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Global News

MLK Day 2020: What to know about the civil rights icon’s legacy | ABC News

Recognizing Martin Luther King Jr. Day yesterday, people all around the nation come together to celebrate what would have been King’s 91st birthday month and the legacy of change that is still relevant today. Bernice King, the daughter of King, announced the theme for the holiday at the King Center in Atlanta. The theme is “King 2020 Vision — The ... Read More »

U.S. counterterrorism officials warn police to be on alert for ambush attacks | CNN

An intelligence report has discussed the appeal for ambush attacks on law enforcement by terrorists due to their 24/7 presence and visibility. Going after first responders from the start can also hinder their ability to respond to other threats and attacks while they are dealing with the ambush. Federal counterterrorism officials have called for police departments all across the country ... Read More »

Here are the results of the Marine and Navy JAG review ordered after Gallagher trial | Marine Corps Times

Decorative image of a judge's mallet in the court room

A review of the Navy and Marine Corps legal Judge Advocate General Corps community ordered after the Gallagher trial includes recommendations on retaining lawyers, ethical errors, and issues ingrained in the community and system. Unlawful command influence was one of the major points mentioned in the review as an issue in the Marine Corps and Navy legal world. Numerous high-profile ... Read More »

WHO says new China coronavirus could spread, warns hospitals worldwide | NBC News

The World Health Organization is warning of the possibility that a new coronavirus could spread worldwide. Preliminary tests show at least 41 cases in China, with one woman having died from the infection. There is no specific treatment for the new virus, but anti-virals are currently being looked into and tested. The WHO has announced they believe it is only ... Read More »

Venezuela just hiked its minimum wage 67% but a month of work still can’t buy 1 kg of beef | Quartz

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro raised the country’s minimum wage by 67% to 250,000 bolivars, $3.61 U.S. dollars, in attempt to combat hyperinflation. Consumer prices have shot up so much that even with the new minimum wage, workers can’t even buy one kg of beef, compared to U.S. minimum wage workers being able to purchase nine pounds of beef. Maduro has been ... Read More »

Iran nuclear deal: European powers trigger dispute mechanism | BBC

Iran has been slowly creating more enriched uranium, a substance that can be used for reactor fuel and in the production of nuclear weapons. While they claim to be allowed this production material due to the U.S. abandoning their deal in 2018, the UK, France and Germany are stating otherwise. Lined out in article 36 of the 2015 nuclear deal, ... Read More »

Australia to cull 10,000 camels with snipers amid drought concerns | DW

Australian authorities have begun to cull large herds of camels in South Australia as they begin to threaten indigenous communities. The continued drought has caused the herds to push closer to villages, threatening their water and food supply.  “Up to 10,000 camels will be destroyed in accordance with the highest standards of animal welfare,” the APY Lands executive committee has stated. ... Read More »

U.S. Officials: A dozen Saudi Military students set to be expelled in wake of shooting | NPR

Over 20 Saudi military students will be sent back to their country according to two officials. Early reports mentioned a dozen students would be sent back, but it did not include those that would be expelled from the Naval Air Station Pensacola, bringing the number to more than 20. Investigators have released that other Saudi students failed to report the ... Read More »

Libya ceasefire: both sides accuse each other of breaking truce | DW

The UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) and Khalifa Haftar’s forces reached an agreement where Haftar agreed to halt his attack on Tripoli. However, the government is claiming the militants attacked again just minutes after the truce took effect. The truce was proposed by Russia and Turkey on Sunday morning. Both sides are now preparing for more fighting, with both ... Read More »

Taiwan election: Tsai Ing-wen wins second presidential term, beating Beijing-friendly rival | Hong Kong Free Press

Han Kuo-yu lost to the current president, Tsai Ing-wen, giving her a second term and a win for the Democratic Progressive Party. Tsai’s votes clocked in at 8.1 million, the highest ever received in Taiwan history for democratic elections. Her competitor only received 5.5 million. In her initial speech, she thanked her supporters and called for political parties to set ... Read More »