, the World Health Organization announced on Wednesday. “The risk of Ebola spread in DRC and the region remains very high, and the risk of spread outside the region remains low,” Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of WHO, said during a press ... Read More »

Google’s algorithm for happiness | Cnn

Deep inside the global tech behemoth Google sits an engineer with an unusual job description: to make people happier and the world more peaceful. A few years ago, Chade-Meng Tan, one of the company’s first engineering employees in Mountain View, noticed many of his colleagues were stressed out and unhappy at work, so he decided to do something about it. ... Read More »

Screen Time: Mental Health Menace or Scapegoat? | Cnn

In the book, she argues that those born after 1995 are on the “brink of a mental-health crisis” — and she believes it can be linked to growing up with their noses pressed against a screen. Her newest study provides more backing to that connection, showing that teens who spent more than an hour or two a day interacting with ... Read More »

Investors to Apple: Fight iPhone addiction among kids | Cnn

Should you be concerned about smartphone addiction? Two heavyweight investors say Apple should do more to combat iPhone addiction among young people. California State Teachers’ Retirement System and Jana Partners — two major funds that own about $2 billion in Apple (AAPL) stock between them — are pressuring the tech giant to take a stronger stance on the mental health ... Read More »

Possible link between sugary drinks and cancer  | Science Daily

A study published by The BMJ today reports a possible association between higher consumption of sugary drinks and and an increased risk of cancer. While cautious interpretation is needed, the findings add to a growing body of evidence indicating that limiting sugary drink consumption, together with taxation and marketing restrictions, might contribute to a reduction in cancer cases. The consumption ... Read More »

Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer Launches GoFundMe for PTSD Treatment  | Military

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer has launched a crowdsourced fundraising campaign to help other veterans receive an obscure post-traumatic stress disorder treatment that he says changed his life. The 31-year-old Marine veteran launched the GoFundMe.com effort on July 9 to promote stellate ganglion block (SGB), a treatment that involves injections of a local anesthetic into the stellate ganglion, a ... Read More »