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Lenovo™ Collaboration With Starlight Children’s Foundation® Shows the Power of Virtual Reality to Reduce Pain for Hospitalized Children | Valdosta Daily Times

Man wearing virtual reality goggles

Results from a new global survey by Lenovo show that, overall, people believe that Virtual Reality can have a positive impact on our health and they believe in the potential of this and other technologies.  VR is now being used in medical procedures to calm anxiety and cut down on the number of medications needed during a procedure, especially for ... Read More »

Behind the Scenes of a Radical New Cancer Cure | Scientific American

lab technician placing fluid into a

In 2017, the first gene therapy treatment was approved by the FDA to fight cancer. CAR-T, which took almost 30 years to create, works by filtering your T-cells in the immune system out and genetically modifying them to attack the lymphoma.  80% of the patients who had not responded to chemotherapy for aggressive leukemias and lymphomas were seeing results.  Currently ... Read More »

How This Retired Navy SEAL’s Second-Act Turned into a Multi-Million Dollar Fitness Empire | Entrepreneur

TRX Fitness program taking place on a military base family fitness center

In 1997, Navy SEAL Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick needed a way to stay in peak physical condition while being deployed and having no access to equipment.  The ability to adapt and improvise are trademarks of special operations so, using only parachute webbing, a jiu-jitsu belt he accidentally packed in his bag and his body weight, Hetrick created the workout system that would become ... Read More »

Sugar-coating proteins can help us understand brain disease | Science Daily

Toy model of the brain

A small sugar molecule known as O-GlcNAc could be the key to an improved understanding of protein in cells and how it affects the brain. While only 20% of these proteins contain the sugar molecule, it is found on proteins linked to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, motor neuron disease and intellectual disability. Scientists have found a way to permanently attach O-GlcNAc to ... Read More »

First new HIV strain in 19 years discovered | 10TV

Picture for decorative purposes of microscope.

Scientists have detected a new strain of HIV in 19 years named HIV-1 group M subtype L. The new strain was discovered by Abbott, which screens most of the world’s blood supply. Over 37 million people have HIV around the world, but the continuous evolution of the virus makes it difficult to produce a vaccine. The human body is incapable ... Read More »

The Spec-Ops Guys Behind The App Transforming Military Fitness | Men’s Health

man doing yoga

“Close your eyes to begin this meditation, I want you to focus on the sensation of the breath” is not something one expects to hear at a fitness retreat put on by Special Operations personnel. SOFLETE is a veteran and Special Operation owned company focused on integrating calmness into life and your workout. Many of the attendees participate because they ... Read More »

Stressed to the max? Deep sleep can rewire the anxious brain | Science Daily

Picture for decorative purposes of a dark room with an un-made bed. Morning light is peaking through the window.

A new study from the University of California, Berkeley has shown that a sleepless and restless night can raise anxiety levels by 30%. The easiest way to calm the brain is through a deep sleep, also known as non-rapid eye movement sleep. Another finding of the study shows that getting an inadequate amount of sleep amplifies anxiety, while deep sleep ... Read More »

‘My husband squeezed my hand to say he wanted to live, then I found a way to save him’ | BBC News

Microscope image of the bacteria, Acinetobacter Baumannii

Tom Patterson and Steffanie Strathdee were in Egypt when Tom thought he came down with food poisoning. Back in the States however it was discovered that he had an abscess in his stomach almost the size of a football. The preliminary cause for that problem was a stone from his gallbladder stuck in his biliary duct. The infection was from ... Read More »

741741 — To be seen | Seth’s Blog 

black and white image of someone texting on a phone

The Crisis Text Line was created out of a natural out reach that started coming through text message to the CEO of Dosomething.org. Thousands of trained volunteers in the US (741741), Canada (686868) and the UK (85258) are fielding millions of text messages from people who need to be seen and heard. It’s not an exaggeration to say that they’ve saved ... Read More »

Screen-based media associated with structural differences in brains of young children | Science Daily

Little boy playing on a tablet device at the dinning room table

Jama Pediatrics has released a study showing that children who have more electronic screen time have a lower amount of structural integrity of white matter tracts in their brain. These support the language and literacy skills, as well as impact self-regulation and executive function. The children also on average scored lower on language and literacy tests. The American Academy of ... Read More »