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Global News

CAR says 12 rebels killed in clash with UN troops | Al Jazeera

Twelve members of a heavily armed group trying to enter the town of Birao were killed in a firefight between the group and the Central African Republic (CAR) troops and UN peacekeepers. The militants were a part of the FPRC, the largest armed group in CAR, fighting over resources and land. Thousands have been killed since 2013 due to the ... Read More »

Afghanistan war: US and Afghan Taliban to start partial truce | BBC

A peace treaty between the U.S. and the Taliban could be on the horizon if everyone can keep the peace for this next week. Seven days of peace has begun, and if successful, the signing of the first phases of a peace agreement will take place. Taliban negotiators commented that “a suitable security situation would lay the groundwork for peace ... Read More »

US Forces Korea imposes new coronavirus protections after uptick in S. Korea cases | Military Times

Those who have attended the New World Church in Daegu over the last ten days will have to go into a mandatory quarantine due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. This comes after South Korea reported 15 confirmed cases of the virus within the church, adding to the country‚Äôs total count of 51 cases. Service members, contractors, and civilians attending ... Read More »

Afghanistan’s presidential election: Ashraf Ghani declared winner | Al Jazeera

Ashraf Ghani has been declared the winner of the presidential election in Afghanistan amongst threats from his rival. After the¬†Independent Election Commission announced that Ghani had received 50.64% of the votes, Chief Executive Abdullah pledged to form his own government. “Our team, based on clean and biometric votes, is the victor and we declare our victory. The fraudsters are the ... Read More »

This familiar face is the Space Force’s first top noncommissioned officer | Military Times

Previously known as the Air Force Space Command‚Äôs top enlisted airman, Chief Master Sgt. Roger Trowberman will now be the top enlisted advisor in the Space Force. Trowberman‚Äôs title has yet to be determined as the Space Force has yet to release a rank structure or term for the troops. Officials have only announced that ‚Äúspacemen‚ÄĚ will not be the ... Read More »

U.S. labels China ‚Äėgreatest potential adversary‚Äô | VOA News

Picture of US Defense Secretary Dr. Mark Esper

U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has announced that China poses the biggest threat to the West, with Russia coming in second place. ‚ÄúIn fact, under President Xi‚Äôs rule, the Chinese Communist Party is heading even faster and further in the wrong direction,‚ÄĚ he commented at the Munich Security Conference in Germany. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also followed suit ... Read More »

German far-right group planned mosque attacks: government | DW

Numerous investigations are underway into the members of a far-right radical group who had planned large-scale attacks on mosques in Germany. Prosecutors have said these men were aiming to plot ‚Äúattacks against politicians, asylum-seekers and Muslims.” A spokesperson for Chancellor Angela Merkel also commented on Germany‚Äôs work and diligence at finding and stopping these terror cells in order to protect ... Read More »

Harvard University professor and two Chinese Nationals charged in three separate China related cases | U.S. Department of Justice

Dr. Charles Lieber, age 60, the Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University was arrested on Tuesday for giving a materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statement. Two other Chinese officials were arrested in conjunction with the professor for counts of fraud, making false statements, and smuggling charges. Zaosong Zheng is charged with attempting to smuggle ... Read More »

KC-135 carrying middle school girls makes emergency landing at MacDill Air Force Base | Task and Purpose

21 girls from Coleman Middle School and McLane Middle School were onboard a KC-135 when the aircraft had to make an emergency landing at MacDill Air Force Base. The crew detected a possible issue in the bottom pod area only a few minutes after taking off. All passengers safely exited the plane, and it is currently being inspected. The flight ... Read More »

Esper: U.S., Taliban near seven-day ‚Äėreduction in violence‚Äô deal | The Hill

Picture of US Defense Secretary Dr. Mark Esper

Last Thursday, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said the U.S. and the Taliban have negotiated a deal for a seven-day ‘reduction in violence’ in Afghanistan. Esper added that in conclusion of a NATO meeting in Brussels, the U.S. is consulting allies about the deal. Esper continues to emphasize that a political agreement is the best, “if not only,” solution in Afghanistan. ... Read More »