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Global News

Iran navy ‘friendly fire’ incident kills 19 sailors in Gulf of Oman | BBC News

At least 19 sailors were killed when the Iranian support ship Konarak was hit with a new anti-ship missile during testing. The Jamaran was testing and training with the new missile when it fired at a target that the Konarak had not moved far enough away from. The incident took place near the Strait of Hormuz and at least 15 ... Read More »

FDA approves new coronavirus antigen test with fast results | NBC News

The Food and Drug Administration have announced an emergency authorization for antigen tests developed by Quidel Corp. This new test can quickly detect fragments of virus proteins in samples from a swabbing the nasal cavity. This has now become the third antigen test for the coronavirus approved by the FDA. The new test looks for the earliest traces of the ... Read More »

What we don’t know about coronavirus origins might kill us | Bloomberg

The World Health Organization has asked China for permission to conduct a new scientific mission for more epidemiological detective work. Beijing has yet to sign off on the study. The WHO is looking to gather more information on the origin of the coronavirus and discover how it went from the rural areas of China to the city. Currently President Xi ... Read More »

Death of the office | 1843 Magazine

The East India Company in London had one of the first office buildings in 1822. One of the employees using the office wrote a letter to a friend, and instead of talking about the revolutionary idea, he talked of how wearisome an office is and how miserable he was. Now many people work from an office building, confined to the four ... Read More »

The Pentagon wants to test random units for the coronavirus | Stars & Stripes

While the U.S. will not have enough coronavirus testing kits to assess the entire military any time soon, Pentagon officials want to test several random units. The goal is to discover how many people within the ranks test positive but are asymptomatic. Defense Secretary Mark Esper has commented that despite dealing with the coronavirus for over two months, we still ... Read More »

How the coronavirus attacks your lungs | KQED Science

While many people are aware of how to protect themselves from catching the coronavirus and we know the symptoms, not everyone understands what actually happens. For some, the virus could appear to be just like a cold, and they recover at home normally. For others, the virus could strongly attack their lungs, making it hard to breathe and requiring more ... Read More »

Pentagon: COVID-19 hospital stay disqualifies recruits | VOA News

Pentagon recruitment policy for the military has been updated with new coronavirus restrictions. All recruits who had been hospitalized with the coronavirus are medically disqualified for accession and must receive a waiver by a Service Medical Waiver Authority. The Military Entrance Processing Command has commented that those who were hospitalized were more likely to be contagious for a longer period ... Read More »

From loss of smell to ‘COVID toes’: What experts are learning about symptoms | NPR News

When the coronavirus first began to spread throughout the U.S, officials warned people to be on the lookout for the major symptoms, such as a fever, cough, and shortness of breath. As the virus began to infect more people worldwide however, public health officials and researchers began to develop a firmer grasp on what the coronavirus symptoms could actually look ... Read More »

Who ‘defeated’ ISIS? An analysis of US and Russian contributions | Russia Matters

As Russia is using abandoned U.S. bases in Syria to fight ISIS and the U.S. is still engaging them in Iraq and other countries, many are wondering when the fight with ISIS will be over. Both the U.S. and Russia have reported that ISIS was almost completely destroyed numerous times throughout history, and often at different intervals. “All ISIS gangs ... Read More »

Toxic gas leak at Indian chemical plant kills at least 11 and hospitalizes hundreds | CNN

At a chemical plant in India on Thursday morning rescuers from India’s National Disaster Response Force could be seen running through the area in hazmat suits. Styrene, normally a flammable liquid, leaked out of the plant in the form a gas and began affecting people in and near their homes. Officials have reported that at least 11 people have died ... Read More »