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Veterans Affairs, Walmart open latest telehealth pilot site | Healthcare IT News

As part of a joint effort to help Veterans in rural areas access medical care, Walmart and the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs have opened another location for the new Telehealth Pilot Program. The service initiative, Accessing Telehealth through Local Area Stations (ATLAS) has locations in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan, and provides clinical services that include primary care, ... Read More »

Why doctors don’t recommend daily aspirin for heart health | Men’s Health

Picture of an aspirin bottle tipped over with aspirin pills spilling out.

Taking a small amount of aspirin everyday used to be recommended to help prevent heart attacks. New research, however, is showing that this may do more harm than good. A study done by researchers at the University of Georgia and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland shows that only those who have already had a heart attack or stroke ... Read More »

How to train like Martins Licis, the world’s strongest man | Men’s Health

Picture of a man preparing to weight-lift. Picture for decorative purposes only.

Martins Licis, a man with enormous shoulders and 30-plus-inch thighs, has been named the World’s Strongest Man for 2019. A typical weight-lifting session involves lifting a load of 605 pounds, and his training partners do not spot him, because they are awfully unsure how to spot a man that has a quarter of a ton of weight on his back. ... Read More »

Treating pain isn’t one size fits all | Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette

A pile of pills with pill bottles in the background.

Pain varies from person to person, even if they are diagnosed with the same issue. The pain a patient is in can’t be diagnosed the same as an illness can, because it is difficult to measure. Researchers have started using brain scans to get a closer look at what goes on within someone when they experience excessive and chronic pain. ... Read More »

How to bring your workout routine home for the holidays | Men’s Health

Man working out.

It can be easy to fall off the bandwagon during the holidays with all of the home-cooked meals, desserts, and Christmas movie bingeing. Keeping up with your workout routine during this time can be difficult, even for top athletes and trainers. Gideon Akande recommends being realistic with yourself. It’s okay for your routine to look and function differently when you’re ... Read More »

World’s first ‘magic mushroom’ nasal spray for PTSD and depression | Health Europa

Mushrooms growing in the wild. Picture for decorative purposes only.

An Oregon company called Silo Wellness has designed a ‘magic mushroom’ nasal spray to make micro-dosing easier for people treating their depression and PTSD. Silo Wellness has roots in cannabis delivery modalities, and where psilocybin is legal, Jamaica, they have developed the nasal spray. The science behind this off-the-wall idea: through the nasal mucus membranes, Psilocybin goes directly into the ... Read More »

6 things to keep in mind when adventuring with a running dog | Outside Online

Picture of a person running a race with their dog by their side.

Alex Borsuk and her border collie, Otto, have run marathons, climbed volcanoes, and even skied together. She says that while bringing her dog with her is enjoyable for both of them and helps motivate her, it is important to be aware of safety concerns for your dog. First, always check with your vet on what is healthy for your dog, ... Read More »

How carbon plates and super foam are changing running shoes | Men’s Health

Nike’s 2017, $250 Zoom Vapor Fly running shoes claimed to improve a runner by 4% compared to their previous model. New Balance’s FuelCell 5280 priced at $200 also claimed to greatly enhance a runner’s abilities. How? Both these shoes use a carbon plate that has unidirectional fibers. This allows the shoe to flex in any direction but still maintain its ... Read More »

To multitask or not to multitask | Thrive Global

The Eckhard-Pfeiffer Professor of Computer Science at the University of Houston, Ioannis Pavlidis, reveals in a study on stress and productivity patterns that for most people cognitive multi-tasking increases stress levels. In his study, cognitive activity was office work. Two groups of people were studied using an extensive array of imaging and wearable sensors. As one group worked, they received ... Read More »

Special Forces training too hard? Keep these tips in mind | Military.com

Are you in the middle of special forces training and are considering going in a different direction? Author Elbert Hubbard believes you should keep persevering, take initiative, and look to the future. Tips for keeping your head up in any difficult scenario are detailed to help keep you moving. The first step he says is to choose to move. We ... Read More »