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Global News

The Taliban Keeps Stealing Night Vision Goggles From Afghan Troops — And The Pentagon Has No Idea What To Do | Task & Purpose

U.S. military members often say “we own the night” due to their use of night vision devices, but the maxim no longer holds true. That’s because the Taliban has picked up much of that same tech, either by seizing it from slain Afghan troops or by acquiring it up on the black market. And while the Pentagon is well aware ... Read More »

Breaking down China’s electronic warfare tactics | C4ISRNET

In the wake of Russia’s demonstrations of advanced electromagnetic spectrum and communications jamming capabilities, most recently displayed in their incursion into Ukraine, China also is upping its game in this space, demonstrating similar capabilities in the Pacific. The U.S. Department of Defense, in an annual report to Congress on China’s military and security developments, assessed that the country is placing greater importance ... Read More »

Russia ‘arming the Afghan Taliban’, says US | BBC News

Russia is supporting and even supplying arms to the Taliban, the head of US forces in Afghanistan has told the BBC. In an exclusive interview, Gen John Nicholson said he’d seen “destabilising activity by the Russians.” He said Russian weapons were smuggled across the Tajik border to the Taliban, but could not say in what quantity. Russia has denied such ... Read More »

Afghan Forces Conduct 22 Operations Against Terrorists | Tolo News

Afghan National Defense and Security Forces conducted 10 clearance operations and 12 special operations in nine provinces during the past 24 hours, Ministry of Defense said in a statement on Saturday. The ministry said 48 terrorists including 14 Daesh fighters were killed, three were wounded and 13 others were arrested during the operations. The military operations which were supported by ... Read More »

Chinese Air Force drills in South China Sea and Western Pacific, calls exercises ‘rehearsals for future wars’ | The Japan Times

The Chinese Air Force has conducted a series of exercises in the contested South China Sea and the Western Pacific, where it sent fighter jets and bombers through Okinawa’s Miyako Strait on Friday, labeling the exercises “rehearsals for future wars.” In a statement Sunday, the air force said it had dispatched H-6K bombers and Su-30 and Su-35 fighters, as well ... Read More »

Pentagon chief presses for end to Yemen war in meeting with Saudi prince | AL-MONITOR

US Defense Secretary James Mattis today called on Saudi Arabia to “accelerate” the peace process in Yemen even as the Pentagon pushes to continue US refueling support for Riyadh’s bombing campaign against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels. During a 45-minute meeting with visiting Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the Pentagon, Mattis urged the Saudi leader to hasten peace talks that ... Read More »

Fifteen Years After the Start of the Iraq War, the U.S. Is at War in at Least Seven Countries | Slate

Fifteen years ago today, George W. Bush announced the beginning of the Iraq war. Two U.S. presidents, thousands of lives lost, a withdrawal and a reengagement later, American troops are still on the ground—and dying—in Iraq. There are no plans for withdrawal, even though the most recent foe there—ISIS—has been almost entirely defeated. The conflict in Iraq is just one facet of an ... Read More »

Turkish forces and Free Syrian Army capture Afrin city | Al Jazeera

Turkish forces and Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels captured the centre of Afrin in northwest Syria after Kurdish fighters who were in control evacuated the city in order to fight another day. Turkey’s military said in a tweet on Sunday that troops were searching for landmines and other explosive devices in the area. “Many of the terrorists had turned tail and ... Read More »