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I tried ketamine to treat my depression. Within a day, I felt relief. | Vox

I am going to die in this dentist’s chair. My eyes are closed, but I can still see skulls outlined with white against a black background. I have an epiphany: God is death. I’m in the midst of a real-life version of the hallucinogenic ride in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, all in my own mind. A monitor emits ... Read More »


After more than three decades of talk about the potential of building green, we’ve still failed to change the way we design and construct buildings so that the built environment stops being a dominant contributor to runaway climate change. The Earth has already warmed about 1C since the 19th century and it’s on track to rise another degree. This second ... Read More »

6 high-carb foods that will help your dieting efforts | The New Paper

This has led to many fad diets where people attempt to eliminate carbs from their meals for fast results. However, carbs are your body’s primary fuel source and contribute to fat metabolism. That’s why avoiding carbs does not necessarily help your waistline, especially if you’re replacing them with foods that contain the same or higher amount of calories. According to ... Read More »

Financial planning: How to meet your money goals in 2019 | USA Today

This list has changed drastically over the years. I used to focus on investment account balances, but I realized that was a giant mistake. Yes, the balances will eventually fund my goals, but I can’t control their variable nature, so I was finding myself focusing on something I couldn’t control – a practice as pointless and frustrating as me trying ... Read More »

Zika Virus Causes Birth Defects, Health Officials Confirm | Self

On Wednesday, April 13, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officially confirmed that the mosquito-borne Zika virus can cause microcephaly, a congenital defect marked by an abnormally small head, and other fetal brain abnormalities. The Zika outbreak had previously been linked with unusually high rates of microcephaly, but it had not been demonstrated that the virus could actually ... Read More »

‘Traditional masculinity’ and mental health: Experts call for gendered approach to treatment | ABC

Australia’s peak body for psychologists says it will consider developing new practice guidelines for psychologists working with boys and men after the American Psychological Association announced its own set of guidelines for the group last month. The APA guidelines, which say that “traditional masculine ideology has been shown to limit males’ psychological development … and negatively influence mental health”, were ... Read More »