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New ‘universal’ target for antiviral treatment | Science Daily

Researchers may have discovered an all-encompassing antiviral drug that would be effective against numerous diseases. Even with vaccines, certain viruses and infections still have a large effect on society, such as the recent Coronavirus outbreak. Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital think that the protein Argonaute 4 (AGO4) is the weakness against viruses. The study has shown that his protein is ... Read More »

The VA recommends apps for PTSD and pain management. It’s led to new veteran privacy concerns | Fierce Healthcare

VA-approved health apps are becoming more common as patients use them to cut down on wait time and to access their records. Federal law makers are now looking into how the VA protects the information shared on these platforms. Almost 50 apps have been approved, and many ask for information such as permission to access photos, contacts, and your calendar. ... Read More »

Veterans with PTSD turn to sports, physical activity as alternative method of treatment | Cronkite News

A soon-to-be published study reveals that participating in intense sports and outdoor activities is an effective alternative treatment to post-traumatic stress disorder. Rather than traditional methods, such as medication and therapy, veterans are finding better ways to cope with PTSD and feelings of depression, isolation, and paranoia–brought on from wartime service in the U.S. military–through team sports, such as rugby, ... Read More »

Art therapy helps veterans combat PTSD | WCYB 5

“I found a way to express feelings that I didn’t even know I had. It changed me, got me going on my life and turned my life around. I’m happy,” commented Josh Paul, a Marine Corps veteran suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD. U.S. Army veteran Tommy Farmer teaches an art class, “Warrior’s Canvas,” for veterans struggling with PTSD and ... Read More »

House passes bill to get therapy dogs for veterans with PTSD | Washington Examiner

The Puppies Assisting Wounded Servicemembers for Veterans Therapy Act has been passed by the House and will see the VA award grants to organizations that pair therapy dogs with veterans. The lead bill sponsor, Republican Ohio Rep. Steve Stivers, when discussing the importance of the bill commented, “a soldier under my command during Operation Iraqi Freedom recently told me what ... Read More »

Should you get a face mask? A guide to Coronavirus face protection | Forbes

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, and numerous cases in the U.S. have been confirmed, even U.S. citizens have begun to wear face masks. The truth is that only those residing in the Hubei Province probably need to wear one. Less than 100 cases have been confirmed outside of China so far, meaning current exposure is most likely next to ... Read More »

Simply Begin Again | Feld Thoughts

PSA: January 1st, 2020 was not the beginning of a new decade, according to the American Astronomical Society, U.S. Naval Observatory, and Farmer’s Almanac. The beginning is actually 1/1/21. Regardless of this technicality, it is still a new year, and it is time to try a new motto from Feld Thoughts. Simply begin again. Crummy Q4 or 2019? Simply begin ... Read More »

The 3 biggest resolution mistakes most people make, according to a psychotherapist | Business Insider

A study done by Scranton University found that only 19% of people keep their resolution for two years, with 30% giving up before January ends. A psychotherapist explains tips to creating a manageable resolution that will be both motivating for you and beneficial to you. One common mistake is making your goal non-measurable, such as saying “I will eat healthier” ... Read More »

Sailor, this is why you are suffering a hangover | Navy Times

A night full of drinking alcoholic beverages very often leads to veisalgia. Symptoms include cold sweats, headaches, vertigo, and vomiting. While your liver is working as fast as it can to get the alcohol out of your system, you’re left to suffer the consequences. While there are food and beverages that drinkers swear by to cure a hangover, there is ... Read More »

New analysis: Marijuana seems to be linked to testicular cancer | Futurism

Those who smoke marijuana every day for ten years have been shown to have a 36% higher risk for testicular cancer. Overall, people have questioned the study because it draws data from other researchers. The lead researcher, Deborah Korenstein, of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has commented, saying “the fact is that we don’t know much about the impact ... Read More »